I Am 33 Weeks Pregnant with Light Menstural Cramps

Updated on May 30, 2011
P.L. asks from Helper, UT
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i am 33 weeks pregnant with light menstural cramps on my upper stomach.. Could this be mini contractions?? i am worried

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answers from Boise on

I agree with drink a ton of water, dehydration can cause contractions and sit and rest. if they don't go away call the doctor.....but I bet they'll go away. Good luck.

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answers from Lake Charles on

well as you're probably aware it's not menstrual cramps you're having :) call the doctor, it could just be braxton hicks.

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answers from Chicago on

I would guess Braxton Hicks, but call the doctor to be sure. There should be a doctor on call, so don't hesitate to call right away.

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answers from Great Falls on

i agree, its probably just braxton hicks contractions. but i would give dr a call just in case its the real deal! either way good luck!

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answers from Kansas City on

Lay down on left side. Drink a ton of water. Your urine should be close to clear in color. Count how many contractions in one hour, how long they last, how frequent. See if water and rest helps diminish number and frequency. If stays the same, call Dr. Go in and get checked. I have had the same thing since about 26 weeks. I'm 30 right now. Went to hospital and they checked me on monitor. I was having some contractions. Said plenty of water and rest if u start having them. Dr. Said better safe than sorry to come in ! Good luck.

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answers from Dover on

Call your doctor. Could be braxton hicks, could be early labor, could be nothing. Let your doctor give you his opinion. That is what he is trained for and what you pay him for.

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answers from Hartford on

That's not "menstrual cramps." :-) Those are Braxton Hicks contractions. They're practice for the real thing. If they come at regular intervals and get to be five minutes or less apart, and painful then call your doctor. And by painful, I mean that changing position doesn't affect them. You can't talk through them. Drinking water and rehydrating yourself doesn't diminish them. Your belly in its entirety gets hard as a rock and doesn't release (that would be dehydration).

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answers from Lincoln on

call and see what your dr wants you to do. It never hurts to err on the side of caution. Your dr knows your history.

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answers from Springfield on

It's funny you are posting this question because I'm 30 weeks and I had menstural cramp like feelings last night and figured they were braxton hicks. I just laid down and they went away after a while. However, if they had gotten worse as in more painful and more frequent I would have called my doctor. I kind of freaked out a little at first, but they didn't get any worse and like I said they went away after 45 minutes or so.

If you are that worried then call your doctor, if not then wait a little while and see what happens! :)

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answers from Ocala on

Call or go in to be checked.
You don't want to risk the baby or yourself.

You are in my prayers.



answers from Salt Lake City on

It sounds a lot like what I've been experiencing off and on. Light cramping on only an isolated area, right? I'm pretty sure that they are Braxton-Hicks. This is my 4th pregnancy and the first time I can remember every having BH contractions. They go away if I rest or change my position or activity, and there is not pattern to them (except they tend to come more when I'm doing a lot of physical activity, like walking home or something). I'm 22 weeks, but I've heard that BH can start pretty early.

If you're concerned, definitely call the Dr and describe the cramps. But don't stress yourself out over them :)



answers from Denver on

I would say its normal. I had tons of these the last part of my pregnancies, as well as lots of bigger ones the last few weeks. I had all very short labors, though, so maybe you'll be lucky too.



answers from Redding on

Always call your doctor if you are really worried.
That said, menstrual cramps in your upper stomach could be about a hundred things, including indigestion.
You could be having Braxton-Hicks contractions and they are hard to describe. I thought it felt more like a grabbing thing and my belly got really hard. Then, it went away.
For me, my mentstrual cramps didn't feel anything like that. They hurt low, in my lower back and my legs. Really BAD.
I was a day past my due date and thought it so odd that I felt like I was going to start my period. Bad pain in my back and legs.
Then, my water broke.
How things "feel" is so different for everyone. Your body is probably just practicing for the real thing, but you really should let your doctor know what is going on so he or she can advise you.

I wish you the very best, and please let us know when the baby arrives!



answers from New York on

I would say those are mild contractions. With my first I was induced and hooked up to a monitor, I remember the nurse asking me about my contractions, and I answered do you mean the "cramps".

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