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Updated on July 28, 2009
F.R. asks from Cedarburg, WI
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I am looking for feedback regarding Huggies diapers. I already use the Huggies Overnights, which work wonderfully. But I'm looking for a day time diaper (made by Huggies) that doesn't leak. I had tried one once (I forget which one it was, a friend had given me one to use at her house one afternoon), and it leaked. Can anyone give me some good Huggies diaper recommendation and feedback? It would be greatly appreciated!!

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So What Happened?

Hi Everyone,
Thank you so much for all the recommendations and advice. I have purchased some Huggies diapers and will give them a try. A special thank you to Holly B.; I have been wondering about the Target Up and Up brand. Thanks for the advice, Holly, I think I'm going to give them a try too!

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answers from Cedar Rapids on

I love HUGGIES! lol I used Pampers at first with both kids, but prefer Huggies so much better. Considering you have a baby girl and they tend to pee more, I would recommend Huggies Supreme (the dark red box)...that's what I use for my baby girl. I love them and she loves the designs on them lol.

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answers from Minneapolis on

F. -

Congratulations on that beautiful baby - I'm sure you're loving every minute of being a mom!

I cannot speak specifically to the Huggies brand at this point, but will offer what info I can. I have learned that there is a brand that doesn't leak and the surface that is next to the baby's bottom stays dry, which is of course a huge plus. I have seen it demonstrated and was surprised at how dry the surface stays, in spite of all that had been absorbed. It is also made of materials that are healthier for babies than what is generally sold in this country. However, this product isn't yet in the US, though it is coming soon. There is a lady in SW Mpls. who runs a business from her home (she markets bras and other products for women, including nursing bras and belly support garments for pregnant women) and she is planning to carry these leakproof diapers once they hit the US. She is getting a website, though it's not up and running yet (she's been in business 40 years). To find out more, you can call Elaine at ###-###-####. FYI: There are also sanitary napkins and pantyliners that are both breathable and leakproof - those are available already. Because these items are also new in this country, they are offering samples for you to test out for yourself. I'm guessing that there will also be samples of the diapers when they get here. Eventually there will be adult diapers also (and other items), so if anyone out there has a need for those, please know they're on the way.

Hope you find a happy solution! :)



answers from Green Bay on

i have always really liked using Huggies Seventh Generation. when they first start wetting thru a little (at night) i knew that it was time to go up to the next size. i like that these are a bit more "eco-friendly" without much extra cost. i've always used either Huggies (several of their forms with no problem) or Parents Choice/White Cloud. but, if the money allows, i will choose the seventh generation ones first.



answers from Omaha on


I have used any and every diaper out there when my little ones were in them. The only ones that every worked for my children were Huggies Supreme! For some reason every time my kids were wet in any other diapers they STUNK! it was the craziest thing! The Huggies Supreme very rarely had blow outs (only if they were sick) and didn't smell when they got wet. All kids are different so you may need to try some before you find what you like. The only drawback that I found to the diapers was that they were the most expensive ones out there. You can sign up on the Huggies site for coupons. I signed my mother up as well so we got twice the discounts. Just food for thought!
Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I use the Huggies Soft and Dry on my daughter who will be 2yrs old in October and I love them. I did by some Pampers Baby Dry on Clearance at Target, but I only trust them during the daytime. I signed up on Huggies site and get coupons for $1.50 off, sometimes $2.00 off.....

I used pampers Cruisers when my 5yr son was a baby, but I don't care for them now. We even used the Target brand and Luvs on him as well. But I think they all have changed and are not as good as they once were.

I used Luvs on my now 11yr old daughter when she was a baby, but they were the plastic outside back than and I never had a problem.

I think everyone has a preference, and I found it depends whether you have a boy or girl, when it comes to which diaper you like best.


answers from Milwaukee on

I have been known to use the Huggies Overnites during the day whe I know there won't be a good changing area avaialable. I'm so glad I did. They are pricy but so worth it.



answers from Minneapolis on

I was a Huggies mama because I had great success with them with my daughter and couldn't find anything that wouldn't leak with my son. THEN!!!! I was introduced to the Target brand up and up. I LOVE THEM. They work better than the overnights (a lot less expensive). And they work great for daytime too. Less bulky, stretchy sides and affordable. Good luck.



answers from Sioux City on

Does it have to be Huggies brand? I've used Target brand diapers and they have worked wonderfully. I've also used Wal-Mart diapers (White Cloud) and they did not hold as much. Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I have used the Huggies Supremes...but I found that Luvs worked best for my little boy. Not sure why - but he didn't leak out of them.



answers from St. Cloud on

Hi F.! I want to note that Huggies and Seventh Generation diapers are two different brands.
I like Huggies Naturals (in reality not natural at all) and Huggies Supreme.
If I had it to do all over again I would have gone with mainly cloth diapers.
I remember using different brands of diapers for every stage of growth.



answers from Des Moines on

We use Huggies overnights as well and love them. For daytime we use the huggies that come in the RED package. I think they are Huggies "Supreme" - not as sure about the name as I am the color of the package. Dark Red. NEVER HAD A LEAK IN THESE!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

Because of the formula my little one is one she doesn't really get solid poops more liquidy.Sorry TMI but Huggies are the only diaper that it doesn't go up and out the back of. I love Pampers used them with my firstborn but they just don't work for my second child.

I use regular Huggies and Huggies Supereme depending on price,sales,coupons no problems here.

I also use a size bigger than I should probaly. My daughter is on the small/average size I guess she's 10mos.18lbs and she's in a size4 she could probaly use a size3 but by using a bigger size she doesn't have explodes out the back or leaks.

We get good deals and stock up at Babies R Us with their coupons plus manufacturer coupons.

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