Hyperactive Thyroid

Updated on October 24, 2015
T.C. asks from Mundelein, IL
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Has anyone been diagnosed w/ a hyperactive thyroid (hyper, not hypo) shortly after giving birth? I have a 3 1/2 mo. old, and via a bloodtest learned I have a hyperactive (overactive) thyroid. The test was a month ago, and I just took another blood test to re-confirm. I get the results tomorrow. If you have, what treatment, if any did you receive? How did it affect breastfeeding? I have no symptoms. The only treatment my dr. told me about involves "burning" part of the thyroid out via radioactive iodine (or something like that). This would prohibit me from breastfeeding. I will be very sad if I have to stop breastfeeding my baby. Thanks.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your help & stories. It makes me feel better. I had another bloodtest and am still hyperactive, though my level went down a bit. My father-in-law has an endocrinologist friend who I will be speaking w/ tomorrow. I'll see what he says....

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I am so glad you wrote! Your doctor's advice alarms me.
Get a second (and third) opinion if necessary. Our hormones go crazy for awhile after giving birth, just like they change throughout pregnancy. I can't believe that someone gave you that advice, especially at 2 months post-partum. I have Hashimoto's Disease, which is hypo thyroid. However, after hearing my story of the last 20 years, my OB explained that I most likely went from being hyper to hypo thyroid, and that this is how Hashimoto's Disease usually appears. Also, another doctor in that practice did not want me to take my thyroid medication for a few days after I delivered. Probably to let my system calm down. I highly recommend this doctor and his practice. If you are interested, call Women's Health Consultants at ###-###-####. The particular OB is Dr. Michael Hussey. They also have endocrinologists in their practice. They are affiliated with RUSH. Their office is in the main hospital. (Eisenhower and Ashland) I am confident that you will not need to be "burned." Enjoy this beautiful nursing relationship with your precious baby. Please let me know what happens. Everything will work out fine.



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Hi T. -

I, too, had a hyperactive thyroid after the birth of my first child. After a couple of months, my thyroid went hypoactive and 3 years later remains the same. I did not have my thyroid "burnt" - rather I am on a thyroid hormone and will be on this for the rest of my life. The medication did not affect breastfeeding either of my children. So, I would suggest seeing an endocronologist for a second opinion. My guess is that they will put you on medication (a lighter dosage) while you are breastfeeding. Then the doctors will change the dosage when you are done and you'll feel much better.



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Well, I have no idea about Hyperthyroid, I have a hypothyroid issue. But... ask your doctor if you have to make your decision now. Can't you wait a year? What are the risks? Just ask him and weigh your options.



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I would definitely get a second opinion before I did anything drastic like burning my thyroid. I would also get a second opinion on the breastfeeding thing. Many doctors don't know much about breastfeeding/surgery/analgesia/meds and just say it can't be done to stay on the safe side. I hope you sort it out.



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if you have no symptoms why are they so anxious to DO something...

a second opinion is definately in order.

you have all the time you need to get information before making a decision.

i will be happy to discuss the breastfeeding aspect with you.

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Hi T.,

My sister was diagnoses with Hyperthyroid about 12 years ago, just a bit after her first child was born. Let me know if you don't get any responses and I am sure she would be willing to give you some guidance. She was not breastfeeding at the time because her milk had dried up since her OB put her on a full pill after 6 weeks postpartum. She has been coping with hyperthyroidism for the past 12 years very successfully, and has had 3 other children.

let me know if you would like me to pass your information on to her.


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