Hypoallergenic Sunblock

Updated on November 07, 2012
M.M. asks from San Pablo, CA
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My son and I go out on a stroll every day that is sunny, so we purchased the Aveeno sunblock lotion for babies, and it made him have a reaction to it. His skin got red and bumpy. Does anybody know of a hypoallergenic sunblocker for my boy that has sensitive skin?

Thank you

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answers from San Francisco on

California Baby has a fragrance free, hyp-oallergenic sunblock, that is really nice, I found it at Target, also any health food store body care section should have some good choices too



answers from Fresno on

You might Nutragena. My kids are pretty sensitive to things and this works for us. Hope you find something that works!

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answers from Modesto on

Hi M..
That's great that you get outside whenever you can with your baby. I try and do the same and I too have struggled with what topical sunbloks to use. I don't typically promote my products on here (as I love mamapedia more for help with my five kids!) but your post compelled me to tell you about my company, UV Skinz. We sell UV protective swimshirts and clothing. I suggest that instead of slathering on a bunch of topical sunscreen, you can use a swim shirt and hat for your walks. There's many brands out there so I'm not particularly saying mine, but I can speak for my fabrics and tell you that even though they are called 'swim shirts' and are awesome for the water, they are so light weight and breathable that they also work well for regular play (or walks). I started UV Skinz after I lost my 32-year-old husband to skin cancer so I understand all too well the need for proper sun protection.

Good luck with your search. (and if there is an interest, I know we have a coupon code floating around out there for 10% off your entire order... MOMMAG10... I think it's good until the end of the month.)

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answers from Denver on

Hi M. - my son has the same problem. Even ones labled hypoallergenic and sensitive skin give him a reaction. Unfortunately it's going to be a little bit of trial and error. First step is to avoid any of them that use a chemical sunblock. We've been using Burts Bees sunblock on his face and it seems to work fine. Check the ingredients if your son has allergies. My doctor recommended Vanicream sunblock and others have recommend California Baby (might be approximate name) but it was expensive and I could only find it on the internet.



answers from Missoula on

Chemical sunblocks are typically what causes reactions. Try to find products that are titanium dioxide or zinc oxide based. They are great for sensitive skin. I really like the physical block by Skin Ceuticals, www.skinceuticals.com, I think.



answers from Sacramento on

I love the ecolani sun block! We are a household that is very picky about what goes in and on our bodies. This product has been great for us. (I copied the description of the sunblock from the their website...


Ecolani Skin & Sun Care
Our products are a revolution in the industry! Developed from chemical-free oils, lotions, and plant based fragrances, EcoLani's formulations provide the most exotic, safe, and effective hypo-allergenic skin care line available. Only the finest natural and organic ingredients are used in our formulations!

Our Products Are:

100% chemical-free
Contain organic Ingredients
Paraben Free
Have 100% chemical-free, plant-based fragrances
Cruelty-free — No animal products or testing
Certified Organic Ingredients Include: Walnut oil, rose hops oil, squalane, green tea extract, evening primrose oil.

Our Sunblocks Are: Safe for pregnant women and children. coral reef safe, nanoparticle free, and water resistant.



answers from El Paso on

The best sunblock on the market that won't make you itch and protects the best is Coppertone 50 spf sensative skin. It is fragrance free won't sting eyes or skin. You can find it at Target, Walgreens Drug store or WalMart. There is also a 30 SPF that I use because I am sensitive to sunlight. It is Coppertone Oil Free Faces 30 SPF and can be purchased at the stores mentioned or any drug store. I hope this helps you "Be Well and Stay Healthy".



answers from San Diego on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kinesys. It is a spray that has no alcohol, no odor and goes on so well! Here is the allergy info: No parabens, preservatives, nanoparticles, nuts, nut oil, gluten, dairy, egg, soy, sulphites or colourants have been added to these products.


It is so much cleaner than any of the ones you will find in the drug stores.

We buy it at a local health food store and the price is reasonable...it also goes a LOOOOONG way.

I'd also like to add.....and this goes against a lot of recommendations. Vitamin D deficiency is common these days because we use so much sunscreen. Depending on where you are, the time of day, and exposure that your son is getting, you might consider not putting sunscreen on him for his walk. 10 minutes of sun a day is what is needed for the body to produce enough vitamin D.

We live in SoCal and unless there is prolonged sun exposure or we will be at the beach, etc, my kiddos don't get sunscreen. The chemicals in all sunscreens have to go somewhere and I try to balance sun damage against their little bodies processing chemicals. Thus far, no skin damage (ie farmer tans, etc) or sunburns yet!

good luck.



answers from San Francisco on

Go to the health food store and buy with out parabens or petroleum. These are going to have less ingredients and be less irritating. Won't last all day though.

I like Alba.

Good luck to you!



answers from Los Angeles on

neutrogena makes an amazing hypoallergenic line...it isn't for babies but it should be safe for him



answers from San Francisco on

He may be allergic to the chemicals in the sunscreen. I would try something a little more natural like Badger and California Baby. You can find them at Wholefoods or Target (most likely only CA Baby). Check out the Environmental Working Group's database called Skin Deep to find ratings on the chemicals used for skin care. Good luck!



answers from San Francisco on

Arbonne has a wonderful sunscreen for children (although I have adult friends that use it as well) and it is part of the baby line. It has a SPF of 30 and it lasts a long time. Arbonne does not use parabans, phthlates, chemical dyes/fragrances, animal products/by-products, mineral oil and their products are certified Vegan. You can only get their products through Arbonne Independent Consultants. Go to www.arbonne.com to find one close to you. Good luck in finding something that works for your little boy.

C. B Palmer



answers from Honolulu on

they have a baby one.
Its in stick form.

I use that for my kids.



answers from San Francisco on

When my daughter was younger, she had a similar reaction to the baby sunblock I put on her (Baby Blanket Sunblock lotion). After doing some research, I decided to pay a bit more and buy Blue Lizard sunscreen. She has no reaction to this brand and her baby brother so far has been doing fine on it too. An additional perk, the bottle turns blue when UVA rays are present, so you know that you definitely need to apply.



answers from San Francisco on

My daughter has sensitive skin and had a reaction to Aveeno too. We now use Water Babies Sensitive skin and I make sure I wipe her down with a wet washcloth when we come back inside to keep her skin from getting irritated. It's been working great! :) Good luck!



answers from San Francisco on

have you tried California Baby products? www.californiababy.com



answers from Redding on

We use Badger sunscreen-- supposedly it is so pure you could eat it. And it has a wonderful smell and feel. It works very well-- nothing close to a sunburn ever.

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