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Updated on April 01, 2010
S.S. asks from Chantilly, VA
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I wanted to know which Huggies diapers were better for our newborn son. Huggies snug n dry or the snugglers..does anyone know the difference or which is better for size 1!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your input..ive heard from numerous friends that theyve had good luck with boys and huggies so i figure id give that a try first..i saw you get more snug n dry for your money. i was hoping that was the answer!! :) thank you all sooo much

yeah from my numerous family members and friends that have boys they seem to only be able to wear huggies..they all have leaked out of pampers

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answers from Columbus on

We also had leak problems with both types of Huggies. We used Pampers when she was small and then switched to cloth.

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answers from Washington DC on

I HATE Huggies! We used Pampers Swaddlers with my son and then switched to Pampers Baby Dry. He has NEVER leaked out of a diaper, and he's 22 months old!

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answers from San Francisco on

I'm a pampers fan too. The swaddlers are great, thats also what the hospital gave us. From there we switched to pampers baby dry. We used them for both our son and daughter and very rarely have had a leak or blow out.

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answers from Houston on

I used Pampers until size 2 and then switched to Huggies and loved them. Never had a leak.

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answers from Detroit on

pampers swaddlers are the best diaper for tiny babies they are very soft. swaddlers are pampers premium diaper. the regular pampers are called baby dry.. swaddlers are in a yellow bag and baby dry arein a green bag. Huggies now has snug and dry (white bag with red ) and their premium diaper in the red bag (not sure what they are calling it)

I always prefer pampers... my kids are skinny and huggies seemed to leak more around the leg. huggies do have better eleastic in the back waist. I would say buy a small bag of several types and see what works best for you.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I used the snugglers w/ DS until size 2 when we switched to snug and dry. I had nothing but problems w/ Pampers, including finding the smell too strong. They smelt very perfumy to me, and if they were giving me a headache I couldn't imagine what they were doing to DS.

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answers from Boise on

You're going to get lots of differing opinions on this one! I personally use the Huggies Snug and Dry and have used those since my 23 month old was born and am using them again with my 3 month old. I've never used the Huggies Snugglers because I've always been satisfied with the snug and dry and you get more diapers for your money using snug and dry verses the snugglers. Huggies do have the pocketed back waistband in them so that those messy diapers won't go up the baby's back.

As far as the Huggies vs. Pampers debate goes, it's going to depend on your baby and what you like. For my girls, the Huggies have always worked better for us. I've heard several women say that for their girls one brand worked better and for their boys a completely different brand worked better.

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answers from Orlando on

I have 4 kids, and could never use Huggies in the newborn size b/c they always leaked up the back (breastfed babies stools are very loose). Pampers swaddlers are the way to go! Then, switch to huggies from size 3 on...for whatever reason, from size 3 on, Huggies contain leaks better than Pampers.

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answers from Lynchburg on

Is there a reason you want to use huggies brand? I have tried huggies snugglers and pampers swaddlers and I think that pampers swaddlers are superior as far as softness, especially for a newborn's tender skin.



answers from Washington DC on

I think the snugglers are nicer. They are a tad softer.

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