Hydrogen Peroxide and Stitches?

Updated on July 22, 2012
C.H. asks from Buffalo, NY
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how do you prepare someone to have a cut cleaned, or to get stitches for the first time? and what would happen if the patient has a fever from a likely infection from the wound?

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So What Happened?

he says he wants to tough it out, refuses to get stitches. So to disinfect it i, wash it with soap and water? that's it?
are their any ways to contain/fix the infection/fever from home?
and if it gets worse and he continues to refuse, should i just call 911 for an ambulance?

so he finally agreed to have a doctor look at it, not treat it, just look at it. The doctor took one look, and said that they were going to have to cut off the dead skin, and clean it up again, and then stitch it up. He tried to walk out on the doctor, but almost collapsed. So there ya go, they took care of it, and put him on IV antibiotics for the next three days while he has to stay in the hospital.

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answers from Dallas on

If he has a fever from the cut, then the infection is already pretty bad and you better go get some serious hospital-administered IV antibiotics ASAP. GO the the ER now.

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answers from Dallas on

If the wound is to the point of infection with fever, this is very serious. It could result in things as serious as losing a limb or even death This isn't about toughing it out; it's about healing and saving quality of life. The situation that you are describing is very serious because of the infection. Do whatever you need to do to get his bootie to an emergency medical clinic or the er.

My dad had a minor hand surgery that became infected under the bandage. He was walking the floor in pain and popping the pain pills but didn't want to seem like a wimp by having it checked. After another 18-20 hours, my mom called the dr and insisted on an appointment. The dr took one look, told him they'd try to save the finger, and wheeled him over to the hospital for hours of iv antibiotics. The dead skin had to be scraped off, and the wound had to be flushed. That was just day #1. He wasn't kept in the hospital because it was 2 days before Christmas. The dr let him go home as long as he went to the hospital twice a day for the next week to remove dead skin, flush the wound and change dressings. He was also on huge amounts of antibiotics, and saving his finger was very much up in the air. One the wound started to close, he had to have physical therapy. His finger never looked normal again...the infection kind of ate away his top finger joint, so it was sort of lke not having any joint in the finger until the middle. The skin looked odd, as did the nail. However, they were able to save his finger. Had my mom listened to him about toughing it out and waited another 24 hours, my dad would've lost his finger (at the least) and possibly his life.

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answers from Cumberland on

The attending doctor at the ER will irrigate the wound-they will numb it first-so it won't hurt-the injured person may need a tetanus shot-if you feel they already have a fever from the wound-get there now.

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answers from Dallas on

I have been told by nurses not to use hydrogen peroxide.

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answers from Missoula on

I wouldn't prepare them at all... The doctor giving the stitches will do whatever needs done. Make sure you tell the doc about the fever, and he will address that as well...

Also, don't use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean cuts... It actually inhibits the wound from healing. Soap and water, along with Triple Antibiotic or Neosporin will do the trick just fine for wounds you are able to treat at home... :)


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answers from St. Louis on

If you have an infection from a cut bad enough to cause a fever you would be put on oral or IV antibiotics immediately! Of course by that point you would have one nasty oozing wound.

Otherwise they irrigate the wound, numb it and give you stitches. If a wound is more than 24 hours old they will no longer do stitches by the way.

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answers from Amarillo on

He's beyond the stay at home and tough it out time frame. Get him in the car for a casual drive and go to the hospital. This is not something to play around with. I had a spot on the bottom of my foot once that I picked the thick skin on. A few weeks of me doing this caused me to feel bad and not want to eat and pain in the leg. That was okay until I saw the red streak on my leg. I went to the hospital for antibiotics and to come home and spent four days in hospital in a private room. So go take care of him before it IS too late.

The other S.

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answers from Norfolk on

Drag his behind off to an ER and get it dealt with.



answers from Honolulu on

The Doctor will know what to do.
And there are topical numbing creams, that can be applied first.


answers from Hartford on

Is this a child you're talking about? Get his fanny in the car, don't give him a choice, and get him to the emergency room. No arguments. No bribery. No choice. No "toughing it out." The infection could go septic.

If this is an adult, like your husband? He's acting like a child. Use whatever you have at your disposal to get him to the ER.



answers from Detroit on

I take it this is an adult???

If the person has a fever.. they have an infection. a serious infection. Could be the kind of infection that put those tow ladies in teh hospital.. Necrotizing fasciitis.. "flesh eating bacteria"

Do not wait on this.. a small wound can be cleaned with peroxide, soap water alcohol... but if it starts to get red and pussy oozy.. you need a dr. fast.. those types of infections spread fast.

As a general rule for my kids.. I try to treat them at home for any illness or injury for 24-48 hours.. if they are getting better -- fine.. if they are getting worse or staying the same.. off to the dr they go.

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