I Am Starting a New Business for Myself.

Updated on September 21, 2008
M.L. asks from Las Vegas, NV
8 answers

I am starting a new business in house cleaning. If anyone has advice please feel free to give it.

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answers from Reno on

I started my own business once when I was about 22 years old. It was a lot of work at first (paperwork, money to start, etc). Just make sure you know what you will/won't do and be CLEAR with customers. I've found that when you want to meet a customer's expectations, you need to KNOW those expectations and be on the same page. We have a couple of ladies here in town that started a housecleaning service and they do a great job. They bring their own supplies (unless you request that they use yours), they do the big cleaning jobs and leave the clutter and kids toys for their customers. They do a great job and charge a reasonable fee. I believe they do very well for themselves. They say that repeat customers are their bread and butter (they also have contracts with a couple of small businesses), but they are willing to come in and do one-time jobs (like getting ready for a party or cleaning after one) and they make separate arrangements for that (like they do pick up the toys and clear away litter and all that, but they charge a lot more). Good luck. Keep your head up.
P.S. I agree with one of the comments on here about deciding to be happy. It really has to be a conscious choice. Marriage is a struggle, but if you work TOGETHER, you will both be happy in your relationship.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My Mom started a housecleaning business when she divorced my dad in 1981. In the beginning she was a one-woman show, today she has a crew that does all the cleaning and only helps out as needed. Are you planning on hiring employees or doing this on your own? My mom pays her employees on commission, they get paid based on the number of jobs done in a day. The problem is they rush and tend to break things. My Mom is more the Wal-Mart of housecleaning, she gets a lot of houses/apartments done and charges as little as possible. Targeting wealthier neighborhoods is fine, but you will discover that these people are wealthy because they are cheap, they will not pay high rates. The middle class will pay more. Also, most people don't understand that house cleaners are there to clean, not pick up their clutter, so you need to have a discussion on the amount of clutter you will pick up. You are not going to pick up little Susie's toys and put them back in each individual labeled bin. Unless someone is willing to pay you extra that is. If you are doing this as a one-woman show I would target businesses. These have to be cleaned at night or towards closing time. Businesses are also a lot easier to clean than a home, less clutter, easier work. (I started helping my mom at 7 years old). I wouldn't bother advertising in magazines and newspapers. They are expensive and you don't get much business from it. Fliers on doors, walking up and talking to business owners, and an ad in the yellow pages all work better. My mom gets calls everyday from her ad in the yellow pages. If you have any questions please e-mail me.

Good Luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi M.:
It would appear,that Julie L wanted to reinerate her comment. lol She has a slow pc or an ancious mouse. tee hee.
I think your going to get more comments on the statement you made about a struggling marriage.I think what Julie L was trying to say, is (GRIN AND BEAR IT)lol You'll hear a few here tell you to read Dr lauras book on how to be an obediant wife. lol Some will tell you,that you need to be more serviant towards your husband. I'd say,if the relationship,is worth saving,then see a counselor. If not, start your new business, become self supporting and move on with your life.We only have one go around.Many find it easy to assume, and offer advice.only you know what your life is like and what your needs are. Now, as for the business advice.I have a friend that does housecleaning,and she recieved all her business ,around her neighborhood. She came up with a cute AD,and made copies. She took them all around her neighborhood.The great thing about that of course was not having to travel far for the jobs.Just a tip. I wish you the very best M.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Congratulations! I thought I would send a private message because I don't want you thinking this is an ad. As someone who maintains a couple of my own businesses I would say organize everything! keep everything (receipts, files, millage, etc.) I would suggest having someone do your taxes - maybe not this year, but they might get a lot more complex. And you might consider seeing a financial professional too. if you don't know someone you trust (someone fully licensed) my husband travels to AZ to visit his parents on a regular basis and (I asked) he would be happy to sit down with you and your husband free of charge.
Let me know if you want his number and I will put you on Jeremy's calendar.

I wish you the best of luck!

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answers from San Diego on

Hi M., I wanted to commit on a couple things, You stated that you are married buttrying to be happy. Here's something you may not have heard before happiness is a decision, not a feeling, so if you make the descision to be happy no matter what, you will be happy, joy is a feeling. Being happy is being grateful for what you have, and not sad/mad for what you don't have. That concept has helped me out in all areas of my life. Home busisness, that's cool we have 2 home bisonesses and daycare which is mine, and a Prepaid Leagle business that is both of of ours. we have 3 kids as well, ages 24, 21, and a 19 years old daughter, been married for 27 years. J.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I would just go to City Hall in your area and find out about getting a business license first. Because if you make over I think it's like 600.00 in the year they want to know. But it's a real nominal thing. I got one in LA when I was doing freelance makeup. It didn't break me by any means and I felt confident that I could place ads to generate more work legally. You may want to get a license in every city that you will be seeking out clients. Then, try to figure out what the small newspaper of each area is. Example, The Argonaut for Santa Monica, the Burbank Leader for Burbank CA etc. You want to get the clients with money and these people have those types of papers delivered often times for free to their doorsteps. Also, try to look out for women's mags, like Malibu Woman. Something that has a classified advertisement section but is a mag that is doing well and is interesting - something established so you won't be wasting your money on a start up mag. When you call ask how well established they are and how many people they reach. Target the wealthier areas.
Make sure you have your references ready and it can't hurt to have pictures of your work. People love proof!!
Try not to break the bank with those ads. Also last, type something up and print it out and pin to bulletin boards at like coffee shops and athletic clubs. Get some free business cards made at www.vistaprint.com
Best of Luck to you!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Make your business look like a million dollars for pennies or free. You've got to read "$500 Startup: A step by step guide to starting a business with $500 or less.

It's got the best tips from cheap websites to phone lines to business cards and how to look really expensive yet buy it on sale. Go to the book's website: www.500DollarStartup.com

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answers from Los Angeles on

M., I know it can get tough. I was a single mother supporting 2 children for years and was only able to make it because of my success in Real Estate. Now I have something for you and no Real Estate license is needed.
We are looking for motivated individuals to join our sales team in Torrance, CA.
We are an educational company in the real estate industry.
Excellent communication, Networking and interpersonal skills are essential, as well as strong business development and account management skills.
This position requires a concentrration of on telephone and in prson correspondence, including stron follow up and closing strategies.
Candidates must be passionate about helping people and possess a sincere drive for financial success and independence.
Fax us a resume to: ###-###-#### or call :###-###-#### for a phone interview.
Compensation : $16K per month
This is a part time job.

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