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Updated on June 09, 2009
K.F. asks from East Troy, WI
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Hi everyone. I had an HSG test done last Tuesday to help determine the possible cause of my infertility. Ever since then, I have had a very strong odor. This is not normal for me and I am getting pretty self concious of it. Is this a normal effect of the test?

Also, all I found out so far is that one fallopian tube is blocked. What exactly does that mean?

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answers from Milwaukee on

Hi K.,
I can't say from experience about the odor, however someone did post on here regarding an odor after seeing their OB and everyone seemed to say that it may have something to do with an infection. So, you may want to go right back to the OB.
My husband and I went through over 7 years of infertility treatments. While I never personally had a blocked tube (but did get checked repeatedly for one), one of the doctors told me that as long as you have one tube, you can still get pregnant.
While biologically not the parents of our twins, I was able to carry to healthy babies that recently celebrated their 3rd b-days. I am now waiting to become a serrogate mom for a wanna-be mom and dad, where mom can't carry.
Good luck to you!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I also just had this test done last Tuesday.... I believe I remember reading if that happens to call your dr (along with some other symptoms). Your drs office should have given you some instuctions/reading materials on the test which has what to look out for. My dr did say that infection is VERY rare. That is not normal especially if it's something that's not usual for you. Also keep an eye out for a temp.

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answers from Janesville-Beloit on

i had a hcg done june 2008 to find my right fallopian tube was blocked i went on vacation in march 2009 i was feeling lots of pain after i got off the plane i went to the doctors when i got back and had a hcg done and my tube opened up by itself . take a plane trip



answers from Eau Claire on

I can't tell you about the blocked fallopian tube, but I can say that infections can occur from procedures like that (or from a variety of other causes). It sounds to me like Vaginal Bacteriosis, which does have kind of a fishy smell, more noticable after sex. This is easily cured with a vaginal suppository antibiotic, but you will have to go see your Dr. to get it diagnosed and get the medication prescribed.

Of course, I'm not a Dr. so I could be wrong. An even better reason to see your Dr. :) But if it is an infection, it won't go away on its own, no matter how "clean" you keep yourself.

Good luck to you!




answers from Minneapolis on

I had this test done and did not notice any odor- but everyone is different! Ask your doctor- maybe they can recommend something...

I would think they will tell you more about your results, and what your options are, but I do know that a blocked fallopian tube cuts down your fertility options because you ovulate from each ovary during different months. Sometimes you alternate, sometimes twice on one side, etc. with that tube blocked, the eggs from that ovary can not get to the uterus. Again- talk to your doctor- they should be able to explain things more clearly for you...


answers from Minneapolis on

I had one done in May of 08 and the oils they use to push through the tubes can sometimes leave an odor but will go away in time. It it usually more strong to you cause you know your own smell and something different can definitly seem strange. As far as the one tube being blocked that just means that you are not ovulating from that side, sometimes the oil can push whatever is blocking it thru or you may need to find other medical/surgical ways of unblocking it in order to achieve pregnancy. When I had mine done my tubes were open so it really was theraputic in making sure they were clean and clear for ovulation in which it was two months later I got pregnant after not trying so hard to get there. I am currently 24 weeks and 4 days pregnant due to deliver in May 09 so it can definitly help the process.



answers from Milwaukee on

i'm sure u can still get pregnant with a blocked tube, every month the ovaries have a race to release an egg as hormone levels rise. typically, though not always, they'll alternate months back and forth. i HIGHLY reccomend the book "taking charge of your fertility" by toni weschler. it's by far the best book on the subject, especially as you're starting to see a doc who's going to start all sorts of testing! especially since they've found a blocked tube you'll need your doctor around, but the book starts to teach you all about your cycle and how to maximize chances during your fertile stage to get pregnant! good luck!

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