I Am upset...has Somone Hacked My Account?

Updated on December 04, 2010
S.A. asks from Cheyenne, WY
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I was making some eggs this morning for my daughter when i got a txt from yahoo saying that my password to my yahoo acount was changed. The onley other person that has my pass word is my husband and because of its random nature and different letter being captolised he can never rember it. I did call him at work and as if he did it and he said no and I belive him. I then loged onto yahoo and changed my password to something else. However I am still rather upset. WHat happend...how did someone firgerout my password? what can I do to not have this happen agin and to protect my account. I dont have any passwords the same on anything...they are always somthing random and often miss spelled, and I dont use any publick computers? Anythought on what might have happend and how to make sure it dont happen agin? Thanks so much!!

PS- Password was changed Yahoo was able to change it and send the new pass word to another enmail I have and I was abled to rechange my password from there. I did not resond to any email and did everything thought the web site

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answers from Boise on

I would think scam. If you logged directly into Yahoo, you should be good. If not, do so now. Don't follow the email link.

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answers from Chicago on

If your Yahoo! password was indeed changed you would not have been able to log on to your account - right? So if you were able to log on to your account with your original password then the message you received was a fake.

Chances are this was a spam or phishing message that was sent to you. I hope you didn't respond to the message and you just deleted it..

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answers from Minneapolis on

Yahoo, hotmail, gmail...They get hacked all the time. Still you should never respond to/click in an email telling you that any account has been hacked (email or bank or credit card, etc.). Instead call the service provider directly and ask if you are at risk for fraud or identify theft. Or do what you did and just go into their site and follow the posted instructions for changing your security set-up.

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answers from Chicago on

No one changed your password. It was a phishing email.
Had you clicked on a link provided in the email, it could've been a virus, or something of that nature.
Hackers use that type of approach to get folks that don't know any better to give up personal information.

Changing your password was a safe and good idea, nonetheless. You should do that regularly.

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answers from Chicago on

I've received these messages before...Spam and Phishing tactics. Hope you went directly to the website to change the password. If you receive an email like that again. Report the email to your internet provider and log into your account through thier main website and change passwords.

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answers from Tulsa on

Hi. If you save "one click" settings on amazon, yahoo, or other service it is easily hacked. Be glad they didn't run up debts on your accounts.

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answers from Dallas on

NOPE, you did the right thing going to the Yahoo site and changing your pw.

There's a lot of scams going on and a lot of people being hacked.

Be wary of any emails and when it doubt.........delete

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answers from Washington DC on

NO NO NO - sounds like a scam email. Go to the yahoo website by typing in the browser and change your password again. Then delete the e-mail and run your antivirus software. I would also worry it you clicked on the link in the e-mail that it installed malware onto your computer! I don't know how to check, but I would be worried about someonee gathering personal info that way. You giuys need to get that checked out.

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answers from St. Cloud on

I agree with MR. I hope you went directly to the website and NOT click on any links in the email! That's how they get your real info...... Because they set up sites that look identical and when you click on a link in the email, you are going to their FAKE site.

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answers from Norfolk on

Use a password method that is complicated enough but easy for you to remember. A password at least 8 characters long containing at least one capital letter, at least one numeral, and one special character (such as ! # $ ?) (different places won't let you use special or certain characters) is a pretty hard combination to crack and satisfies most company security requirements.
Phishing schemes are common and should be deleted immediately without clicking any links. It would be wise to run any virus detection you have to make sure a key stroke logger isn't running looking to record what you type.

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answers from Dallas on

My ex-husband hacked my Hotmail account years after our divorce. He was able to because he knew all the answers to my security questions to reset my password. (My Moms maiden name, name of my first boyfriend, etc) My Mom accidentally reset my cousins Gmail because all it asked was fathers middle name. A lot of those questions anyone that has been in your life a long time would know. Resetting a password is usually a lot easier then figuring out the password. So what I did was go in and make sure all of my security answers were something ONLY I would know, even completely made up.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Yahoo has had some problems lately, I've noticed, with hacking. Make sure everybody in your address book knows to NOT click on any links sent from your yahoo account (usually it is an email with only a web address link and it it malware if they click on it).
Make your passwords as strong as possible - sounds like you've got that pretty well anyway. Upper and lower case letters, and numbers too, make it stronger.

Check your bank account. I've had a couple of friends whose bank accounts were run up after their yahoo was hacked. Usually there is a very small ($1.00 or so) charge to see if it is a valid account, then they clean it out, so watch it, and talk to your bank as soon as you see anything suspsicous.



answers from New York on

Is it possible that you misread the text? I know that I get "warnings" when I need to change my passwords for various accounts. I'm not familiar with Yahoo, but I do get reminders within a few days of passwords expiring!

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