I Feel Pregnant but the Tests Keep Coming Back Negative

Updated on November 06, 2010
A.S. asks from Allen, TX
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I was due for my period on April 10th, so I am now 10 days late. I have ALL of the pregnancy symptoms--extreme exhaustion, headaches, food aversions, sensitivity to smells, back ache, very sore nipples that are painful even to the slightest touch, bloating, as so on.

I have taken at least 5 hpt's and they have all come back negative. I have been pregnant once before, and thought I might be, so around 3 weeks late I took 2 hpt's and they both came back negative, so I dismissed it. I found out I was pregnant at my gynos when I was about to have a procedure done for an infection, and they did a pregnancy test to make sure I wasnt prego. Surprise, surprise, I was 6 weeks along! So, that is to say that I might be one of those unlucky women who dont get positive results until much later, due to low hormones. I know I should probably go see my dr for a blood test, but Im so nervous about the results. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, and my boyfriend at the time (not a very nice guy come to find out) blamed me and said it was all my fault. Needless to say, very traumatic. That was several years ago and I am now engaged to an amazing man, and I know for a fact that he would be happy if I was pregnant, but the timing isnt all that great, as well, for one, we aren’t married and Im afraid of what my family will think, and also because Im hoping to go to nursing school in the fall.
I guess Im just looking for some feedback and encouragement. If I am pregnant, when should I test again? And why is it that some women’s hormone levels are so low? I don’t understand that. Anyone have any thoughts on my situation or had similar experiences?
Thank you!!

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So What Happened?

4/27/10 I got my blood test results back and they were negative. Maybe my mind was just playing tricks on me, who knows. My next period should arrive around May 8th, so I guess if I miss that one, too, ill make an appointment with my gyno to find out what's wrong with me.

Thanks for all the input everyone! There is a Planned Parenthood close to where I work, so I stopped by there earlier and had them draw blood for a quanitative hcg test. Hopefully that will give me the answer Im looking for! They said results would come back in 5-7 days, so its back to the waiting game for now.

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answers from Dallas on

Sounds like pregnancy to me. I hate to ask, but how old are you? I went into menopause very early (mid to early 30's) and had the same symptoms. I took several HPTest - all came back negative - I was heart broken when I found out I was in the first stages of menopause. I really hope you get good news. Sincerely, J

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I have to disagree with Michelle D who said that over the counter pregnancy tests were not as effective and here's why.

When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I took a home pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy (had cramps like when I had endometriosis and thought that's why I was cramping) and the Walgreen's store brand test came back positive. I took 2 more from 2 different stores and they all came back positive. Went to my Dr's office and took 2 there...and BOTH OF THEM were negative. It took a blood test to confirm I was pregnant and even then my HGC level was like 45. So yeah, store tests are JUST as effective as the one's in the Dr's office.

Now, if you are having pregnancy symptoms, I'd look at whether or not you have a UTI. I had the same pregnancy symptoms, took 3 tests that came out negative and found out through the Dr that it was a UTI. So that may be it.

(My symptoms included lower abdominal discimfort or cramping, nausea, back cramping on occassion, etc but NO BURNING during urination)

Good luck to you. I am sending good thoughts your way!

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answers from Dallas on

Over the counter pregnancy test are not as effective as the one's that Dr's use. If you are worried you can call the Dallas Pregnancy Resource Center at ###-###-#### and make an appt to get a pregnancy test. There is no charge. Everyone's body is a little different and reacts different to situations as well. They are closed on Friday's, but they might be able to fit you in tomorrow.


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answers from Minneapolis on

As far as why you don't get a positive early on I am not sure some women just don't seem to get it early unless the blood is tested.

As far as being pregnant while engaged and not married. It is one of the best things that ever happened to my now hubby and I. We wed just four months after our first was born. We have now been together for over 5 years. Yes family was in a way disappointed but the blessing of a child means so much more. And we couldn't have had a more beautiful flower girl in our wedding!! :)

As far as school goes...go for it! having a baby doesn't mean you have to stop everything!!

I hope you can find out soon to ease your worries!


answers from Pocatello on

If i were you I would just go to the Doc. just so you will know for sure whether or not you are pregnant. With that being said woman are so different and have different experiences with this. I have one friend who has had 3 kids and with all of them the pregnancy test don't show positive until she is like 10 weeks along weird right? As for me if I use a first response pregnancy test and It will show positive the day before or the day I missed my period. Now my sister has had 2 kids but sometimes has a late period for who knows why. One month she has a 28 day cycle...another month it was 35 days and once it was even 45 days between her periods. She for sure thought she was pregnant but nope just a late period. So like I said go see your doc. so you can put you mind at ease.



answers from Dayton on

hormone levels low can be passed down thru family or due to other things in your life, like stress or being underweight etc

My youngest always had to take blood tests for pregnancy and she had her still born daughter( she had no spleen) with the marriage ending in divorce.She was terrified the whole time during the next pregnancy.Went to counseling that her doctor suggested based on income.

