I Cant Seem to Stop itching....help Me

Updated on February 14, 2011
J.M. asks from Lansing, KS
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I have been itching on and off for a couple of weeks now. I will all of a sudden get a itch, then its like my whole body goes into itch mode I when it happens I literally cant stop itching and itch everwhere ..face, neck, arms, torso, legs, short of internally to the point that I have red welts and scratch myself to the point of bleeding sometimes too. when I start itching like this I cannot function it happend at work the other day and the girls I work with were in shock of truly how bad it is when it starts.I cant get anything accomplished when Im itching. I dont think it is dry skin related I get dry skin from time to time and this is so different I drink almost a gallon of water a day so I would assume Im well hydrated. I have been taking benadryl when it happens but have noticed terrible mood swing with the benadryl (that and it makes me very drowsy) I dont want to spend my days agitated inorder to not itch. Does anyone have any ideas on why I might be itching and what I can do to make it stop?? I forgot to mention I know its not hives..had them before and yes they suck but its not the same as what is going on with me now. Thanks !!

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answers from Sacramento on

Just a thought but this happened to me to the point I was up all night scratching!!!! I had some blood work done and my liver enzymes were off a little bit. The doctor had me quit using any Tylenol or other "unfriendly" liver drugs & some different vitamins. It was much better after a few days. Good Luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

my SIL got scabies from trying on clothes (her Dr. told her that was what most likely happened).

Get checked out for that b/c it is VERY hard to get rid of. Just like lice - it has nothing to do with how clean you are, etc.

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answers from Seattle on


9 times out of 10, if it's not allergies... that kind of itching means scabies. And it's hell getting rid of it.

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answers from New York on

I just saw a report on our local news a few days ago that said drinking water does not help dry skin (if that's what it is) - water hydrates our insides, but does not have a measurable effect on our outer layer of skin. They said the only way to combat itchy, dry skin is to moisturize with a cream-based product. Have you tried a hypo-allergenic moisturizer like Cetaphil? Other than that, the only thing I would suggest is seeing a dermatologist. I hope you can get some relief soon!

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answers from Honolulu on

I'm wondering, if you are drinking too much water.
Yes, that can happen.
A person should not drink, more than their body can expel, and 1-2 liters are what is suggested per day.
You said you are drinking a Gallon a day.

In some cases:
Water intake is also per a person's size/weight.
Our body has a balanced method of processing and excreting fluids, either through urine or perspiration. Over-diluting the sodium and potassium levels in the blood plasma through excessive consumption of water is called hyponatremia and contributes to what is called an osmotic shift of the fluid inside and outside the cells.

Maybe, your body's electrolytes are being flushed out and your body is imbalanced due to too much water?

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Get some lotion with oatmeal in it. Avon has some, Aveeno, any one of those should help. It sounds like extremely dry skin. I get like that when I am somewhere that has dry air inside. I use Avon Moisture Therapy Lotion in both the bottle, pot, and the tube. they are white with blue lids. They have 3 tear drops on the front label.

There are many products out there, even the Gold Bond anti itch lotion can be wonderful.

Here is a link to the Avon page that lists each of their Moisture Therapy line.

Something else you might try is changing your laundry soap, softener, and dryer sheets. Sometimes the clothes we put on have been washed in a different combination that what we wore yesterday. I had on some pants that were driving me crazy with a ring around the waist that was itching like crazy. I realized I had washed the darks with an off brand of liquid laundry soap when I didn't have the money to get the regular Gain. It was the soap and only on the pants, nothing else.

Dry skin isn't always effected by the amount of fluids we drink. If it did then everyone who drank lots of water might have sweaty skin all the time. Dry skin sometimes just needs something on it to keep it's moisture from evaporating.

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answers from Sacramento on

Are you stressed about something? This can be a fairly typical symptom of anxiety. I experienced the same thing (including my scalp itching so badly I couldn't sleep!) and it turned out to be anxiety related. Once I got that under control, the itching went away...

Try taking a b-complex supplement and St. Johns Wart for a few days and see if your symptoms subside.


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answers from Houston on

allergies try allergra or claritan it wont make you as tired. take a baking soda bath for the itching

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answers from New York on

Have you started taking any new medications? Maybe it's an alergic reaction to something. Can you relate it it a specific place it occurs or a particular time of day?

Maybe you should give your doctor a call?



answers from Kansas City on

Have you changed detergents or soap? Try finding a soap that doesn't have lauryl sulfates- they are detergents. You might have dry skin on the outside due to something environmental, maybe they clean with a different cleanser at work...does this happen at home or just work?


answers from Minneapolis on

How is your stress level? I have had this happen 1-2 times when I am stressed out and usually a bout of exercise gets me back on track.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Have you recently switched laundry detergents or fabric softeners?
I had a similar problem when my hubby and I lived in our first apartment. I would start itching one spot, like my leg and then the next thing I knew I was itchy all over my arms, my back, everywhere. When I'd change my clothes you could see all the scratch marks all over from where I had been itching. Ugh!
I ended up switching to the non-dye & non-perfume detergent and that seemed to help.
Another thing you may want to consider (it may be an expensive option though) is getting a water softener for your house.
Have you tried taking Children's Benadryl instead of the adult medication to see if that makes you any less drowsy?

Good luck! I hope you're able to find relief!



answers from San Francisco on

Sorry to hear that you're going through this.

Umm..did you change your detergent? Body wash? The type of clothing(material) that you are wearing?

When does it happen? I say you can write up a log to see when it happens, maybe it's something you eat?

Depending how long you've been going through this..I would definitely see a dermatologist. I really hope you feel better soon.



answers from Philadelphia on

I would see allergist, it could be something u are eating.



answers from Kansas City on

For what it's worth, I had the same thing happen after my second child. I would wake up and just want to scratch EVERYWHERE. I went to my dermatologist. Even though my skin didn't appear too dry on the surface, it was and all the scratching was causing a reaction/infection. He prescribed heavy duty vasoline-like lotion. I used it for the 7-10 days and I haven't had a problem since.
Oh - and keep drinking all that water! Keeps hunger at bay and prevents cellulite! : )

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