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Updated on July 08, 2010
R.M. asks from Evanston, IL
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My husband has his first ever "business trip" coming up and will be gone for 6 days. He has to go out of state. We have never been that far apart or separated for this long and I was just looking for some special "surprises" to put in his suitcase. It doesn't need to be all super sentimental, I would just like things that will make him smile and know we are thinking of him while he is away. I am trying to encourage him to get out and see the town while he is there, maybe grab a drink etc. but he is not really the type to do that. I have already had the kids make individual cards with their pics on them for him to "find"and I bought him a couple of books to read on the plane ride .... any other ideas of what I can do? Any other fun things that others do for their husbands when they go away? Thanks!

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answers from Atlanta on

For a "short" trip like that, I head to the greeting card section of the store and pick out a different card for each day - some funny, some sexy, some romantic. Then I write a short note in each one - a favorite memory, something I'm planning on doing when he comes back, etc. - and label the outside of the envelope with the day that it's supposed to be opened (or, alternatively, write the mood of the card). My husband loved this when he would have National Guard duty.

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answers from Los Angeles on

A pair of your sexy panties =-)

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answers from Dallas on

I don't usually put stuff in my husband's suitcase, but sometimes I'll get ahold of his blackberry and put things on his calendar and set the alarm. That way at random times he get "I love you" messages or sometimes some sexy messages. He likes it.

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answers from Tulsa on

I always write a note and hide it somewhere in the suitcase.

My dad has a stuffed animal (small) that my mom and/or sister gave him one time about 25 years ago. He has brought it with him on every business (and personal trip) trip he's gone on.

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answers from Chicago on

DH and I leave little notes and drawings inside each other's luggage so that we'll find it when we've left. Always makes us smile!


answers from Spokane on

My DH has only had to go on a handful of business trips but the last time he went on a business trip he was also going skiing so I wrote him a lil' note reminding him to be careful and not to pull a "Kennedy or Bono" while he is gone! I know, not very romantic but it gave him a little laugh and I sure did get a phone call when he found it!

Thanks to FB you can communicate instantly at any time...we talked to each other on the "talk box" when he was gone but nothing beats the good old fashioned telephone...nothings more romantic than chatting with your man for hours, late at night, like you did when you first started dating!



answers from Minneapolis on

Oh Ladies.... You make me feel really bad... I have never done anything for my hubby when he is going out of town. We usually talk everyday through dinner and once I put the kids to bed, we talk on the phone until late night... But I have never done anything of the such you mention... I feel a little bad now... Thanks R. for asking this question.



answers from Minneapolis on

Buy some of his favorite candy or snacks to hide. Along with notes, of course! Stick them in pants pockets or inside folded underwear so he will find them at different times.



answers from Fort Collins on

My husband goes away so often that the only special thing I do for him anymore is fold his shirts and make sure he has clean underwear. One thing that my husband really likes to have with him when he travels, though, is his own pillow from home.

If you're trying to get him to sight-see while he's there you might check online for a few good restaurants or sights that would be open after work, and make your own little travel packet. Otherwise, if you think he might just hole up in the hotel, you might buy a pack of his favorite snacks so at least he has something familiar with him.



answers from Kansas City on

One of my husbands ex girlfriends use to do this to him and I think it is a cute idea. She use to leave little sticky notes saying "I love You" here and there and at random times he would find them. Occasionally we will come accross one in a book still, lol. We haven't for a few years though, I think we finally found the last one! You could do something like this from you and the kids and stick them in different pockets of his pants, briefcase, etc... This is nice for you to think of him like this. It is nice to hear that a wife will actually miss her husband instead being glad that he's away. :)



answers from San Antonio on

I write messages in the inside waistband of my husband's undies. :) I also write notes in his calander like Tuesday at t12:30 will say "i'm thinking of you" so that it pops up with a little alarm to surprise him.


answers from Cincinnati on

Write 6 short notes, example "At 9pm on the dot tonight look at the north star and know that I will be looking at it too"., put them each in a different envelope, labeled Monday, Tuesday, Etc. He can't open them until it's that day. One night have dinner "with" him. Whether it be McDonalds or a pizza or ice cream place, go there together and chat on your cell phone while having the same dinner. That's all so cheesy, I know, but it's the little things.


answers from Dallas on

My husband has been on the road most of our 21+ yr marriage at least 1-3 nights a week.

Before he leaves, I leave little love notes where he can find them. For instance, all of his shirts are folded when drycleaned so I put a note in the bag so he can't miss it, I stick notes in shoes, toiletry kit, etc.

It so routine for us now, it is funny because he will remind me if he does not see a note :)



answers from Dallas on

Get him a gift card to a restaurant or attraction in the city where he is going, that way he'll get out and about a bit.


answers from Phoenix on

My then fiance had a business trip scheduled for the day we were moving in together and he felt so guilty but we could not change either the move or his trip! So I put a cute little stuffed animal in his bag when he wasn't looking. I also stuck a different note in each of his pants/shorts pockets and a wallet size pic of both of us in his wallet where he would find it. He was very surprised and happy and it was fun to do.

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