Husband Going Back to School. Need Help Finding $$$...

Updated on June 09, 2011
M.H. asks from Atlanta, GA
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Ok , Moms, I 'm out of my league here. My husband (46) has decided to go back to school and we are not rolling in the dough and of course, he's reaching for the stars. I'm so proud of him but we need to determine how we are going to pay for six years of school. He's starting in a new career so there may be some money out there for retraining. His Dad, age 86, just received his Purple Heart from the Korean War because there were numerous clerical errors. I've been told there may be government benefits for dependents of Purple Heart Vets (better late than never). My husband never served in the military. He is not a minority and we are not poverty level but will be after school, lol.

If anyone has any ideas on where I can start to look for grants, loans and scholarships, I would greatly appreciate it. I've got so much on my plate already, I would really love the help! TIA!!!


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So What Happened?

Thanks so much ladies for the input! We were nervous as cats and have found so much good information and encouragement. Yes, six years is a long time but the payoff will be GREAT. I do not believe in debt as most people see it. I worked in the financial industry for 15 years and had to get out because I couldn't sleep at night. I believe this endeavor will not only help us financially in the long run, as well as our children, but others too and my husband (like most people) needs a greater purpose. This is just the beginning of the journey! :D

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answers from Athens on or - The website for Government Educational Assistance and loan application information. or org? is another site for school informaiton including scholarships and links to other educational assistance.

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To be honest, at his age, what is the real pay-off for six years of schooling?

He'll probably have way more debt than he'll have earning potential. Why add that burden to your family?

I'm all for higher education-- but six years?

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answers from Kansas City on

Way to go! I went back for my Master's degree at 44, and I don't regret it at all. It's not so much about the pay-off, it's about never giving up on yourself and always trying to improve who you are.

My university offers scholarships that are given by local enterprises. Go to the financial aide department of the school where he is attending, and ask them. Also remember that you can deduct this on your taxes.

Also, buy books at I've saved literally hundreds of dollars by getting my books there and I've never had a problem.

Good luck to your husband, and good luck to you. (I could NOT have done this without my husband's help and support.) He will feel great about his accomplishments and that makes him a better husband and dad when he feels good about himself!

And GOOD FOR YOU for supporting him. You rock, too!

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answers from Dallas on

Good for him! Check out the FASFA website. That's probably a good place to start looking for financial aid. I would see if the university where he is applying has a counselor he could talk to as well. They could guide him through the process and help him with figuring out where to look for help with finding money. I know he should get something for being the son of a veteran. I teach seniors in high school, and they find money for college all over the place, but it helps to talk to counselors and others who know where to look. Good luck!

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Universities don't tend to throw cash and the non-trads. I just finished my masters. I got pell grants and a small need scholarship but it only covered about a fourth of the tuition. I also want to add that I had a low enough income to receive earned income tax credits so you may not even get what I received.

My advice is figure out which university he ultimately wants to graduate from. I would recommend a state university if possible since the tuition is way less than a private university. After you figure that out find out what classes transfer that can be taken at a community college. If you qualify for the full pell grant it will cover 100% of the community college tuition. I managed to get two years done at this level and saved $60,000.

Also because of the transfer of credits any employer who would look at my degree would not know it was not all earned at the university.

My dad served in the military and I couldn't find any benefit from that but he never served active duty or earned the purple heart. I kinda feel bad cause my dad did clerical work in the Korean war. :(

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answers from Las Vegas on

It will tell him what he qualifies for. Is he going to work while in school? If not he may be able to file a special circumstances paper in the financial aid office because the fasfa is based on your tax return (taxes). They have subsidized loans that don't collect interest while your in school and you pay them back starting 6 months after you graduate. Unsubsidized are the same thing but they do collect interest while your in school. Pell grants are free money and I have no idea about veteran dependent scholarship or grants (not for veterans that weren't killed in the war anyways). You can talk to the financial aid office at the school.

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answers from Clarksville on

There is money out there for children of veterans. I would call your local veterans organization/ vfw, you should be able to find them in the phone book. They will be able to tell you what he can recieve.



answers from Dallas on

My husband is also in is hard in every way, but will be worth it in the end (I hope).

He is in the Texas State Guard-it is totally volunteer work and if they are deployed, it is by choice and only in the state of Texas. He has to do 1 Saturday a month and 4 days a year. In return, after being in the guard for 6 months, he gets his tuition paid. It's not a lot but it definitely helps.

He also just started with a company that will pay 50% of his tuition after he has been there a we have a little wait on that.

He used to get financial aid and that helped a lot, but he can no longer get it because of the new max credit hours rule (he has his associates degree).

Good luck and if you have any questions about this new venture then feel free to pm me. We've been at this for 2 1/2 years and have 2 1/2 left....can't wait for that moment!



answers from San Francisco on

You have to fill out the FAFSA.



answers from Chicago on

Fill out the FAFSA and find out how much money you can get in grants, subsidized and unsubsidized loans.



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