I Do Know My Rights to My Own Daughter!

Updated on March 05, 2009
H.T. asks from Rolling Meadows, IL
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Originally I went to my Daughter's school yesterday afternoon to drop off her books because I had told the school I was going to home school her and was getting the necessary documents together to give them and have the Notarized properly. The nurse told me to hold on and I should talk to the Principal and the social worker. So then we went into the office and I proceeded to tell them that she wasn't getting the one on one she needed at school and that she can receive better schooling at home with me.

They were like bribing me to keep my daughter in school. They pulled out every stop in the book. The Social worker thought of every network she knew of to give me. Places where I could get gift cards for food and clothes, free places to get my car fixed. I mean she thought if I didn't have the money for that stuff maybe I would give in and keep my daughter in their school!

Then they said well if you are having trouble with getting your daughter to school then we can come and take her to school. they explained; we can come to your home and physically help you remove you child from your home and take them to school for you....Duh IT'S ILLEGAL!!! I am not stupid here people! They were trying to scare me. I know my rights! I know with out a warrant no one can enter my home!!!

So then, they said well when you have a meeting with your Doctor on Friday the Social Worker can come and talk to your doctor and explain the situation. First of all my insurance doesn't cover my time with this Doctor. Therefore if the Social worker wants to join in on my time with the doctor then she can pay the $160 I have foe a HALF Hour session!!! Their minds changed quickly when I said that! The Principal agreed with me on that one. You know it is bad enough that we have to scrape together money so my daughter can get the medicine she needs everyday. But to have the school tell me that she would be better off in school instead of learning at home! What right or knowledge do they have to tell me what is best for my daughter. My daughter acts like Dr. Jekyll when she is at school and turns into Mr. Hyde when she gets home after school.

Since I have been home schooling her I have not seen Mr. Hyde as much as before. And we as a family are acting more like family then ever since she is being at home instead of school!

My question is: Do you think it is right for a school to keep threatening you after you have already taken your child out of school and started their studies at home?

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answers from Chicago on

Reading your posts are quite frustrating! Are you the school wasn't trying to offer you some help? What incentive would they have to "bribe" you to keep your daughter in school? It would mean one less child in school for them & one less child in the classroom for the teacher. In addition, it would mean that they wouldn't have to deal with since you think that they think that you are difficult.

If your daughter has special needs, schools are equipped to handle those needs. That's why they're offering you so many services. They are trying to make sure that the right thing is being done for your daughter educationally.

My advice to you would be to stop thinking that everyone is out to get you (I have read your previous posts and that's the impression I get). Do what you think is best for your daughter. It's great to see that being at home with you is a help. Could it be that she is acting our because there is a lot of turmoil in her life-your divorce, your anger at your ex, your sick father & your daughter own illness?

Stop bashing the school for trying to give you help for your daughter.

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answers from Chicago on

It sounds to me like the school is trying to help you. You daughter is probably acting better at home because she likes being home with mom. I know that my kids would love to stay home with me and not go to school.

If you think you have the time and capability to teach her at home, then get the materials you need and see how it goes.

I, however would not burn any bridges with the school, you may need to put her back into school at some point, so do not shut that door completely.

I wish you luck.

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answers from Chicago on

Is this a public or private school? What issues does your daughter have to begin with? How old is your daughter. What area do you live in?

I am a teacher I do not think that homeschooling is always the best way to go. I have seen WAY to many kids that come into my classroom way behind grade level because they were homes schoolded. HOWEVER, I also think that in some cases it is the best way for some families. It depends on the needs of your family. If you are able to stay home and provide that to your daughter then good for you. Just make sure you are teaching then same things she would learn in public/private school otherwise later on if she goes back to those school she could be behind. As far as the school itself, it is really shocking that they would do that. I would hope that they were only trying to help and figure out what was best for your daughter. It sounds like you need to take quite a few deep breaths and sit back for a little bit and then re-think your reasons for being so angry and see if they were really "threatening" you or if they were honestly trying to help.



answers from Chicago on

They will threaten! Oh, and many teachers get SO MAD if you say you're homeschooling! You're not the first.

Basically the only people who don't advocate homeschooling are superintendents, principals and teachers. Because you are taking over their job. Many of the negative things you hear about homeschooling when traced, go back to them.

Teachers and such go through lots of schooling so it's kind of insulting that you, with no "teacher education," could teach your child. It kind of makes their fancy degrees look worthless!

Teachers go to school to learn how to teach large groups. That is no easy task (I've done it myself) and they should be commended for all they do.

I'm glad homeschooling is working for you. You know your rights, remember you do not have to answer to anyone (provide your curriculum, etc.) when it comes to what you're teaching her.

There are many wonderful teachers who homeschool their children and advocate it. I think every child and family are different and homeschooling works for some and public/private school works for others! We should be allowed to do what works for us in peace.

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