I Did It! 1St Allergy Shot

Updated on March 24, 2011
J.J. asks from Milwaukee, WI
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I hardly felt it. They said when a higher dose is injected I will feel more of a sting but nothing at all today. The nurse ordered me an epi pen(sp?) too. She said it is incase I have a reaction and I have a hard time breathing. I was asking how long after a shot this would happen and I didn't really get an answer. We started talking about something else and didn't get back to it. Does anyone know?

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answers from Columbus on

I used to work in an allergy office and when we gave immunotherapy, the patient was required to stay 30 minutes afterwards, in case of reaction. If they didn't, they had to sign a waver (even then, it was people who had been doing this for years and years and were very aware of reactions and what to look for/do for it). Did you stay for 30 minutes? If it was the patient's first, we may have even had them stay longer. Can't remember, this was 14 years ago. Anyway, 30 minutes is generally the time frame in which a reaction will occur. That's not to say that you couldn't have a reaction later. Exercise shortly after an injection can bring it on, or a lot of stress. But, that is what the Epi-pen is for. Again, this was 14 years ago, but I don't remember ever hearing of anyone saying they had a reaction after they left the office. Not saying it didn't happen, but I don't remember any. We had an occasional reaction in the office after a shot, but we were ON it, and the patient was treated immediately. That's why you wait there.
I'm sure the nurse told you all this, but if you miss a scheduled injection, they are supposed to take you down a dose or not increase you the next time. So, being able to go to each one on time, is important. The more consistent you are, the better the treatment will work for you.
I've seen many people get great results from immunotherapy, so good luck!

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answers from Jacksonville on

Probably soon. My son is required to stay in the office for 20 minutes after receiving his shots for monitoring in case of a serious reaction.

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answers from Columbus on

My mom gets some kind of shot (super expensive, and not the normal "allergy shot") for her allergies, and she has to stay at the Dr. office for 1 hour afterward. My brothers, when they had allergy shots as kids, had to stay for 30 min after their shots.

Check out the Epi-Pen website. It has useful info, and it's good to watch the video (though the vid is pretty cheesy, imo) on how to self-inject.

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answers from Houston on

depends on your body i never had to use mine and congrats on the first shot its down hill from now on. i never felt the sting. i think the normal time for needing the shot if i am not mistaken but its been yrs is 30 min.

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answers from Washington DC on

A reaction after a shot is usually within the first 20m. That is why are doctor recommends you stick around for that time.

The epipen is usually just a prescription that can be filled at the local pharmacy. Depending on your allergy, you carry it with you so that if you have a severe allergic reaction - peanuts, bees, milk - while you are out and about, you can have someone give you the shot.

Usually the first defense in a reaction is an OTC like Benedryl. If that doesn't work, or the reaction worsens and affects your breathing like your tongue or face swelling, then you take the epipen shot and either call your doctor or go to the ER.




answers from Milwaukee on

Just remember, the Epi is for EMERGENCY only. Like Megan said, try Benadryl first. If you use your epi, you must either call 911 or head to the ER.



answers from Richmond on

I get allergy shots weekly and they say the reaction is normally in 20-30 mins. I have never had a sever reaction but for me it normally takes 4-6 hours after the shot for it to swell or itch at the injection site if it is going to. When this happens they have me take benedryl.

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