Hyper Active 4 Yr Old Boy....

Updated on December 10, 2006
J.P. asks from Fort Mitchell, KY
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My son will be 4 in January. He is a good kid, going thru alot. His dad and I have been separated for over a year with a pending divorce. He has been introduced to each of us 'dating'. But even before all that, I noticed he is a WILD MAN! He can get so focused on something and 'not hear' me; doesn't listen well, and can just be very hyper at different times of the day. Some of it is discipline, some I am not sure. He struggles at school with listening and 'rough housing'. He is my only child, so not sure if most of this is typical or should I be concerned. I don't want to write it off to have bigger issues down the road, but don't want to make a mountain out of a mole hill!

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If you are concerned about your child's behavior and think it could be abnormal, you might want to take him to a behavioral specialist. If your son does have a behavioral problem, there are many options available that do not include medication.




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He mite have ADHD my daughter has it talk to the doctor and have a conners test done on him.



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Hi J., I just read your statement, All I can give you advice about it is better to know now if something is going on than later.. it could just be his way of growing and showing independants and dealing with what is going on in your family, or maybe he has some sort of learning thing going on.. When it comes to your child there is no mountain out of a mole hill.. I thought my child was just delayed and he ended up being autistic.. they say the earlier the intervention the better they learn.. My son was diagnosed at 4 and he went from severe autistic..to moderate.. not all has that success, but I do trust it was the early diagnoses.. and he is not medicated.because it is our norm.



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Hi J.! I have an 11 year old boy and he was the same way when he was younger. Not a "bad" boy just very active and not listening. I even asked the Dr. to check his hearing once because I thought maybe he couldn't hear me! LOL! NOT! His hearing was just fine. IMO I think that's just how some boys are. If he's not getting into any trouble at school I personally wouldn't worry about it. Maybe the separation does have something to do w/it. I don't know how extreme his behavior is . Like the other girl said, if you think that's the problem you may want to take him to a professional to talk. My son we also determined had ADD. He just couldn't focus on his work at school. Not hyper (ADHD) just can't focus. If this is a problem you may want to speak w/your guidance councelor. There is a test they can give him and then you would have your dr. look over the results and they may test him too to see if this is an issue. BUT...could just be that he's all boy! :)


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