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Updated on September 18, 2007
K.A. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I started my own home and office cleaning business and things are going ok but I am out doing the cleaning, then I am coming home and doing the office side of it such as schedualing, then I am cleaning the house/doing laundry/cooking supper. I have a 2yr old lil girl and I never seem to get to hang out and spend time with her, I just feel horrible because she wakes up crying now saying Mommy I dont want you to go to work. I think she knows that once I am up I dont get to sit down till bed time. My business isnt that busy...mostly its trying to get my name out there and then coming home and dealing with my hubby(he tries but isnt much help) so basicly what I am saying is WHAT DO I DO!!!! I need to work to make money but I dont want her to be upset when I leave.

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You need to set aside some time for her during the day - she is way too young to understand that you need to work. You're better off leaving some of your own chores undone to spend some time with her. You need to give your husband a specific list of tasks to do each day - most men are very, very bad at figuring out what we consider obvious AND you may need to tell him how to do certain things or you need to accept his way of doing things. Some men will purposefully do things poorly, knowing that you won't be satisfied and will stop asking them to do it. And, he also needs to have some time to spend with her when he's at home in the evening (reading, etc.) - maybe that's when you can focus on chores or the office side of your business (computer stuff, at least). I also mostly WAHM and my younger son still needs one on one time with me and he's 11 and he is old enough to understand that I have a job to do, but it doesn't change that he wants some attention. So, this problem isn't really going to get easier as time goes by. What you need to do in the morning is tell her the specific things that you can do when you get home and then follow through and do those things - have a tea party, go to the park, etc.

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I understand wanting to be sucessful and millions of moms work. I have found out that the best thing for me is knowing what is going to be for supper before I get home. It is always quick and simple. After that, I don't clean, I don't pick up. THe only thing I do when I get home from work is play with my daughter, give her a bath, read to her, ect. After she goes to bed, I clean the kitchen and do the things to get ready for the next day. I know this isn't tons of help. Good Luck with time mang't and your new business!



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Hi K.! It's hard starting up a business...especially when you have to leave the house to do that business. I work from home...I don't have to go out (unless I want to), I have a healthier home and also I'm starting to get a healthier bank account! It's fun...I don't sell, stock or deliver. I get to meet people and help them! If you'd like to hear more...just let me know. If you're not interested, that's okay, I might be able to help you with your business. Either way, I know how important it is to be home with your children (child) and only want to help!

Good luck!!

God Bless!
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I work full time outside the home and have two daughters, one is 4, the other is 4 weeks. I am on maternity leave right now for the newborn, but will go back to work in a month. The way I make my daughter a priority at home, but also kept my house from becoming a junk heap, is to involve her in whatever I am doing, if possible. If I am cooking, she helps mix up ingredients. If I am sweeping, she gets her swiffer and sweeps with me. We also eat a combination of home-cooked meals, frozen stuff and take out. I don't go very many places without my kids, whether it is a trip out of town or just to the grocery store. Bathtime is also a great time to reconnect. Just set aside some time each day to focus on your daughter without trying to do 10 other things at the same time. Also, figure out what messes you cannot abide in your house (for me, it is dishes in the sink), and what messes you can (I don't care if the laundry goes unfolded for a day or two). Do the ones most important to you and let the other ones go.

A special note on your husband: If your husband is willing to help - let him. Then take the results of his efforts as they are without correcting him or redoing the task. Thank him and be grateful you didn't have to do it. This means, if he loads the dishwasher, just turn it on, don't rearrange the stuff first. I have a hard time letting go of stuff around the house because I like things done "my way". But I have learned not to refuse help when it is offered.

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