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Updated on July 01, 2011
N.S. asks from Mays Landing, NJ
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Hello Mamas! We have been using Huggies Ovenights for bed time on my son and they have been working well. This week, I purchased those diapers with the new design. It looks like only the graphics on the diaper have changed, but my son has woken up wet every morning, so I am wondering if more than the look has changed. Has anyone else noticed that the Overnights with the Pooh bears and new graphics are different than the Overnights with the Mickey and stars?

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So What Happened?

I appreciate all of your responses. I think I will call Huggies about the change, and maybe even make a return to the store. In the meantime, I hope to find some of the old style of Huggies Overnights on a shelf in a store somewhere! My son is big for his age, so I may have to move to cloth diapers for overnight, but I certainly wont be getting any more of these new Huggies.

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answers from Sheboygan on

I noticed the new design but so far my daughter hasn't soaked through yet. She actually just started toilet training so maybe that's why. I would definitely call the company and complain about it. The "old school" Huggies overnights were terrific!! My kids always soaked through in Pampers.

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answers from Dallas on

I havent noticed a difference. We have always used them and always have you to use a size up in them. Maybe that will help? :)

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answers from Tyler on

Yes! I noticed this last week. The graphic switched from baby Mickey to Pooh and seem less absorbent!! I hate when you find something that works well and the company makes a change!

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answers from San Antonio on

try returning them to the store. I've done that before after using 2-3 of them from the box. Hopefully they'll take them back.

But no, I don't use Huggies anymore after my son (as an infant) kept leaking out of them at night. I have switched to Luvs (in one size up at bedtime from normal daytime use) and have been happy since.

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answers from Los Angeles on

If your little one hasn't suddenly hit a growth spurt... I'd make a call to huggies and complain. Sometimes the companies do a little tweeking with the "formulas" when they change designs.

I don't have a little in diapers anymore, but do remember when pampers changed a design once on us way back when and the diapers started giving my son a rash. We called and got a coupon for a free case of diapers.

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answers from Nashville on

Yes! I have been wondering what is going on. Every night the diaper leaks. I am glad to know it is not just me.

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answers from Albuquerque on

I have noticed the same thing and I switched to pampers overnights.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

We are still fine and he wets a lot. We got the ones with Buzz Lightyear on them, now they are a different design. But ours are working. Did you get the wrong size accidentally?

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