I Don't Want to Eat...

Updated on September 30, 2011
R.D. asks from Richmond, VA
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The past few days my throat has been on fire (double ear infection)... but this morning, woke up, NOTHING HURTS! YAY!!

However, I still have no appetite, I guess from my throat being so stinking sore. Like yesterday, I ate 1/2 an egg and cheese biscuit, then FORCED myself to eat some soup... couldn't even finish it. I have no idea what I ate the day before, I was so ill. Today, I'm feeling sooo much better, but I'm still not hungry!

Does this ever happen to anyone else? I'm an eater, I love food, this is so not like me. Is my body telling me I'm still sick? Or... what? I know I have to eat something (it's almost 11am here, and I haven't had a thing), but nothing seems appetizing right now. What the heck?! I don't even want any of my favorite stuff right now, I'm just not hungry...

What gives?

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So What Happened?

Oh I'm still drinking water like I usually do (though it just about killed me the past 2 days)... I'm just not hungry, and that bugs me.

LOL TRACY K!! No kidding, I've been a wreck lately, haven't I?! I need some good juju! ;)

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answers from Detroit on

I'm so right there with you!

I've got a Dr's appt this afternoon because I can't even barely swallow. : ( My belly is grumbling... I'm so hungry.... But I cannot eat.

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answers from Washington DC on

ooh girl!! your body is fighting something!!! STILL!!!

I would ensure that I stayed hydrated...drink water, gatorade or something like tea...no milk as it will gunk up your throat.

If you weren't 3 hours away - I would say I would make you some chicken noodle soup and bring it over...

try some chicken broth...

Sorry!! I'm glad you don't have a sore throat - but not eating isn't good either!!

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answers from Redding on

you are still recovering. Loss of appetite is due to the fact that it takes tons of energy to digest stuff. Your body doesnt want anything in it yet because it's still fighting off the bug. Drink fluids, you'll be ravenous again soon enough.

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answers from Dallas on

You may feel better than you did....but your body is still fighting something.

This happens to me when I'm really sick....it takes a few days to get my appetite back. Just try to get yourself to eat a little something throughout the day. A little here and a little there as best you can.

Hope you feel ALL better soon!

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answers from Chicago on

You're just still getting over feeling ill, give it some time. I'd keep trying soup, or shakes, even ice cream, until you feel a little better. For me, when I don't feel well, the effort of chewing food is exhausting. So I opt for the stuff you basically just swallow. Keep hydrated, too. Sometimes I even get the Boost shakes or Slimfast and drink those because they have lots of protein and vitamins, which are important to strengthen your body. Hope you're back to feeling yourself soon!

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answers from Dover on

Sometimes when I am so sick I lose my appetite, it takes a while to get it back after I am well.

I will go days and nothing sounds good and I wake up one day and only these two or three things sound good and it gets better from there.

When you feel like eating a specific thing, feed you appetite.

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answers from Norfolk on

You might be feeling better, but you are not over it yet.
That's what the lack of appetite means.
It's no big deal, but keeping up your fluids is good.
Water, tea, soup broth, etc.
In another day or two everything should be more or less back to normal.

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answers from Chicago on

Very common...If you are not hungry don't eat and don't force yourself..However, I will insist that you keep taking in fluids so as to not get dehydrated :) Get better and have a nice weekend.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm afraid someone out there has a voodoo doll of you, Rach. You are too young and too healthy to be sick so often and have so many calamaties, accidents, aches and pains. Try an ensure, muscle milk, or slim fast to at least get the nutrition you need, until you have an appetite.

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answers from Denver on

I bet your stomache shrank a bit while you were sick. This does happens to me too. I bet in a couple days you will be back to normal!

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answers from Houston on

Get a juicer...and take some vitamins until your appetite resumes.

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answers from Phoenix on

No, this never happens to me, I can eat all the time, and I do! =) I don't understand people who "foget" to eat. That has always amazed me! Glad you are feeling better tho! =)



answers from Boston on

Hmmm... could be your getting better, or.... could be your throat was so sore, your brain shut off you're ability to feel it. Really. This happened to me once, and the doctor looked in my throat and said it totally inflamed. If you don't continue to get better, you may have strep that has gone beyond healing itself. Don't wait to long to call the doctor. Take care!



answers from Sacramento on

I just read an article this morning that ear infections actually affect your sense of taste, so that may be why you dont have an appetite yet. hope you're at 100% soon!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Seriously...I can be throwing up and thinking about what I'm going to eat after I brush my teeth. I feed a cod AND a fever! LOL

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