I Don't like Disney. Am I Alone in This?

Updated on October 24, 2012
C.V. asks from Jefferson City, MO
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The mention of Mickey in a previous question got me thinking...

I've never really been a fan of the Disney corporation. I have enjoyed some of their movies (lately mostly Pixar features), but that's it. I hate the way they market things. I have no interest in Disney World/Land, and think that their branded products are a complete rip-off.

I'm annoyed by the wussyness too. Back in the day, Snow White was to be poisoned! Gasp! And in Aladdin, I'm pretty sure that Jafar had a big scary knife to take out Aladdin. Today you won't see a bit of that, for fear of offending some wussy parent who won't let their child even hold their finger in the shape of a gun.

Then there are the Princesses. I hate the whole "every little girl is a princess" marketing scheme.
Anyone notice how the princesses' happiness is always wrapped around their Prince Charming? Yeah....that's a healthy way to teach our kids about relationships. Just wait to be rescued. And get married! Quick!

This is kind of a rant, I guess. So my question: Anyone else dislike Disney?

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So What Happened?

Mamazita: I couldn't agree more on the Disney "tween" shows! I hate that parents are being portrayed so badly (moms are catty know-it-alls, dads are bumbling morons). Positive role models are non-existent. Adults are never portrayed as present or intelligent or helpful. It's ridiculous. And the kids are always snotty, bullying, never satisfied, entitled brats!

It annoys me that Disney can't come up with a show that portrays a HEALTHY family instead. I mean, jeez...isn't Disney supposed to represent all that is good and pure about family and childhood?? (/snark)

8Kidsdad: I have to agree...old school Disney was okay. It's the new Disney I can't stand. It's a money grabbing machine.

Kiki: Love puppies and cupcakes. Teddy bears are...whatever. I don't understand the point of Build-A-Bear. To me it's "Build-A-thing that will end up collecting dust or in the Goodwill pile"

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answers from Phoenix on

I dislike the "damsel in distress" princessy movies. Thank goodness DD isn't into that stuff. It's not exclusive to Disney, though.

I disagree about the scariness being gone nowadays. Did you see Toy Story 3, where the toys were almost incinerated? Or Brave, which had a bear fight?

As far as the licensed items, you can find those for cheap if you want to.

It sounds like you don't like the marketing aspect of the company. I totally get that.

We don't have cable, so Disney's channel isn't even on DD's radar.

Still love me some D-land, though. Can't wait to get back there. All in all, I don't mind the company at all.

Do you hate puppies, cupcakes, and teddy bears, too?! ;-p

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answers from Chicago on

Disney is an evil empire that asks you to pay tons of money for things so they can just flog you the next thing.

I try to stay away from Disney. My daughter loves the fairies, but she has not seen any other princess movies, nor will I let her!

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answers from Washington DC on

Anti-Disney is like anti-fun in my book. It's the happiest place on earth...seeing your kids light up when they meet the "real" Mickey...no way could Disney ever annoy me.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I love Disney. The man and the company are great. But then I like kids and blue sky and good, clean fun. I love good clean adventure movies where the main characters aren't stripping on screen and jumping in bed.

I love Pollyanna, and The Great Train Race. The Absentminded Professor was great as was The Shaggy Dog. There is still no equal to Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Peter Pan. The only complaint I have was that The Absentminded Professor was in black and white. I love Daniel Boone and the River Pirates and Daniel Boone the politician. Where else can you find an honest politician on TV? (Not counting Romney because he's honest, but he's no hero and Daniel Boone was a hero.) I had a wood and steel replica of Daniel Boone's musket that I took very good care of.

I have been to Disneyland and Disney World and had a wonderful time with my family in both places. My kids had a fun time too. Disney's theme parks are safe and fun and are a great family experience.

Are there things you could complain about with Disney? I suppose so. Some people aren't happy unless they can complain about something. Some poeple would complain that the sky was too blue or the flowers too beautiful or they only found a $10 bill instead of a $100 bill on the sidewalk and they had to bend over to pick it up. Why couldn't someone pick it up for them?

ETA: If you look at most of the bad comments about The Disney corporation, they are all commenting on the movies made since Walt Disney died. Walt had a wonderful vision for the future, but the cancer that killed him caught him by surprise. His last days and weeks were spent being with his family and trying to give his ideas to his staff. The last movie Walt was personally involved with was "Mary Poppins". Everything made after had a touch of Disney's imagination and the further you get from 1966 the less of Walt's influence there is. Too bad Castro lived into his 90's and Walt Disney only lived into his 60's.

Oh well. Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Bellingham on

Hallellujah! Preach it to the choir! I think the Disney marketers have a kind of mesmerising hold over some people. On Pinterest there's always pins about Disney fans, and Disney tattoos (can you imagine??! It's like getting the Walmart logo tattooed on yourself!).

In my day, Sonny Jim (just to show my age), it was always called Walt
Disney, and it was a company. Now the marketers have successfully turned it into a way of life for some people. Weird.

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answers from New York on

Hate Disney. So glad I'm not the only one.