Pregnancy doesn't stop you from going to school,you just need to make sure the school knows so they can work your class schedule around the time you will need off.

You are engaged, you need to find out right now if you are pregnant. there are choices the two of you need to make like move the wedding up or back( two of my daughters moved theirs back to after the baby was born).

I understand you are worried about what your family will think and feel. Do you think your family doesn't realize you are having sex outside of marriage and that is what is worrying you? or is it having the baby outside of marriage?...or as I put it to my granddaughter, her fears and worrys about family feeling were really her own feelings being unsettled over the choices she had made and she was reflecting them back on the family.

I think you will find your family being very supportive and loving, that they will be concerned of course but more with you having what you need and being taken care of.

BUT first go have the blood work, the worry and stress of wondering isn't doing any good and you can't move forward and make good choices without that knowledge...let us all know the results so we can be supportive of you here.



answers from Dallas on

Glad you went for a blood test. That being said - if you aren't ready for a baby right now - perhaps you should reconsider your birth control method.

Hoping you get the result you are wanting. Best of luck.



answers from Rochester on

Hi first I'm sorry about your experience with your last pregnancy. It's great you found a great guy. Anyways if you are pregnant one you can still go to school it might just take a little longer than you hoped many women do it. I'm not saying it will be easy but what is now a days. And as for your parents and what they think because your not married yet I would hope they would understand and support you on this. Becasue it is suppose to be a happy experience for women. But again if you are pregnant and your family aren't so supportive I hope they come around because really it's not like your not getting married to the father of the baby. It just happened out of order lets say. I have 2 sisters who have had kids and neither of them are married and I mean it is 2010 it happens all the time. But anyways get the blood test done and talk with your boyfriend. If you haven't yet so at least you have somebody to support you. I hope I helped and I'm sorry if I didn't.



answers from Indianapolis on

At this point, I'd recommend going to the OB/GYN and getting a blood test. The urine-based tests they use aren't any different than what you'd use at home, and they're obviously not picking-up the HCG levels if you are pregnant.

My sister had 6 negative tests before she finally had a positive confirmation of pregnancy. Her daughter is almost 14 years old.

Good luck. I hope you get the answer you're wanting.



answers from Dallas on

If you usually don't test postitive on a HPT, then your hormone levels are probably low, which is what probably why you had a misacarraige. I'd have a blood test at the Dr., tell him your previous experinece and see if you need to be on progesterone in order to sustain the pregnancy. Otherwise, you may in the same boat you were before. If you are pregnant, timing will have to be worked out. You may have to sacrifice some things in order to go to nursing school, but it can be done. It's hard, but that is what sacrifice means! Hang in there.



answers from Philadelphia on

hi i have 5 kids so i should know if im am i feel pregnant but the test keep coming back negative what can i do



answers from Dallas on

Some women require hormone shots to maintain a pregnancy to full term. You should go to visit your gyn doctor so you learn about your own body and what will need to be done to not have the hearbreak of miscarriage over and over again. You could also be low on thyroid hormone; have your thyroid checked through a blood test.

Now a little advice from someone who was in your situation once.

1. If you are not ready to be a mother, then stop being sexually active or be more responsible about preventing pregnancy.

2. If you are pregnant and have to tell your family, trust me, they will either understand or they will get over it.

K. Voigtsberger



answers from Cleveland on

I have know a few people that the hpt just don't work. You may just have to go to the doctors & have them run the test... theirs is better then the hpt. Plus, since you have miscarried in the past - the ealier you start getting care the better for you & the baby. They will be able to help you through w/ info on stuff that might help you with your past.

Sometimes having a baby when "it's not the greatest of times" actually works out to be the best time! I found out I was expecting w/ my 6 yr old when we were waiting for all the paperwork to clear on our home purchase. We still didn't know if we had the house, was living w/ my ex-stepdad & things there was really bad (he had started using hard core drugs & hanging out w/ crack-hores). So, it was scary not knowing if we got our house & way out or if we would be stuck in the situation w/ a baby on the way. We did get the house & our little red headed girl has been a huge blessing in our lives along w/ her 2 younger brothers.

As to the family - even if they have an issue with it, in time they will love the baby! Even if are upest about it to begin with... my mom wasn't happy to hear that I'm expecting again. But you know what - they don't pay my bills so they don't have a say in my hubby & I's chooses. As for school... moms are there all the time... I've even been to school as a mom and I'm due on July 6th and looking at going to school in Sept. for medical billing. Yes, it can be hard, but the benifits are worth it!

I understand the fear you have because of your past, but if you have a great guy now - he will be there for you no matter what! Embrase your future w/ him & possibly the baby you have created out of your love.

Good luck no matter what!!

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