I Am Looking for 10 Year Anniversary Gift for My Husband!

Updated on May 02, 2008
M.K. asks from Woburn, MA
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This may seem silly but I always get the dead wrong gift for my husband and we are coming up on our ten year wedding anniversary so I am reaching out looking for a meaningful, not too expensive (under $500), gift that I could give him to show how much the past ten years has meant to me! Any ideas, I'll take em!!

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I say definately get away! It will be great for both of you! We just celebrated our 10 year this past Oct. 07. We went to the Dominican Republic for 4 nights and it was about $2000...however we used our last year yax money to go. But there are so many places to go right here in New England for less than $500. We have 4 kids so we try to plan a weekend away every fall, right around our anniversary. Some ideas...The Bethel Inn in Bethel Maine, there is golfing for him and massages for you:) We also went to Lake George, NY. Lake George is beautiful! I agree Meridith Nh is very nice...The list could go on. What about Ogoquit, Maine...The Cliff Walk or Newport RI. Ok...Like I said I could go on and on...I hope you find something for him, whatever you do he will love it!

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Hi M.
I have an idea that seems to be getting more popular. I work at the Cascade spa in Meredith, NH. I have found that many couples have been treating themselves for the day for anniversaries. We have many services that you can choose from, including couples massages. You can spend $500.00 or less. You can check out our website at www.millfalls.com
click on spa and you can see what we have to offer. The spa is located in a beautiful Inn, so if you are an hour or so away, it's the perfect place to go for a night. Good luck and happy anniversary.

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I definitely agree with the others, going away for a weekend or even one night, would probably be nice. I'm sure you both need the break. I also think, if you have enough pictures, I would do a Shutterfly photobook of the past 10 years of your relationship. I'm planning on doing one for my husband based on all the amazing times we've had together. First photo of our wedding, of course. Then I'm going to write beautiful messages through out the book based on why I love him so much. (For example - on the page devoted to my son, I will say "I love the way you become a child again when you play with him"). I think my husband would love that. If you do the getaway, it would be nice to have the book already on the bed waiting for him when you arrived.

If going away is not an option, how about just making the entire day special? I did this for my husband's birthday. I found a bunch of things that he would like and throughout the day, they were mysteriously delivered to him. For example, I had "planted" gifts - one in his truck, one at his work, one at the sitter's house, etc. This took a bit of planning, but I had hidden a gift in the kid's diaper bags, and had the sitter grab it out of there to give it to him. She said "Oh, by the way, someone left this for you". The same happened at work (got someone he worked for to leave it on his desk), etc. Throughout the day he got these "love notes" and he called me after every one of them expressing how happy it made him. He thought it was great that I had spent so much time finding all these gifts and setting them up so that he got little surprises through out the day. The day of course ended with one last love-note that was left on the bed at the end of the night (if you get my drift) :)

Hope these ideas help.

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