Walt himself was a pretty unsavory character. Had associations (to what extent is debatable) with the American Nazi Party, which he cut off only when they became political and commercial liabilities for him.

But really, the thing that has bothered me forever, since I was this tiny kid, was the way Disney takes these dark, complex, mysterious folktales and distorts them into flat, empty "princess" stories that sell rigid gender roles and ungodly amounts of cheesy paraphernalia.

Hate the princess industry. Hate the commercialization and corporatization of anything and everything that might ever appeal to a kid. Make an exception for Pixar, which turns out original work and is pretty independent from Disney in its creative process.

Like I said, so, so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I do!!

My son will be 3 and knows nothing about Disney, none of the characters, anything. There is very little out from Disney that I would consider suitable for his age.

Unrealistic ideas about gender roles and relationships, coupled with a very aggressive liberal social agenda, occultic themes and the prevalence of sassy attitude and bathroom humor makes me feel like I don't care if he ever gets into it or not. Even the most classic Disney movies have parts that can be TERRIFYING for kids. In short, there isn't much about these movies that I would want my child learning or copying, so why expose him to it when he's too young to differentiate between that and appropriate behavior?

There are many who would probably think that I'm overthinking this, that I'm not a "cool mom" and need to relax, but guess what? I've hung out w/moms like them and their kids...and I see the attitude and behaviors that come from their kids when the parents don't know the difference between being "cool" and being parents. No, thanks! Have fun w/that during the teen years!

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answers from Detroit on

NO! Disney has also been under investigation by several watchgroups on child labor!! I was floored over this! Most of their toys and clothing is made overseas in a factory that employs children as young as 6 yrs old!! Disney also has been known to give to certain political groups that I will say arent so much for the "freedom" and "well being" of others. I dont buy anything Disney and never will. Your spot on!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I've always been an AntiDisnite!

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answers from Cumberland on

Yes-I like G rated movies. I don't mean to be critical at all-but all girls are princesses and they should act and be treated as such.

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answers from Salinas on

I agree that old school Disney and Pixar can be fun but the rest is mostly garbage. We've been to Disneyland twice and had a blast but we are only a few hours car drive away, wouldn't make it a major family vacation.

Don't even get me started on the "princess" themed marketing crud or those awful Disney channel tween shows. I truly believe that too much Disney Channel leads to disrespectful, entitled, bratty kids!

I miss Sunday night Wide World of Disney, good old family entertainment!

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answers from Chicago on

TOTALLY AGREE. Disney is not my thing at all. Totally hate, hate, hate all of their branding and liscensed characters. I hate the pre-teen show on the disney channel...not allowed in our house...

I am taking my son after years of begging to Disney World in December. (he is 7) Told him to enjoy have fun..I am making a parental sacrafice...but this will be the one and only trip to Disney that I am making. I think that his main attraction is the rides - He has seen only a few of the Pixar movies and doesn't know any of the characters with the exception of Mickey.

But yes when I tell others that I HATE DISNEY....I sort of feel like I am saying that I hate apple pie, motherhood and the USA. So I try to keep this opinion to myself...but you had to ask...didn't you. :0)

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answers from Grand Forks on

I am not a fan of Disney movies, I have no interest in ever going to Disneyland or Disneyworld, and we don't watch the Disney channel. I have two boys, so no princesses here!

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answers from Williamsport on

I liked old school "Wonderful World of Disney" when I was a kid. I went to Disneyland once. Meh. I do NOT like the princess marketing junk (or most massive toy campaigns actually), but more for the junkiness of it, I don't feel threatened by it for my crazy girls. I grew up hearing all the princess stories (Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and those are much older than Disney) and it never made me expect a prince charming or feel like a princess. I do like Pixar....I guess I can take it in very small doses. But yes, lots of their products annoy me.

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answers from Anchorage on

I have not seen the shows on the disney channel on cable, we don't have cable so I can't speak to those.
As for for the movies, I love them! Yes the princesses are waiting for their prince, but you have to remember those movies were made a time ago, when that was the fairy tail. they have changed with the times, most recently with the movie Brave. I do think their stuff is over priced, but I still love to watch all their movies.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

There are good and bad parts to Disney - they have a very inclusive approach to employment and benefits and have provided benefits to domestic partners for a long time. Epcot is fun and educational. The conference facilities on the Disney properties are pretty good. That would be the good.

The princess culture does a huge disservice to both boys and girls and in great part is the result of Disney's marketing approach. Sure parents are complicit, but it is so widespread that is is incredibly difficult to limit the exposure of your child to this garbage. My son went to a private Montessori, had zero screen time, no corporate branded toys or products and yet still believes pink is a girl color and princess is an occupation girls (only) aspire too. How incredibly sad. The amount of marketing to vulnerable children is truly disgraceful. The Disney movies are marketed to children at way way way too young an age. Since when is fratricide (The Lion King) an appropriate topic for toddlers?

