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Updated on April 22, 2011
N.W. asks from Bend, OR
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My tests show I'm hyperthyroid and my doctor thinks it may be Graves disease. If so, I'll need surgery or radioactive iodine to treat it. If you've had this, which did you choose and why? How long did it take you to recover, get the meds figured out and feel normal again? Right now, I'm losing weight, losing my hair and getting migraines. Bleh! Do you have any words of wisdom, alternative treatments or advice on getting better? Thanks, mamas!

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So What Happened?

Thank you, mamas, for all the suggestions and encouragement. I'm glad to know the radioactive iodine treatment is fairly easy in case my other options don't work. I just got a coupon for a local acupunturist so I'll try that first. And when I feel better, I'll have to try the yoga, others have been recommending it to me for stress!

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answers from Portland on

yikes! i think i would try other remedies before i considered surgery. (admittedly tho, i am on the other end of the spectrum with hashimoto's disease.) check out the groups on yahoo, where you can get advice from other graves sufferers.

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answers from Eugene on

It's a life long problem. I believe in yoga as a cure for all endocrine problems. I use it for 30 years now for hypothyroid. Some who take classes with me use it for menstration irregularity, adrenal difficulties, even for the pituitary troubles they have.
It works over the whole body, each muscle and every organ with 45 minutes of different poses 5 times a week.
And, you will never be out of shape.

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Go to a good naturopath or good acupuncturist before you do anything too drastic. Thyroids are part of the endocrine system and linked to lots of other hormones and organs in your body. Your doc may *only* be looking at your thyroid without any eye to the other imbalances in your body. Sometimes skilled providers can help bring your whole body into balance without having to do high-intervention things like surgery. Get some second and third opinions...

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My mom just had to do the radioactive iodine on her thyroid as a last resort. She is very natural and researched all her options, but unfortunately there weren't any effective and natural options she could find. She took medication and struggled with her thyroid for over 3 years. On the upside i think she is finally on the mend and feeling better about 2 months post iodine. I hope you do well!

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answers from Redding on

I have graves disease. I control it with medication. it works well. I was lucky though, most people take a long time to get the dosage right. Make sure you go to an endocronologist for treatment. With Hyperthyroidism you can fluctuate between hyper and hypo (as in my case). If you do your meds may need to be changed from time to time and keeping up on your health checks is very important.

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answers from Omaha on

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid/Grave's Disease almost 6 years ago. The surgery wasn't really given as a choice, so I did the radioactive iodine. Easy peasy! All you do is take a little pill and that is it. No side effects other than I did have to take several days off work (I was an elementary school teacher) and being in close proximity to young children could have affected their thyroids. I also had to sleep in separate quarters from my husband (and we were newly weds too!) for about 3 nights because it could have affected him as well. Other than that, I take my synthroid every day. It will fluctuate every now and then, but my doctor checks it about every 6 months and modifies the dosage as needed. I didn't notice losing weight, but I also didn't follow a strict diet either so that is probably why! I have had some hair loss at my temples, but it is slowly growing back in and I didn't have migraines so I can't say if those will subside. They probably will once the meds are regulated. Good luck!

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