I Can't Decide Whether or Not to Keep Our New Dog.

Updated on February 26, 2009
L.H. asks from Arlington, TX
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We got a new dog (roti and shepard mix) who is 2 and very well trained. He is good with my two boys, does not bark, sits, comes when calls and seems very sweet. I have never had a big dog though and he kind of scares me even though he has become very attached and protective of me. It is also scary to see how big he is around the children. We wanted a big dog for protection and one that the kids can play with but I want my nervous feeling to go away. Has anyone else been through this? What are the chances of him going crazy and biting or scaring our neighbors.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your advise. We were just too unsure and it was not fair to the dog. We will try again when the boys are a little older. He went to the other another family who was very excited to have him.

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If he is good with your kids and shows no sign of issues, then it's you. We have a 106 lb American Bulldog and a 60 lb basset hound. I am more concerned about the basset around my daughter than my bulldog. He is the gentlest, sweetest animal with my 20 mo. He genuinely LOVES her. He has no food aggression like the hound does and I can actually leave the room when he is eating because if my daughter touches his food, he sits and waits for her to hand feed him.

If you have never had a big dog before and have these concerns, maybe you should find him a new home. It isn't fair to you or the dog if you are constantly nervous around him. Dogs are very good at sensing feelings and he is probably trying his best to be accepted by you based on what you are saying.

If you want to keep him I suggest you call my trainer, Aaron: www.theeducateddog.com



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We have a 90lb shepherd and I love having him around for protection. My dog is VERY protective of me and will listen to me better then anyone else in the house. You just have to learn to be strong voiced when talking to him if he is doing something you don't like. As for the size against the size of your children Stealth(my dog)out weighs my daughter by over 60lbs. Stealth has learned that he is a big dog and she is a small person and he is very gentle. Give it time before you get rid of him. I went through bark busters to train him and they are very expensive but would be happy to share some of the paperwork if you would like it just message me.



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The best dog I ever had when I was a small child was a "horse" to me. (White German Shepherd/Wolfhound mix-the beauty of a Shepherd and the LEGS of a wolfhound, so when she stood up she'd put her front paws on mom's shoulders and look DOWN to give kisses). I rode her around the yard, I cuddled into her for naps like a beanbag chair. Shepherds are the best breed ever as far as I'm concerned because they are "working dogs" they are very easy to train, very loyal, and incredibly gentle, without the hyper issues that you'd get with a retriever or lab puppy. Get to know your dog, and love him. He's more than protection, he can actually be a great member of your family, and very good to and for your children. If you can't love him, it's not fair to him (may sound stupid, but they are sensitive)...message me because we're looking for a pet!



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If you are nervous around him, you can not be a good pack leader. If you are not a good pack leader, your dog may take over the role, not good. You either need to rehome your new dog or get training for you, your family, and your dog. Do not just send your dog to a trainer for him to be trained it will do no good for your situation.

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