I Am Looking for Free Tutoring for My 14 Year Old

Updated on March 23, 2009
B.P. asks from Jacksonville, FL
19 answers

Dear MOMS,
My son is failing pre algebra. I have looked into sylvan and couldnt belive the price.
They want to help children but the less fortunate get left behind it seems.
If anyone knows of any I would love some information. The Middle school he is in is limited there is none or very little help.

Thank you,

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answers from Boca Raton on

A few suggestions: You might try offering to barter house cleaning for tutoring. I tutor some wonderful college students who do the chores I don't have time to do (or want to ). Also, there are some wonderful internet tutorials online for free! Just google pre algebra tutorials. There is also a software program, Algebrator, on sale for $39.00if you order today. Hopw this helps!



answers from Jacksonville on

My 12yr old son announced to me just last night that he has been recommended to receive tutoring from another student in language arts (7th grade). He was confused as to why they felt he needed it due to the fact that his grades are pretty good. I explained to him that he is still low on his FCAT scores and that was probably why. I expressed I felt it was an awesome idea, as sometimes a peer can spread more light on a subject than an adult. He said the boy tutoring was really cool. Perhaps you could ask the teacher if there is anyone they could recommend that would be willing to help out. I think its a wonderful program. You always have that one student who finishes everything early and needs a challenge. Best of Luck! di

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answers from Melbourne on

Many of the county recreation centers offer homework helpers at no cost. High school students can earn volunteer credit when helping younger students. Boys your sons age will often work much better with older teens and young adults than with a parent or sibling trying to help. Ask teachers, parents of older kids, etc. if they know college or high school students who do well at math and are interested in earning extra money tutoring your son. You could negotiate a price far less than the businesses. A nuetral site is better for concentration than home. This could be hard however as most libraries don't allow business transactions on site.
I had the same situation and asked his teacher for suggestions. A notice was posted in the office and a student teacher responded. Two times a week after school was all we could afford but it made a huge difference. A little one on one is often all it takes. Maybe ask at your or a local church, synagogue, senior citizen group for ideas. In these economic times we all have to get creative! Oh, Good Luck!



answers from Jacksonville on

B., I'm a former teacher in the Duval County school system. There should be help at your son's school. Have you tried asking the guidance counselor?

If not, the Boys and Girls Club is another place to try. I used to volunteer at the one in Neptune Beach. I am able to tutor English, History, Geography, and Biology; but math is not my strong suit.

Try churches, also, as the others suggested. Don't worry about not being a member of the church. Just call and ask if they have tutoring and if it is open to the community. I've found that many churches want to help the community at large, not jus the church community.

The Florida Virtual School suggestion is good too.



answers from Miami on

check with the public library....I know they offer tutoring/homework help of some type because my daughter volunteers there.



answers from Panama City on

What city do you live in? I am a retired teached who tutors. However, I live in Panama City FL, and am not sure where you are.Please send me your location.
E. [email protected]____.com



answers from Jacksonville on

Hi B.!
I feel for you. I'm wondering if you could possible ask his teacher to work with him during a study hall period or maybe after school one or two days a week. I was a 2nd grade teacher and I was always happy to make myself available to those who needed extra help. His teacher may have a lot on his/her plate though and not have enough time to spare. If that is the case, why don't you have him try to find someone in his class that could help out. Often, a child will have a much easier time understanding material when it is presented by a peer who has a strong grasp of it. If he has a friend who is excelling in the class, that would be perfect. You may want to also look into finding someone in a higher grade that can help him out. A high school student may do the tutoring for free, to be nice or to fulfill community service hours, or they may ask for a small fee. Hopefully you'll be able to find someone soon to start working with your son. Are you in the southside of Jax? I can look into finding a former colleague near the area who may be able to help. I'm not sure if she's still in that area, but I'll find out. Good luck with everything though and let me know if I can help in anyway!



answers from Orlando on

Hi B.,

I am also a mother of a 14 year old. I am fortunate to have a son thats a math wiz, however, I do know that his geometry teacher at high school & also during middle school, have after school tutoring, programs, either by the teacher themselves or by other students. I would advise you to talk/email the teacher, go to the high school & let them know that you want to help him & they will let you know of programs available. Hope this helps!

W. K



answers from Miami on

great responses!
Library, local colleges, universities and even the local high schools!

one more: local churches- they oftentimes help their middle & highschool congregants earn required community service hours and you might inquire to the Youth Director if there is anyone they know who would like to earn some community service hours coordinated via the church...



answers from Jacksonville on

We had the same scenario when my son was in middle school. I signed him to retake Algebra 1 on-line at Florida Virtual School (FLVS.net). It's free for all Florida students. There are many reasons why students can take or re-take courses, it explains it all on the website. He learned so much more and better, easier ways to do the Algebra, and it has really helped him in 9th grade Geometry. He improved his grade tremendously, but more importantly, he learned how to do the problems he had struggled with the previous year. Another resource - tutors on-line at the Jacksonville Library (coj.net) website. They are wonderful! Check that out too for their hours, it's all free. Best of luck to you!



answers from Pensacola on

Hi B.,
Have you checked with the colleges in your area? I know the one here has some students that do it for free. Hope you find someone!
J. T.



answers from Miami on

Hi, B.. I don't know where you live, but lots of Methodist churches have afterschool programs where kids can get free help with their homework. If you can't find a program that way, try South Florida Urban Ministries. I don't have their number handy, but you can look them up on the internet. They are the ones who provide the program in churches and other community outreach.

You can also get free tutoring through many schools in Florida. Ask them in the school office.

Some school districts have tutors online. Again, ask in the school office if your school district has something like that.

Good luck to you and your son.




answers from Gainesville on

hi there--my sister is a middle school teacher and tutors as well--she lives in Clearwater,FL--where are you? Maybe you can do a trade instead of payment since you clean homes-work out some kind of hourly trade-off. Her email is [email protected]____.com and her name is Dede if you are interested. Good Luck!



answers from Gainesville on

When I was fourteen, my mom found a math teacher and hired her to come to our home once a week for a lesson. Perhaps you could work a trade (e.g. once a month house cleaning in exchange for weekly lessons).

Good Luck!
L. D.
mom of three


answers from Ocala on

Hi, B.!

Try calling the local H.S. and/or college in your area for kidz who want to do tutoring, I used the girl down the road from me, paid her $10 per hour for two to three days a week depending on my need, it was great and helped!

Good Luck!




answers from Miami on

hi there :) I took my daycare kids to a storyhour at the library on davie & riverland and noticed a flier about free afterschool tutoring. I'd assume if they offer it, all of the Broward libraries do. Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

Your teacher is a free tutor. That is their job (I know I am one, a teacher that is!) If your child is behind, it is the responsibility of the teacher to help. That is what we do. We TEACH children. Get involved and get your teacher's help.



answers from Daytona Beach on

Many High school students are required to perform a certain amt. of communtiy service hours for their programs. IB programs require @ 250, and Bright Futures require 70. Go to the High School. All you will have to do is sign their communtiy service forms (and maybe have soda in the house!)

Good Luck!



answers from Jacksonville on

Ask your teacher to ask other teachers in the school for tutoring. They are always looking for a 'side job'. Also ask other parents, you'll be surprised that they'll also know of a good high school student, or neighborhood parent who's retired....it's all from word of mouth. Good luck! E.

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