I Cant Seem to Get My Twin 2.5 Yr Olds to Sleep EVER

Updated on February 08, 2009
P.M. asks from Stockbridge, GA
4 answers

i have twin 2.5 year olds who will rarely nap.. and they wake up all night long.. waking each other up. i dont know what to do... they are trying to potty train, but they keep stripping off their diapers in the middle of the night and peeing in the bed too. when i put their clothes back on and put them back to bed, they scream and cry. waking up their 11 month old little brother. i am so tired does anyone have advice for twins . help

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answers from Macon on

I have no actual advice - I just want to say you are my idol because you are managing and apparently haven't lost your mind yet:) - Having 3 that young and being a single parent is a huge challenge. Maybe you have a friend or a relative who could spend the night occasionally and give you a break or if you are a stay at home mom - come during the day so you could sleep. It is okay to need a hand and a day just for you -if there isn't anyone close by - post again I bet someone here is in your area and could give you a time out.



answers from Charleston on

Hi! I jave TWO sets of twins and we hardly have any sleeping prblems. The oldest set is boy/girl, they are also about 2 1/2. Sometimes the girl will wake up after a dream and just need a hug, then she will go right back to sleep. My question for you is do you have them on a routine all day? Our day is very set and we try to do the same essential things at or close to the same times. Get up at same times, eat at same times, same bedtime routines at naptimes. Sometimes they nap, and othertimes they don't, but we still leave them in their room for at least 1 1/2 hours for down time. I will tell you that we love the Sleepsack by Halo. It is a wearable blanket that zips from the top down and is difficult for them to get off. They are so used to it that they do not try to get them off. Plus you never have to worry about them putting the blanket over their heads or anything. They also wear it at nap times. Anyway, the routines and being within 30 minutes of your target time for everything has worked well for us with both sets. I wish you the best of luck. Please email me if you have any more questions.



answers from Biloxi on

I don't have much advice in this area but will be interested to see what advice you do get. I am in a similar situation with a three year old and twin one and a half year olds. I feel like sleep is something I get if I'm very very lucky.... Its a rare treat. I do have my husband but when it comes to waking up in the night he doesn't get up. He actually is a stay at home dad. I beg I mean beg him to wait to put the kids down for nap till I get home at one so I can MAYBE get a nap too but it seems like they are always down when I get home and see up within ten minutes!! So like last night, I was up once with each of my kids and with the twins, I have to sit in their room and wait for them to go back to sleep. Then I struggle not to fall asleep because I won't hear my alarm and my husband wouldn't get out of bed to get me! And then after being up half the night here I am at five am headed off to work. It is simply exhausting! Just know there are other moms out there with you and you can do it! If you ever need an ear to bounce ideas off of please message me and ill send my phone number!
Hang in there!



answers from Atlanta on

I have 6 year old twin girls and Oh do I ever remember this age! This is about the age my twins fought their naptime and although I never really had an issue of them waking during the middle of the night~at bedtime which was usually between 8:00 - 8:30 they would sit and play and play and giggle and giggle till about midnight or so. It irritated me to no end because I was working full-time at the time and had to get up so dab-blasted early.
I had someone suggest seperating them, but that ended up causing even more drama! They would just scream and cry for their sissy. I even had someone suggest laying one of them down 30 minutes before the other one. This still didn't work because I had the same issue of them getting out of bed crying for their sissy and asking if it was time for her to come to bed yet. I gave it up and talked to my Pediatrician about it and a friend had recommended "Melatonin". It is an herb, but I wanted to ask the ped about it first. I also felt very guilty about "drugging" my kids to go to bed, but I have to keep my sanity as well and the kids needed their sleep whether they realized it or not. My pediatrician had nothing bad to say about the Melatonin and stated it was absolutely fine to give it to them. You might want to verify the dosage you give with them being the age they are and IF you consider it ask your ped FIRST.
Melatonin was my savior in my opinion. I give them the Melatonin 30 minutes before their actual bedtime and 30 minutes later they actually come and ask me to go to bed and go right to sleep and stay asleep all night.
I think being on a set schedule is very important and mine did have one but because they are in the same room together they feed off of one another-it doesn't matter what activities we participated in that day. I would try taking them to the park and wearing them out thinking they would fall right to sleep-sometimes they would but most of the time it was their nightly ritual to goof off.
This is just one of those trial things you are going to have to figure out what works best for your kids. Perhaps seperating them would work for you and sort of sounds like you could benefit from that-but like mine it may cause even more drama. Just remember that no matter what "changes" you make give it at least two weeks. The kids have to have "time" to adjust to the "new". If you have any other issues feel free to ask also there is a website called www.dailystrength.com and they have a very wonderful on-line support group of mother's of multiples. It is so nice to have so many other Mom's give advice because they have already been through it and sometimes it's nice to get another one's point of view. I love both of these websites! So many wonderful Mom's regardless if they are Mom of twins, triplets, etc.
Good Luck! Hang in there!

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