Husband's Pant Cuffs Keep Fraying

Updated on May 01, 2008
W.C. asks from Georgetown, KY
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My husband works in a fairly casual environment thus wears either jeans or khakis to work every day. The issue is that it seems no matter what brand of pant we purchase, within a year they all fray around the bottom crease. And here's the weird part: the fraying is in the front, not back, of the pant leg. They are uncuffed, but properly fit as we always have things fit appropriately according to a store clerk prior to purchase. We do buy off the rack and usually on sale, tho I wouldn't think that would make a difference given the consistency of the problem. These pants are washed and dried once weekly or biweekly. We use Tide Free and Allens Naturally. I'm almost to the point of frustration where I'm tempted to walk him into Jos Bk or Brooks Bros and pay $$$ for a pair just to see if they wear any longer! Any suggestions or helpful advice? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone! Lena, you actually did help - knowing that no matter what we pay they'll still wear the same. I'm just unusual I guess. I've had the same jeans for ten years and my khakis have tended to last five or six so I suppose I've just had really good luck - well that and the fact that I haven't grown since I was 12...LOL! Thanks everyone for your help! I am going to try and see if a local seamstress can take the bottom up from the fray up just about 1/2 inch so the cuff will look new but hopefully the pant wont be too short on his leg....since the ONLY thing wrong with the pants is the fraying at the bottom....I hate to waste good pants. Thanks again everyone!

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answers from Charlotte on

Hi W.,

I agree with the others that a year is pretty good for pants that get worn frequently. My husband's pants get worn in the front from rubbing against his shoelaces. If he's moving there is constant friction, so it makes wear marks. Wal Mart has some nice looking slacks (they look just like Dockers or Savanes). Target has some pretty reasonably priced ones, too.

Good luck!!



answers from Raleigh on

Hi W.,
The fraying is probably caused by his shoelaces. I don't know how he feels about lace-free work shoes or slide ons/loafers, but that might help. Having said that, I have had great success with St. Johns Bay brand from JCPenney. If you watch for them, they go on sale quite often. Also, they are a little more pricey, but Dockers are worth the money you pay. They last a long time and are of better quality. Again, I get them from Penney's when they are on sale or if I have a coupon. I can get about one year max out of his work pants, and less for the ones that he wears often.



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A year is a pretty good shelf life for pants :), but i would go to TJ MAXX, Ross, and Marshall's they carry name brands at a fraction of the department store price. My hubby is a manager at a bank and wears and tears his pants too. We buy slacks for about $15.00 a pair at the store's I listed above, so a year is not that big of a deal to us. That's all I got, good luck :)



answers from Lexington on

you're doing pretty good if your hubby can make a whole year before his pants fall apart...mine rips the backets of his with in 6 months sometimes. we have found nice work slacks for him at wal-mart, gordman's, marshalls, and sometimes even the dollar general and goodwill if $ is tight. you jsut gotta be pacient and willing to hunt around for the bargains.



answers from Raleigh on

W., my husband buys top of the line suit pants and they still fray within a year, his do fray in the back though.His pants always get taylored to fit, so it's not like they drag on the ground....have no idea why it is ..I know I am not helping:)

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