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answers from San Francisco on

My kids were born in the 90's so we were able to enjoy all the Disney classics while being spared the rampant marketing that's a part of this generation.
The fairy tale fantasies and stories are just that: fantasy. The songs and animation and characters are beautiful and fun, but it's not reality. My girls aren't waiting to be rescued, they are preparing for college and a career because they know that's the REAL path to future success and security.
"True love" is the icing on the cake :)
And I love Disneyland, for a few days, NOT for a week, lol!
I also adore the Pixar stories, I think they have been some of the best family movies ever made.
I am much more disturbed by the tween Disney shows and characters, snotty, rude and stupid girls and idiotic, clueless boys? Bleck!

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answers from Austin on

As our daghter said at the age of 3, "mom, it is just tv, it is not real"

We love the Disney movies... Belle was our daughters favorite female character. We want to take my husband to Disney World so he can see the technology, animation and designs..

One of our daughters favorite memories is my husband and the neighbor, when they would burst into the "Guston song" from "Beauty and the beast"

We had the Disney channel when our daughter was a child.. Like all tv shows, our daughter immediately figured out,Disney shows do not have moms.. They all seem to have died...

Again our daughter said, she thought "moms would help make the shows better, because moms can be way funnier than lots of dads! "

Our daughter is a graphic artist, she would love to work for a company like Disney....

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answers from Chicago on

Disney is pure fantasy and I love going to Disney as much as or more than my kids. Do you have any girls ? Because you just have to see their face light up when they see a princess . Its just fun and an escape from reality . Sure they market princesses and movies but it is a company and they have to keep it running . Can you imagine what the unemployment rate would be in Florida without it ?! Anyway... I grew up with Disney so I have always loved it . My SIL didn't and she hates it . I get that and understand how you can dislike it.In regards to products being a rip off , I was so sad when my daughter stopped wanting princess costumes for Halloween . They are at least well made . Now I pay $50 for a cheap Monster High outfit.
Have a magical day !

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answers from Boston on

Just stumbled on this post. It made me laugh. Probably because I lived about two hours away from Disney in Orland,Fl. We went there all the time, as we got the Floridian discounts, plus, my friends worked there. However, I have to say that the Disney of today, is not the Disney that I loved growing up.

I am a huge fan of Walt Disney, and his desires to give something magical to children. However, he would be rolling around in his grave if he knew what was going on with his Magical Kingdom now..( probably is still) It pricy, overrated, and completely different.

I adore the old Disney movies, but am not a fan of the recent ones, nor the T.v. shows. It's very sad. Being from Florida, and NOT taking my son to Disney still( he's 8.5) is pathetic in my eyes. It just isn't that special place in my heart anymore.

Plus, I know it's not worth the price now to get in for a day, either..So incredibly sad.

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answers from Kansas City on

Yup. but I pretty much hate anything with advertising geared toward children. I don't think it's fair, and talk about trying to get our kids to be wasteful consumers! Generally enjoy their movies (some), but don't like some of the messages and hate how they use their movies to manipulate kids.

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answers from Appleton on

No you are not the only one. I started disliking Disney almost 20 yrs ago. I do not like the fact that every Disney DVD has a 15-20 minute ad marketing other Disney DVDs and Disney merchandise. As a parent you feel like a bad parent if you don't buy the jammies, slippers, backpacks, lunch boxes ect ect ect for every Disney movie.

I remember years ago I saw an interview with Annette Funichello (sp) when she talked about never appearing in a film in a bikini. It was a request from Walt Disney himself. Since Annette had been the most popular Mouseketeer (sp) in the 1950's he felt that she represented the Disney Corp. and he wanted to uphold the wholesome image of Disney. Annette had been doing the Beach Blanket movies at that time. How would he feel knowing that so many of his stars from the '90's have trashed their image.

I feel, Walt Disney would not approve of how his company is being run now.


answers from Seattle on


Let me rephrase that.......... REALLY DISLIKE!

Now, I am a bit of a Hypocrite with this, because I am a Nightmare Before Christmas freak. To the point I have Jack and Zero Tattooed up my Forearm.

I dont like it though for who helped create it. I LOVE IT FOR THE BACK MEANING.

If you have not seen it...the moral of the tale is to never change who you are. Be you for who you are already...not for something you wish you were.

Jack is on my arm as a reminder of that. I am who I am love it or leave it. Never ashamed.

I will have the whole arm done in NMBC eventually. I am getting Sally in her tower up the back of the same arm and then the words Lock, Shock and Barrel on the shoulder of same arm(this will be representation of my kids..... rather then having their real names....Each knows which is for who:))

I wont stop there....It had a big cast......but that is as far as I have gotten with what will be where.

I love this movie though because it is Tim Burton. Who I happen to think is a movie genius.......not just for this one.

My kids may get to go to DL sometime in their lives......I have taken my oldest once.....It was summer, I was prego's and we sat in the shade all damn day.......Because the lines to get him on anything were not worth the 3 hours to ride.

They get you in there and then you just hope you get to ride on enough to pay what it costs to get in.........Again not worth the money.

I grew up on the classics. I dont like them as much anymore. And I am not a fan of Pixar.

Good to know yet again, I am not the only one who feels this way!!

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