Husband Court Ordered to Pay Car Paymen

Updated on February 15, 2007
C.B. asks from Lakeside Marblehead, OH
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My ex is court ordered to make my car payment and it is repo status for the third time. I talked to leagal aid and they can't help me. I don't have alot money to persue legal action, let alone know what to pursue. He has also ask me to find a different car so he can sell mine. I am the co on the loan, so this is also ruinning my credit. I can't afford to make a car payment. Any suggestions? HELP!!!

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So What Happened?

Just an update, I hired an attorney and went to court on June 22. We never had to go before the judge, my ex showed up with a reciept of a bank check for the payoff amount on car. He had sent it the day before. I am just waiting on the title so he can sign off and it will be fully in my name. Bank said I should have it by July 25th. I am just glad it is over!!!

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Just an added note, YOU can take him back to the Court where the Judge ordered him to pay it. The Judge can do lots of things because your ex is in contempt of Court which can be very serious for him. Best of Luck C.. And if I were you I would have him back in Court.
Hello C.. I say Keep your Car. I understand not being able to pay all of your bills and I know if Head Start in your area is like it is in mine, you don't get paid enough. If you sell your car or let it go through re-po you will have to get a new one and you will have to pay for it all by yourself. My advice, take him to small claims court. It only cost about $30 where I live to file and you can do it without a layer. The Judge can oder a garnishment of his wages to go to the loan holder and you should ask the Judge to do that. Once you sell your car and try to get a new one you are allowing him not to comply with the court order. The order is for your current car only, not all cars in the future. He wants you to sell the car so that he is released from his obligation and it means you will be responsible for the cost of the new car. Please Please Please don't let him sweat talk or brow bash you into anything. You don't owe him a single thing. Best of Luck and thank you for taking care of all of those small children.

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C., I sympathize with you. My best advice would be to sell the car. That way you are unloaded of the concern of losing it(nothing is worse than coming out to car that is not me, I've been there!). Another "reward" for this is that you will have no ties to a man that obviously does not have your best intrest at heart! There are many car lots around the tri-state that will work with your challenged credit. You will have a better chance at getting a car with just your name on it now than if you wait for the car to be repoed and the intrest rate will not be so high. I know its stressfull thinking that you may lose your vehicle, that's why I say act now...before its too late. Good Luck!



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I was in a similar situation with my ex. I went ahead and completed a chapter 13 to preserve my credit and avoided the coat of a car payment and all my other obligations. My debt was about 8,000 and all I had to pay was 104.00 every payday. I learned that it helped me becauce creditors saw that I did make attempt tp pay my creditors and it felt good to keep my new car as well and had the chance to rebuild credit wise. Hope that helps you out. If your ex is having finanical problems and unable to make the court ordered payment that may be a big problem, all though court ordered if creditor is not getting the money they will reposess and your credit will be ruined. Preserve it-it's the easy way.



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Hello C..

I work in the credit card industry, and have dealt with this a bit more often than I want to. The unfortunate thing is that as far as the loan goes, even though he is court ordered to pay, you are still responsible. You would need to take him to small claims court to get the money back that you have paid, or you can pursue domestic court for contempt for violating the court ruling. It will not help or fix your credit though. You can attatch a consumer statement to your credit report explaining the situation, but that will not be figured into your credit score. Best advice, like the people before me, is to get this loan paid off however you can (sell the car) so it stops hurting your credit. Good luck.



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If you cannot pursue legal help to force him into paying, get rid of the car as soon as possible and finish severing the ties you have to this man who cares little for his own credit rating and even less for yours. You will be a great deal happier for your complete independence.

Best wishes,



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Hi C., my name is K.. I had a simmilar situation with my ex and unfortunately things didnt work out in my best interest. The best advice I can give you is talk to the company who your car is financed with explain the situation. Sometimes they wont report it to the credit beaureu. Also, if your car does end up being repossed you can take him to small claims court for the money that you put into it. It doesnt matter if "you paid" or not. Not to be nosey, but did you have to file bankruptcy? Do you know who the repo company is? Fax them the info about your husband being court ordered to pay and they may atleast send you something sying you do not owe them anything and that as far as the money owed from "you" you have paid it off. That way you can show that to the credit company. That is what I had to do because my ex did the same thing to me except he didnt tell me he stopped making the payments. But I dont advise being the nice guy because from past experience they are only concerned about themselves no matter what they say. And should he buy you another car make sure he can pay for it in cash. If not have him sign an agreement saying this is the car he bought for you because yours got repoed because he failed to make payments. This will help you should he not make the payments again. Did you ask him just to give you the cash and youll buy the car free and clear? I hope this helped. Sincerley, K.



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Dear Cristal B,
I am sorry to hear about what is going on in your life. You have gotten some great advice so far. You expressed concern about a new car payment. I want to offer this: first, know that God has a way of working everything out. I would love to share one of the best things that God brought into my life almost a year ago. I am so happy with this job that I built alongside my nursing job, and I bring an extra income to our family. I look and feel better about myself now, I am able to stay home with my 4 year old son, and I help people. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to call me at ###-###-####. I have a website you can visit for more information You can contact me by email from the website. I hope that everything works out for you :)



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I say get rid of it so you don't have to deal with him. Your kids are adults so you really don't have to worry about getting stuck somewhere with them. Get a car you can afford.



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Ok, I'm sorry I have no personal experience with this.

But can I ask.... Where is the COURT that ordered him to pay it??? Can't you contact that judge somehow or someone involved in the original judgement?

Just wondering. I may be totally off base but from skimming this it seems no one brought this up yet.

Ok that is my question. :-)

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