I Am New to Couponing and I'm So Confused. Pelase Help Me to Find Best Coupons.

Updated on March 30, 2014
A.A. asks from Miami, FL
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I am learning about couponing and just realized the value of coupons and savings. All of my friends use coupon codes online and in store coupons every time they shop. I always ask them if they have any coupon to share with me and sometimes I got nothing. I know some coupon sites there which offer good coupons and deals but don't know the best source. Can you please suggest me some good coupon sites to start with so I can easily find coupons for local stores like JCPenney, Target, Babies R Us, Walmart, Macy's and many others. I have 2 kids and I think by using online coupons I can save a lot of money on every day and seasonal shopping.

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answers from Fort Myers on

Hey A., there are plenty of sites there which are dealing in coupons, codes and daily deals. You need to experience some of these sites and see which suits you best and satisfy your couponing needs. I like to visit www.couponpark.com for online coupons and www.coupons.com for printable grocery coupons. I easily find my desired promo codes and coupons on these sites. There are some other too like www.retailmenot.com and DealsPlus that you can use to get best deals and coupons. You can even subscribe to your favorite local store's coupons alert such as JCPenney coupons alert, or Target coupons on CouponPark or RetailMeNot and get email alerts easily. Thanks

Happy Savings!

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answers from Washington DC on

ETA: awww man!!! Two new people in one day...one asking the question - another answering with a link...darn it!!! this is more like a sneaky business advertisement!!!


Welcome to mamapedia!!

Couponing can be fun and save you a lot of money...be careful that the time you spend is worth it. You can see this as a job. And if you aren't making enough money for your time (and expenses - paper, printer ink, searching time, etc.) you are losing.

Know before you go. Know what you want and what you need. Make sure your NEEDS are taken care of first...have a list of items and stick with the list...do NOT give in to impulse buys...that's where you lose money.

Use your time wisely when searching for coupons. Remember..there are people that spend HOURS doing this and think they are saving go-gobs of money but forget the time they have invested in it...

For clothing and the like? I can't help you there. Groupon and LivingSocial are what I use for things like that.

For food?

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answers from Philadelphia on

Ooohhhh. Tricky:)!!

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answers from Cleveland on

Couponmom.com and target has a cartwheel app


answers from Dallas on

I am not sure if this question is for real with all the links posted. You know not to click on any links I hope... or risk your computer from getting full of a virus or malware.

As far as couponing, I do not. Think of it as Time = $$

My time is worth more than wear and tear on my car to drive from place to place to get a deal. You may save money but in the long run, look at all the time you have involved plus wear and tear on your car when you could have been more productive in saving money elsewhere as well.



answers from New York on

A. -

You might want to try using a site like money saving mom, or living rich with coupons. Each has links to so called store match ups. Someone else has done the legwork for you, highlighting what coupons work best with this week's sale circular, and where to get the coupons.

another thing you can do is use e-bates to begin your shopping. it sometimes offers a strong % cash back at the stores you mention, and pays you on a quarterly basis. feel free to use my referral for e-bates, if you decide to go that route. http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=a04n5N%2Bf1Ura9Xmp...

F. B.

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