I Feel like I Have a Fever but Temp. Is Only 99.5?? - Arlington,TX

Updated on September 21, 2010
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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I just caught my daughter's cold. I have been feeling very fever-ish all day with the hot ears and head and cold body, but my temp. is only 99.5. Is this weird or normal? My head and neck hurt and I was stuffy this morning and very tired all day, but those are my only symptoms.

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answers from Dallas on

I agree with Allison. Take lots of vitamin C, get rest, drink water, take some zinc, and double up on vitamins.

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answers from Detroit on

Some people naturally have a lower-than-average body temp (lower than the "normal" 98.6) so maybe 99.5 feels relatively warmer to you. It is a borderline low-grade fever for just about anyone. Drink plenty of clear fluids and take a Tylenol if you feel like it.

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answers from New York on

you probably are going to get worse.. i feel crumby today too... same thing... i am taking vitamin c, airborne (buy over the counter) it really works.. sucking on lozengers and drinking lots of water.. good luck...

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answers from Norfolk on

It's borderline low grade fever. It might go away without getting worse, or head on up over 100. Drinking plenty of fluids never hurt anyone.



answers from Corpus Christi on

I always have a regular temperature of 97. something so 99.5 would be high for me. You might be the same.
It could also be that you are feeling extra crummy because you've been caring for your sick daughter and you're worn out. Drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest if you can.
Hope you're feeling better soon!



answers from Kansas City on

I tend to run below normal and if run 'normal' I'm sick but no one believes me. So 99.5, I'd be really sick!



answers from Minneapolis on

Here's the deal. Adults don't usually get the high, spiky fevers that children do. But a fever of even several tenths of a degrees can lay an adult flat. So yes. You are sick. You have a real fever.

I am very conscious of how miserable I feel with a fever of just 99.5 and that is why my kids get absolutely drowned in attention and TLC when they are sick.


answers from Dallas on

No joking, this sounds like me. I don't really feel out right sick but I'm SO tired today and yesterday. Stuffy nose and had a few moments where I felt chills. Took my temp and it was normal. Stocking up my body with vitamin D3 and Sinupret liquid and heading to bed early tonight with my friend Theraflu. I've been running myself down and slowly losing sleep too.
Haven't been sick in forever, not wanting to start now ;)
Temps can run a bit higher in the evening than the morning or during the day but if you feel bad something is probably brewing. Hope it's mild and passes quickly.


answers from Jacksonville on

Nothing "weird" about it. "Normal" body temperature is 98.6 degrees F. But not everyone's "normal" is exactly that. It is an average. Do you know what your "normal" temperature is when you are feeling well? Mine is around 97.4. My kids never register above the 97s when they are feeling well either. So, 99.5 is high for us. It's even elevated for a "normal" person, lol. If you went to the doctor's office, they would say you were running a fever. A "fever" doesn't have to be over 100.0 to be a fever. There isn't some magic number that must be reached to make you feel sick. Sounds like it is elevated for you, so you are feeling that way.

Also, temperature fluctuates throughout the day. So your temp could still be rising. If you feel bad, and your temp is above "normal", then you probably ARE feverish. Take it easy, get some rest, and drink lots of fluids.



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answers from Provo on

That was me last week. I was at work feeling hot and cold so I had a fan going while wearing a sweater. It was a funny site. I'm now starting to feel better. . not a whole lot, but some. Good luck! Oh I was coughing and runny nose. . .weird.

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