Husband Is Sick, Is Baby at Risk?

Updated on March 15, 2010
A.V. asks from Irving, TX
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Hey Moms,
My husband just came down with a fever of 100 and we have a 7 week old baby is the baby at risk of getting sick as well? Any advice ??

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for the responses, so far baby and I are fine and my husbands fever broke the next day so hopefully we are all good! I know at some point my little one is gonna get sick but hopefully it will be a little while longer :)

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If you're breastfeeding, I've been told the chance of a newborn getting sick is greatly lessened. But anything is possible, and you should take precautions such having your husband wash his hands frequently, and wear a mask when he must handle the baby if you're really concerned. The reality is, whenever the baby (or anyone) is in close promiximity of someone who is sick, it is possible for you to become sick, because the germs can be in the air and on surfaces.

If the baby has a very weak immune system because of a health issue, or your baby might is at risk of being exposed to something serious like RSV, your husband should not handle the baby at all.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Sure, the baby could be at risk - but, being exposed to illness is the only way for them to build an immunity.

I was in the same situation last year with 2 kids in Day Care (at the time, ages 2 and an infant) and no immune system because of chemotherapy. To complicate things, I worked as a pharmaceutical rep and was in and out of doctor's offices all day, every day.

The advice all the Oncologists gave me was to wash your hands frequently and try to avoid sick people. If you're careful and diligent, your child should be OK - 100 degrees isn't a significant fever, but it does indicate infection. If it's viral, there's really nothing that can be done but let time take its course.

I'd try to have him rest as much as possible until he's feeling better and try to care your your baby in the meantime. Keep yourself well - she needs you.

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answers from Dallas on

If you've been exposed to a virus, the antibodies against that virus will appear in your breast milk that same day! If not breast-feeding, limit baby's exposure to sick people. Everyone in house wash hands after every trip to bathroom, and before opening fridge. Wash things touched - - like door handles, toys, etc.

Back in the 1970's when I worked at a church nursery, we washed and de-germed every toy in the nursery every Sunday night (with 10 % solution of bleach).



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Fever means infection so there is a chance. Have daddy wash his hands frequently and not breath in baby's face. Sickness is inevitable sometimes.



answers from Tyler on

I recommend keeping them separated as well (and keeping your husband separated from you). When I brought my newborn baby home, my son was very very sick. I didn't deal with him at all - wouldn't let him anywhere near me or the baby. Neither of us (baby or me) got sick, but everyone else in the house did (including my parents who were here to help). But, you can definitely keep you and the baby healthy by staying separate.

Good luck!



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I would keep them separated as much as possible. Fevers can be dangerous for babies under 6 weeks old, and your baby is just a little older. Just keep a careful eye on the baby & I would call the ped. if the baby gets a fever at all, or shows any symptoms of an illness.


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