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Updated on February 14, 2011
K.J. asks from Spring Hill, TN
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I asked earlier both on here and my FB page about newborn diapers. Huggies won by a landslide. I just wanted one more set of opinions on them before we decide for certain. What are your opinions on these diapers, good and bad?

A little back story- I used Pampers Swaddlers with my daughter and loved them. We switched to cruisers once she outgrew Swaddlers. When they introduced Dry Max, we had a never ending rash. I have no idea what to use for our second baby since I have no experience with any other type of diaper. Many others have had trouble with the Dry Max in the Swaddlers and Cruisers. We want to start stocking up on diapers before our baby arrives in a few months, so I asked for advice. No one who has experience with Dry Max has had a positive outcome. Costco brand was also highly recommended, but we don't have a membership there. Huggies was highly recommend, so we will probably go with those. Plus, I can buy them on Amazon for cheap and if for some reason they cause issues we have 365 days after purchase to return them for a full refund.

With my daughter, I didn't think much about brand. We just always knew we'd go with Pampers. Now it seems like such a big decision! Motherhood is so crazy sometimes. ^_^

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much ladies!! I really appreciate it. Huggies it is. Let the stocking up begin!

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answers from New York on

For babies, Swaddlers is the way to go. As they get older, pampers and Luvs fit really small so they leak in my opinion. Huggies are a nice big fit but we use Shoprite diapers for my son and they are identical to Huggies. Have heard good things about Target if you don't have a Shoprite.

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answers from Nashville on

I love the Huggies little Snugglers for my daughter. She is doing really well with them and is six months old and not had any rash. We buy them in the box because it is cheaper and they last longer then buying the bags. They are really soft and so far we have not had any trouble with them leaking.

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answers from Dallas on

I too used Pampers Swaddlers w/my son and loved them. Now that I'm preggo w/baby #2 I've read/heard horror stories about the new Dry Max technology giving awful diaper rash so I'm avoiding them this around and going w/Huggies Little Snugglers. I recently had my diaper shower and returned all the Pampers w/Dry Max and exchanged them for various brands so I can see what will fit my baby best. I did find however that I can get the old style Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers at Big Lots if I want so I'm excited about that too. My best to you in your diaper search!!



answers from Dallas on

Huggies all the way!! I hate all other brands. I found Pampers to feel soggy. I use the "Pure and Natural" because my son gets eczema, and I hate to use any other diapers, even the regular huggies. They are so soft and gentle. I love them!



answers from Louisville on

huggies were HORRIBLE for my daughter they always leaked. now i had a freind with a little boy and thats all she could use b/c everything ele leaked... maybe gender affects it but i hated huggies lol



answers from Honolulu on

I've always used Huggies, its called
"Little Snugglers." for newborns.
Or, Huggies also has a "Pure & Natural" newborn diaper.
Look online on Amazon.... for the various Huggies newborn diapers.

I don't care for the Dry Max. Either.



answers from Eugene on

I used swaddlers too for my daughter and LOVED them. We tried the huggies snugglers but they leaked out her legs (poop, ick), my cousin is using the snugglers now and they work for her son, but he is a little bit bigger than my daughter was.... I also used the Cruisers until they switched to Dry Max, they leaked way too often! We now are using Huggies and love them way more!! The next baby we have I plan on using swaddlers and then switching to Huggies once the baby gets bigger! :)



answers from Nashville on

We used Huggies Newborn and then after that I like Pampers best. For some reason the Huggies had a stronger smell to them once he/she peed in them. The Pampers did not smell as bad and did nto leak for us. Huggies leaked a few times but for newborn the Huggies worked best for us. Not sure why. So my vote is Huggies Newborn and then Pampers. :o)
Congrats to you!



answers from Kansas City on

Using Dry Max diapers didn't give your daughter a rash, it was a CHEMICAL BURN!!! I would NEVER use Pampers!! Huggies were what I preferred, especially once I discovered couponing and found I could get them for cheaper than generics. Huggies are softer, don't leak, absorb well, fit nicely and do not cause problems (read: chemical burns!).

I have seen good deals on also, and if you get a signup link from someone with an account, they sometimes have a $10 bonus for signing up at that time. Also, there are coupon codes for 10% off your first order, so BEFORE you order from them (if you do, that is), check around for the best deal.



answers from Lexington on

I would go with either the Little Snugglers or the Pure and Natural ones. Both work well on my sensitive skin little boy. I loved Pampers until they started messing with their diapers. I have no idea what they were thinking but I am willing to bet they are selling less diapers now.



answers from Grand Rapids on

I bought Huggies Little Snugglers for my 2 month old daughter, and they leaked all the time! I just got done scrubbing poop stains out of 8 outfits! It wasn't like I left them on for super long or anything, and her poop has been normal for a breastfed baby of her age. I don't know, maybe it was just for the size she is in now, but I am not going to buy them again to find out if the other sizes are different! I am using Huggies Snug and Dry now, and so far no leaks :-).


answers from Dallas on

I am a Luvs fan. They're cheap, but do the job and they smell like a baby. I tried both huggies and pampers-- there is not a diaper my child cannot explode out of!



answers from Springfield on

Love Huggies! (diapers and wipes) For older ones I use the white package (the regular kind) and buy the boxes. They don't sell the white box until size three, but I did the math and realized that the Little Snuggles in a box was cheeper (per diaper) than the white package.

Buy the Little Snugglers. Totally worth it!



answers from San Francisco on

For newborns, I also really like the swaddlers. As baby grew I used other brands... we also had rash issues with dry max, but I still would recommend Swaddlers for newborns



answers from Nashville on

i wouldn't stock up to much incase the baby is allergic to what ever you buy. with my last two i used huggies and loved them. good luck, R.



answers from San Francisco on

HUGGIES. Pampers gives rashes to our little ones.....Huggies snugglers are great for newborns!!! I would go with them A+! Pure and natural are great too---, snug + dry are also good. I LOVE HUGGIES can you tell? I have tried so many brands of diapers-but I can always count on HUGGIES.



answers from Jacksonville on

If you buy locally and keep your receipts, you should be able to return them if they don't work for your child -- whatever brand you try. I used and LOVED Huggies for our son (first baby) but they stunk for our daughter (2nd baby). They just didn't fit her right. We did Huggies for him and Pampers for her and neither of them had rash issues... it was a matter of fitting properly around the leg openings/crotch and waist.

So just plan on the possibility of wanting/needing to return whatever you have stocked up on. And shop with that in mind. You never know what will work for your baby... every baby is different.

oh, and Congrats!!



answers from Chattanooga on

I like Luvs... I don't have any problems with dipper rash at all... They are just as good as Huggies and Pampers and less expensive... So I say Luvs


answers from Lansing on

When my daughter was a newborn, I used the Pampers Swaddlers, and then when she grew out of newborn swaddlers, I switched diapers, because I personally think luvs and pampers suck when the baby/toddler gets older.

Now, I only use Huggies or Members Mark brand from Sams' Club.

The membership to Sam's Club is 40$ a year and I assume Cosco is about the same. It's definately worth the membership!!! I also buy Member Mark wipes (you get 720 wipes for like 12$).

I hope that helps!

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