Husband's Birthday--how to Make This Special??

Updated on December 21, 2010
A.C. asks from Keller, TX
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My husband is having a birthday in a few days and I don't know what to do! Bought him an awesome but pricy Christmas gift and we're in the process of purchasing a home and all the things that go with that (plus more furniture etc) so money is actually pretty tight. I was thinking we could go out to eat after work but he doesn't seem to care. He will be working that day and may not be home until 7pm. So now I'm thinking there is a special dinner that I could make him that we haven't had in ages, was always kind of a special occasion meal, and his favorite dessert: apple cheesecake. Was thinking I could make that for when he comes in. But is there ANYTHING else I can do to make it special and not just let it pass by unnoticed??? He acts like he doesn't care too much, but he's an awesome husband and dad, and I think he should have a special "something" to show him we care. (Money is tight, but not nonexistent, lol.....time is short, but the boys will be out of preschool this week so we can do something to prepare.....but I'm drawing a blank).

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Yep, thanks all. Tomorrow is his birthday, and we've been out shopping and preparing. Got everything prepared, taking all suggestions into account. We made a pop-up birthday card together for him (very funny) and I will leave that and the latest portrait of the boys framed (he's asked for one; it's a new job and he wanted a picture for his desk), to leave in his car as a surprise tomorrow when he goes to work. The boys and I are going to the mall in the morning to get pictures with Santa and are meeting my husband at work for a lunch date. I'm bringing his favorite birthday cake (a homemade apple cheesecake) along to share with his coworkers (there's only 4), and we'll do lunch. When he goes back to work I'll come home, prep the house with some balloons and a pinata stuffed with his favorite candies, and finish dinner (smothered filet mignon with gorgonzola, garlic red skinned mashed potatoes, marinated green beans, and red wine). I'll feed the boys a little early so that we can have the balloons, pinata, and singing early and then we can have a "grown up dinner" alone......they know if they don't want to go to bed early they can go play in their room quietly and hope we forget them (lol). Once we do put the boys to bed we can have more adult time.

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My hubby's favorite present is pretty much along the lines of Ron's suggestion. Try something a little different from the norm, maybe. Having the kids make something for him (even just coloring a birthday card) is also nice.

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Ok, this response is coming from a husband and IS what you need to do!!! [Speaking from experience and understanding your current situation] Don't worry about spending money on him; he does not care about gifts. Make the man a very nice meal and after the kids go down knock his socks off with incredible risqué sex. Wear something sexy and maybe even a little slutty...and have fun! Yes, this is a typical guy response to your question, but it is what he wants. Good luck!

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Ron is right, all your husband is hoping for is some serious sex this night. I've never met a man who didn't thoroughly enjoy it when his wife channeled her inner slut. (and ladies you're liars or prudes if you say you don't have one). Treat him right and it'll be a happy birthday alright.

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It's hard to match Ron's insight ( I do think men are all the same uder certain points of view), so if you like the "sexy" theme, go with it...I vote for a nice bath together with candles and favourite music. If he's really a good hubby you could top everything off with an oil massage and leave the rest to situation...I'd love to have this for my birthday!!



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you could always wear special underpants. For my husband, it's this pair of stockings I've got that I wear only for special occasions.



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This may sound silly, but we do a pinata for each of our birthdays...the kids love it, but so do the adults. It is amazing how much stress reliever it is to hit a pinata after a long day. Also, don't buy the pinata candy, but fill it with a couple bags of Kisses or Dove chocolates (or if your husband has a favorite candy that comes in miniature form...). You can get pre-made pinatas at Party City or you can make your own with the kids.


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Ditto Ron's idea. And don't forget to have your kids make daddy some Bday cards!!!



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Sneak a note into his lunch that he will take to work.
In his card, list all of the individual things you love about him.
Get some of his favorite snacks to put in his lunch box for that day.
Call him at work to wish him a happy birthday.
Decorate the house when for when he gets home w/streamers and balloons.
Greet him at the door with his favorite alcoholic beverage if he drinks.
Write him a nice loving not to read when he gets home.
Enjoy the night before with a few minutes of just "you and hubby" time to talk or what-have-you before bedtime.
Leave a small present on the counter he can wake up to in the morning (can be anything: lottery tickets, thermos full of his favorite coffee, Starbucks card and a happy birthday sign!)



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sneak out late at night: Tape a balloon and streamers to his car and write something funny on his windows with a paint pen. so when he comes out in the morning he will be surprised.


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I would wake him up with breakfast in bed...pack him a special lunch with a card in it maybe, set out his clothes...take a shower with him in the morning...'help' him get dressed and send him away with a great big kiss and a Happy B-day!

Then make him his favorite dinner and dessert...set the table with some candles...have the kids help make his food/plate or whatever and enjoy your evening!

Nice and mellow and low-key but very thoughtful!

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