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Updated on January 21, 2009
D.B. asks from Frisco, TX
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I am 33 and experiencing the majority of the symptons of hypothyroidism and honestly feel like that is my problem, but my OB and family doctor say no b/c my thyroid test keeps falling in the "normal range." I just can't help but feel they are missing something and not everyone falls into that exact "normal range." Has anyone gone thru this? Can you recommend an endochronolgist in the North Dallas/Plano/Frisco area? My symptons have been for almost 3 years now. The doctors just want to prescribe anti-depressants but I really don't feel depressed. Any advice and/or help appreciated.

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An endo likely won't help - they'll just look at your TSH and also say it's normal. Endos are trained to look for and treat end stage diseases like Cushing's, Addison's, Thyroid cancer, diabetes, etc. They will rarely treat someone that is borderline hypo even when their symptoms SCREAM hypo.

You really need a good GP that has the sense to understand that TSH is a pituitary hormone, which tells your thyroid to produce thyroid hormone. The theory that a normal TSH means you have normal levels of thyroid hormone is flawed, in particular if you have autoimmune thyroid disease. A conscientious and knowledgable doctor (quite rare actually) will test your Free T3, Free T4 and antibodies: TPO and anti-thyroglobulin antibodies. If you have either of those antibodies, the TSH is totally meaningless. Also, they can do a sonogram of your thyroid and if you have nodules, that also means you have autoimmune thyroid disease and will still benefit from replacement thyroid hormone even if you have normal labs.

I am hypo as are my two sons. My oldest son had perfect labs, my younger son had perfect labs, but he had antibodies. Both sons have lots of nodules visible on a sonogram, so my doctor is treating them so that their TSH nears 1 and their Free T3 and Free T4 are in the midrange. Research shows that by getting the TSH near 1, the nodules can go away (and thus avoid cancer later).

There is a Texas Yahoo Thyroid group (with lots of DFW area members) that is a wealth of info and can provide good info on DFW area docs that will treat your symptoms and not your lab values:

You are so right to not start down the path with the anti-depressants. The long term health impact of untreated hypothyroidism is significant and the impact on quality of life is unacceptable. So, please do keep searching for a doctor that will work with you.

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Diane-I had symptoms for 2 years including hair loss, fatigue, and weight gain but could never figure out what was wrong because my tests were all within normal limits as well. One day while at work, I'm a nurse, an endocrinologist came to check on a patient. He looked at my neck and asked if I had a goiter. I never realized the huge lump on my neck until he pointed it out. I went to see an endocrinologist and it turned out that I had a cold nodule on one side of my thyroid. The other side of my thyroid was in overdrive trying to keep my thyroid levels normal. I was put on synthroid and since then the lump has gone down and some of my symptoms have gone away.
I see Dr. Richard Sachson in Dallas on 75 and Walnut Hill. He is amazing! I live in McKinney but drive down there to see him, he's worth it.

Good luck and listen to your body. You know your body better than anyone!! (and this is coming from a nurse)

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Your first response from Gigi is also the group that I would refer you to. Endocrinologists also look at other problems. I see Dr. Dorfman there & I love him. It is a research group & they do a lot of tests there. Their number is ###-###-####.

Best of luck:)

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I recommend Dr. Gonino in Rowlett, the Fibro and Fatigue Center in Dallas, and Dr. Margaret Christensen in Dallas. My low thyroid was never "caught" by regular doctors, but I have seen all three of these I've recommended and have gotten lots of help. It has been a process...I started with Gonino, then FFC, and now Christensen. They have all helped, but it's important to also find the right match for you.

Best wishes. Google these names to find their websites and begin sorting through where to begin. Any of the 3 will give you a good start; I personally think and hope Dr. Christensen will be the best.

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When my doc put me on synthroid she told me it was controversial because I was somewhat borderline in my bloodwork, but because my mother and both sisters were hypo-T she thought it was worth a try to see if I became more energetic. Not only did it do the trick but as I got older my tests were no longer "borderline." Possible that is what is going on here so I agree, seeing a specialist is a good idea.

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Hello D.,

I've been going through the same. Have they checked your vitamin D levles? mine were at 30 and at 27 at one point ("normal" is between 32-100) after taking a weekly dose of 50,000 units I have improve immensely. I also know that when I don't watch my diet it also affects me. Have you been tested for allergies? gluten intolerance? Have you been to a chiropractor? I highly recommend:

Dr. Brian Hooten ###-###-####
Hooten Family Chiropractic
16970 Dallas Parkway #201
Dallas TX 75248

Good luck! ~C.~


answers from Dallas on

My MIL has had the same problem for years. She is 1 point off from being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, so the doctors says its normal, and won't do anything about it. I don't think she's found a dr. yet that will help her out. Ihope you have better luck!!



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Hi D.,

Wish I had some help, but just wanted to say I'm dealing with the same exact issue. I've been to OB, Endo, and my GP and keep getting the same answer...with offer of anti-depressants as well. My GP even put me on South Beach/Atkins to move some weight fast; I gained 2 pounds. I'm in the gym 6 days a week and eat so healthy. It is very frustrating to know something is wrong with your body and not find a doctor with any answers. Please post again if you find someone that will listen/help!!! Thanks.

Good Luck,



answers from Dallas on

I have a fabulous & highly recommended doctor who listens at the corner of 635 and MacArthur.. Let me know if you are interested

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