I Cut My 8 Year Old Daughters hair....bad Idea :(

Updated on March 02, 2011
J.R. asks from Lavaca, AR
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So I decided to cut her hair, I cut it short, it would look ok except the underneath hair makes it puff out a bit...shes got pretty wavy hair. I should have never done it that short. Ive cut it b4 and it was ok, but this is too short.....any ideas or suggestions on how to style it or make her feel better? she says it looks ok its just too short.....i feel TERRIBLE!!!!!!

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Look up bob haircut pics online and she will see many girls/women look great in short hair! my oldest daughter cut her younger sisters hair something terrible and the only way to fix it was to get it cut in a short bob and she looked adorable! Big glitzy barrettes look awesome in short hair too! get her something sparkly and glamerous to go with her new do.

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answers from Kansas City on

my advice, if she says it's okay, just too short - let it go! you can't force it to grow and chopping any more off might just make it much worse. if you make a big deal about it it will make her feel self conscious. let it go. let her wear cute hats ;) we all have those pics of "mom haircuts", now she can too! lol!



answers from Chicago on

My 8-year old has wavy hair and her hair is short and it looks fine. She needs to have some layers cut in it to keep it from puffing out. If my stepdaughter's hair was not layered, it would puff out too.

Just take her to a salon and have them fix it. The stylist can cut layers and maybe thin it out.

We also use Garnier Fructis frizz control syrum on her hair to tame the waviness. When we blow dry it, I use a brush and straighten it a bit.

It'll be fine! Just get a professional to fix it up.



answers from Los Angeles on

J. R.

If it is real short you may not want to make a big deal about it in front of her. If you want to play with it a little, you may need to step out of your comfort zone a punk it up with some moose. Some kids look adorable and it means nothing at this age. The moose can force it to lay flat or straight up.

Have Fun




answers from New York on

I have just cut my daughter waist length hair very short like a boy


answers from Chicago on

My daughter has really thick hair. So when it is cut short it sticks out like a pyramid from her head. I always have the stylist layer it if we do a short style. Maybe you could take her for a cut somewhere where they could layer it so it would lie better against her head.



answers from Washington DC on

How short is it? Too short to tie back? If not then I would tie it back until it has grown and next time she needs a cut go to hair cuttery or something....your not the first mom to cut your kids hair and you won't be the last , I have done it myself!!


answers from Dallas on

Well I remember my mom cutting my long hair short and it was so bad for me. I cried for days and hated it. I remember my mom writing down on the top of her hair cutting set (she cut daddy's hair too) that she would never again cut my hair and signed it. She felt awful about it and cried too "( Well the good news is that yes I hated my hair but NEVER stopped loving my mom, never. I recovered and so did she and it didn't affect our relationship at all. Did she ever cut my hair again? No she didn't ") She was always true to her word, another reason that I loved her so much.
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answers from Lynchburg on

Dear J.-

I just HAD to share a funny story...When I was a little girl, I had long hair with bangs. My mom decided to trim them for me before a school picture...well...she trimmed...and trimmed again to 'even' it out...then trimmed some more!! Needless to say, I had 'crew cut' bangs to feature in that picture!

Many years later...I found a mother's day card for her...on the outside cover it said something like 'I love you mom...and just wanted to tell you after all these years...' Then inside...'I forgive you for cutting my bangs'!!! lol

We still joke to this day...and needless to say...NONE of my daughters has had bangs!!

It will grow...and become a funny family story! Truly!

Take Care!



answers from Dallas on

Get some cool berettes and do some fun little pony tails or other fun things like twists. google some differant key words for fun styles like
Maybe you could straighten it to see if it makes a big differance?



answers from Fort Smith on

I don't have an answer except to say that I empathize and it will grow out. :-) I tried to cut my daughter's hair a few times when she was a toddler. The first few times I trimmed the back, it came out ok - once I finally got her to be still. I finally had the bright idea of puting her in front of the tv to watch Barney so that she'd be still while I trimmed her long hair to mid-shoulder length. Unfortunately, the last time, I didn't realize that she was quite a bit closer to the tv than usual and was looking up at it. Her hair was trimmed to below the shoulder . . . until she stood up and looked straight ahead, then it was collar length. LOL. It grew out and we both survived. Now I pay the ten bucks to have it done. No one can be good at everything. Good luck! ;-)



answers from Oklahoma City on

When I went to 4th grade, it was to a new school. My mother had been letting my bangs grow out but they were at that awkward length. So she got the idea of putting in a permanent -- just in the bangs!! There I had long, slightly wavy hair and this fuzzball over my forehead. I kept my hand over them constantly for weeks. They eventually grew out. Mom never did it again. And I never stopped loving her. She passed away at 76 recently and those bangs became a humorous story between us.

Don't worry, Mom, her hair will grow. Just get mousse and clips and make cute hairstyles for her.

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