Huggies Overnites - Leaking After Just a Few Hours?!

Updated on December 14, 2010
A.H. asks from Bend, OR
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Hello Mama's, I need help!! I have a 8 mo old son who has been waking up 5 or 6 times per night the past few weeks; we discovered that it's because he is drenching his diaper in just a few hours! We use cloth, and have been doubling them up at night and doing an extra change but these are no longer effective methods. He just hates feeling wet! We decided to give disposables a try for over night and after some research I found Huggies Overnites got the best reviews. He's about 25 lbs so we picked up size 4, which seem to fit fine- snug but not too snug. Here's what we do: when I put him down at 7 pm he's in a cloth diaper and around 10 to 10:30 pm I change him to the Overnites. Here's the problem: The Overnites leak despite only being half-way absorbed! He wakes up at 5:30 am soaked, (only 7 hours later)! Since he sleeps on his tummy it just all pools in the front over-saturating it while the whole back half is intact and unabsorbed. I am at my wits end- please help! He's only getting up twice at night now which is great, and I don't really mind getting up a little earlier (he usually wakes at 7 am anyway) but the laundry pile is rapidly expanding. I know part of the problem could be his nursing (right before bed, subsequently at the later change since he won't be soothed (we do CIO but he gets too upset after being disturbed at the change), plus one or two night feedings; he's only 8 mo and I'm not willing to night wean yet so cutting out his feedings isn't an option. Here are the questions: Is the size too large.. too small? Am I putting it on incorrect? Better results with a different brand? Something else I'm missing?! I'm feeling a bit duped here... Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

PS. I also know there are inserts for cloth but haven't done any research as of yet, any ideas there would be appreciated as well! (It's not just absorbency here, he needs to feel dry which is why I thought disposables would work out better.)

Addendum to Mom on the GO: The food idea is great. We actually had to implement it when he was younger to satiate him at 4 mo old; he's always been 100 percentile with fast metabolism to boot. He's currently eating 1/4c fruit at breakfast and 1/4c veg at lunch and up to 1/2c veg (w/ meat every other day) at dinner- this is in addition to nursing 3 times per day and the night feedings listed above. We also do a sippy cup but he drinks less than 1 oz/day, and never later than 5 pm. Perhaps I should try to increase more?

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all of your suggestions! I contacted Kimberly-Clark's customer service and let them know we were having problems with the Huggies and they sent us a couple of decent coupons which was nice. I went out and purchased the next size up after we received them and, lo and behold- no leaks! He's still waking up a couple times at night to nurse, but it's better than half a dozen, plus I know it won't last forever.

Thank you again everyone, I appreciate the wisdom you have to share!!

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answers from Portland on

Maxipads! Where did I learn this trick? Here, at Mamapedia, where I posted the same question for my 100th percentile boy who liked to sleep on his stomach!

Here's what you do: get a box of the cheap, thick maxipads. Put them *lengthwise* across the belly section of the diaper. I used two of them, for full coverage. Now, the pads will catch the pee as it trickles out of the gap, created by child's pose or tummy sleeping.

It's brilliant, and it works. Good luck.

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I don't know what's going on as we never had this problem.

From the sounds of it, you're doing everything right with the diapers. I know boys tend to soak the fronts, and girls the backs. Esp if you have a tummy sleeper I think that's adding to your problem.

Perhaps you can cut down on his liquids a little bit and push more table food? I realize he's only 8mos old, so I wouldn't expect him to eat a lot, but if he's soaking through the diapers...

My kids were never 25 lbs at 8mos old, they were always tiny little things. So I'd guess that you've got a good little eater. I wouldn't think that cutting back on his milk would hurt him at all as long as you are adding in some solids like bananas, cereal, pureed veggies, etc.

Since our kids were always tiny (in weight) but nursed too, we added in the solids trying to help fill them up so they'd sleep more. Dr said that some kids just metabolize breastmilk so fast that they eat and eat and eat. The solids did definitely help them to sleep longer and get more calories from food instead of liquid...which means fewer diaper changes, esp at night! That's why we started with "dinner" as the big meal. It also started training them to learn to sit in the high chair during dinner, watching us eat, so I could get a decent meal too. (Dr said watching us helped the baby to learn "It's dinner time" even if they just sit there for 10 minutes smearing food on the tray.)

I am a huge nursing proponent. So I am not trying to dissuade you from nursing. But I really think that 8 mos is a good time to start feeding dinner, so that you and him get the solids you need.

I hope this idea helps!

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answers from Seattle on

My son at that age was nearly 30 lbs. He was eating some solids so his fluid intake was reduced some but he was still taking a lot of fluids. He was tall and hunky--not fat and slept like a log during the night.

In order to make it through the night, I was TRIPLE DIAPERING him with cloth diapers [never disposables--they always leaked]. He was quiet bottom heavy when he went to bed! Waddle, waddle....

I suggest you reduce your son's fluids at night and give him more solids just before bed so that he not as hungry when he nurses. He is certainly big enough to not need to eat during the night.



answers from Corvallis on

pamper overnights are WAY beter than huggies. Give them a try. We always found that huggies leaked.



answers from Cincinnati on

we use huggies overnights with our son, but we found that we have much better results if you get a size up. my 16mnth old is about 22pds and wears a size five and they work great if he is in a size four they leak



answers from Seattle on

With all 3 of my babies (oldest is 11 and youngest is 7 months), I used nothing but Pampers brand. I used to work in daycare and noticed that Huggies always leaked more. I've had a leaky diaper maybe 3 times in all the years.



answers from Stockton on

Huggies always leaked with my boys (were fine with my daughter) . I stuck with Pampers.


answers from Eugene on

Seven hours that's a long time to go without a diaper change. Do you have a flannel covered rubber sheet to place under him? He does not like to be wet which is a homeopathic ruberic pointing to a specific remedy.
Does he sweat a great deal as well?
You live in Portland and can easily locate a homeopath to take him to. Call the Naturopathic College for a reference.



answers from Richland on

Just like the other M.'s said - go up one size at night - it will help. My first son peed through everything from 4 months until about 2 1/2 years. I have tried LOTS of things. When he was younger we double diapered. First put on a overnight diaper (huggies or pampers) and then I would buy a generic brand a size to big and put it over the other diaper! It was the ONLY thing that worked for us for almost a year. Once we went to pull ups I used womens sanitary napkins and made a T with them in the front of his pull up. That worked too. Weird but it works. Good luck, eventually they will pee less at night. But I have found that once a big pee'r always one. Once my son was completely potty trained, we found that he still gets up on his own once a night and sometimes once very early in the morning to go to the bathroom. Thankfully he always goes back to sleep :) Good Luck.



answers from Portland on

My kids LOVE this brand. We had a similar problem and I've got to tell you these are very absorbent. You can buy them on Amazon or Babies R' Us.



answers from Dallas on

I used Huggies with my girl but they didn't work for me, they always leaked, I use to find her crib sheets wet like two times a week! So we decided to try a different brand and for us the Pampers 12 hour diapers worked much much better! They are good for up to 12 hours and they have never leaked like the Huggies did. I buy her a bigger size though and I feel it covers her better during the night. Hope this helps!



answers from Chicago on

Do you put a onesie on him ?If I didn't then the diaper would leak. Also, there are inserts to supplement absorbtion. Not sure what they are called. Good luck!



answers from Seattle on

Have you tried wool soakers along with the cloth diaper? A friend of mine swears by them.

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