I Burn a Dish Towel on My Glass Stove, and Is Not Coming Off!

Updated on February 05, 2012
Y.C. asks from Orlando, FL
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This is the first time I have one of these things, I am not being fan of it.
Some water drip and I don't know what I was thinking I just took a towel and "clean it", lucky I didn't burn my self (I have burn my fingers checking if it really was hot before, I know, dumb!).
I did turn off the stove of curse but it was still super hot, in fact it takes FOREVER to cool down.
I put a wet towel (a different one) on top and let it there for hours, but nothing came out.
I try scrubbing a little with a dishes scrub but nothing.
It looks like when you iron cotton and you forget and it gets stock in the iron, only that at least we can scrub the iron, I am afraid to use a knife or a harsh cleaner that either would scratch the glass or stain it...no sure if you can stain it but I worry about it.
What can I do?

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answers from Louisville on

You should be able to use a retractable razor blade to (very carefully!) scrape the burned residue off the stove top. We have had two glass top stoves, and both of them came with razors for this purpose. After you scrape off the residue, just clean/polish the stove top and it should be good as new. We've had some pretty nasty burn spots before, and usually this approach removes everything (or at least enough that your stove doesn't look horrible).

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answers from Springfield on

Try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It works wonders on our stove top.

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answers from Denver on

You can use a razor blade. Just dont dig it in the stove top, but you can use it to scrape as much off as you can.
After that use a stove top cleaner or a magic eraser (those always work best for me).

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answers from Cumberland on

maybe some "Easy-Off"???

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answers from Albany on

Y. I have never heard of a mom burning a dish towel on an ELECTRIC stove, and that includes me.

Buy a spray gunk/grease remover, let it sit, use a scrubby?


I hope dinner was good, after all that angst!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

They sell special razor blade tools just for glass stove tops. I'd try one of those. Good luck!

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answers from Lakeland on

Try some glass stove top cleaner. Let it sit for a little while (not hot) to soften and then try a razor or something with a flat edge to scrape it off. Do not use that burner until you can get most of it off, it might catch on fire again.

Worst case is that you will have to replace the glass top which is cheaper then buying a new stove. Be very careful to not break the glass and do not put too much pressure on it. The elements under the glass can break easily.

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