Updated on February 18, 2007
J.H. asks from Old Hickory, TN
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My daughter is 10 yrs old. Her dad died 3 years ago. Since then I have noticed that her Hygiene has gotton worse. When she goes to the bathroom either #1 or #2 she does not clean herself. Any suggestions. Thank you in advance.

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answers from Nashville on

what I do for my kids... I make it a game. I buy them there own stuff so that you can flush and stuff that is fun. I know it sounds funny but it helps out a whole lot. She also maybe scaird to go to the bathroom by herself, so that is why she is not practing good hygiene.May would try staying close by when she needs to use the restroom or even talk to her if it is close to were you are at



answers from Birmingham on

First of all, you have done nothing wrong, don't let anyone make you feel like you are to blame. She is probably just going through a lazy stage and just needs to be gently spoken with about the subject. Scare tactics may work. When I was 5, I got REALLY sick (hospital for a week!) from not cleaning myself correctly, and it was NOT my mom's fault, it was just a bad habit I had gotten into of cleaning the forbidden "wrong direction" that is gross (but I was only 5). Just tell her that it will make her sick and it is a MUST DO- or she will end up in the hospital. And, tell her that it is part of growing up, to learn to take responsibity for keeping her body clean and smelling good. Maybe make it a special day, get a training bra and deoderant, etc. and make it a fun yet serious day at the same time. Make her feel special (as I am sure you do!) and like she is turning into a teen soon, and it's a good thing to keep herself and her privates clean.... maybe that will work, make it a milestone and don't make her feel embarrassed by her bad habits, just stress from this day on NEW "becoming a young woman" routines.



answers from Memphis on

I know she is ten and the following may seem a little babyish but, if your like me I'll try anything once. They have the "Kandoos" at Walmart. They have Kandoo shampoo, soap, etc.. The one I am suggesting is the Kandoo wipe box. It's a little colorful box that contains the wetwipes moms use on babies. But, she may not like the feel of reguar toilet tissue and the wet wipes may make her bottom fell better and clean at the same time. Try placing the near the toilet but, not mentioning what they are for and just see if she tries them on her own. Also, it may not be that simple. She may be experiencing depression, which I recently saw some research that showed nearly all children her age experience no matter the severity of what caused it. But, it said that all children display it in different ways. Keep your head up and remember, "If the Lord brought you to it, He will bring you thru it." I hope it helps. A. O



answers from Chattanooga on


She is old enough for you to have a good talk with her about hygeine. Teach her what she needs to know. It could stem from a lot of things loss of her father, your new relationship, lonliness or laziness. Sit her down and talk first. Make her understand that if she doesn't clean herslef, she is letting herself in for a whole host of medical problems. Infections, rashes, even kidney disease. I have a granddaughter who didn't want to clean herself. Before we knew it, she had a severe kidney infection and now she has to be closely watched so she does clean herself properly. She is only 6! She also cannot take baths she has to take showers so she doesn't sit in any type of dirty water.

Also, keep in mind that any time now or in a few years, she will be starting her period. If she doesn't learn good hygeine and keep up with it now, what will happen when that starts? You are the mother, take charge, you make the rules not your 10 year old. Good luck.


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