Hurricane Supplies

Updated on September 19, 2008
M.A. asks from Dickinson, TX
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My family and I live in Galveston County. Does anyone know of any grocery stores, i.e, Kroger, Randalls, HEB,etc, that has received any foodstuffs? Like everyone else, we are in need of eggs, dairy, meat, etc. Generally, the PODS do not distribute these items. I dont mind driving a half hour to get these supplies.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Margaret :)

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So What Happened?

Thanks, ya'll!!! For anyone who may be in this same County, I went to Kroger on 96, in League City. I was told that the Kroger on I-45 in Dickinson was also open. Items available were: eggs, cheeses, milk, bread, produce, and of coarse the "normal" canned supplies, crackers , chips and such. The things they dont have are: frozen veggies, frozen potatoes, pizzas and the like. AND THEY HAVE LOTS OF ICE!!!!
Hope this helps anyone who is looking.
Margaret :)
P.S. I almost forgot to add that they have meat: chicken breast, whole chicken, hamburger meat, steaks, pork tenderloins, etc.

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I heard Kroger on 97 in League city got a supply of eggs, milk, bread & some meats in yesturday. I have not gone to check it out yet. My neighbor said they the supplies were going fast so I should try to get there soon. I know that Krogers get trucks in everyday around 10am. Which means they put it out just after lunch. However I am going there right now so if you want to call me I will let you know. I know some Krogers are on generator use only. But So Shore Kroger has power.
K. ###-###-####



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I bought milk at the HEB in Friendswood yesterday. They do have some refrigerator and freezer items available. I didn't notice any eggs or meat (wasn't looking) but I do know the lady in front of me purchased a box of frozen chicken breasts.



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I am also in Galveston County and looking for meats and dairy products. Do they have lines to get into the Kroger on 96? Do you know what time they open??




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Hi Margaret.

I live in the Sagemont/SE Houston area near Pearland and Friendswood. I know our HEB is open off Blackhawk and Beltway 8. I think Walmart is also open off I-45 & Almeda and in Pearland off 518 and Dixie Farm road. It's about 45 min from you on a normal day. I know you'll find what you're looking for soon.


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