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Updated on October 18, 2011
D.D. asks from Goodyear, AZ
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My 5 yr, 4 month lost his 1st tooth. I am thinking he is too young. Don't they loose closer to 6 or 7?

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Nope, depends on when they got their first tooth. If they came in early they go out early too. My daughter got her first tooth at 3 months. When she started Kindergarten she had not teeth from eye tooth to eye tooth top and bottom too. She got hers early so she lost them before kindergarten.

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answers from Chicago on

Not too young~ My kids' kindergarten teacher had a tooth chart for each month and I noticed many tally marks indicating lost teeth. My son lost some in kindergarten when he was five. His twin sister was upset because she didn't get any "recognition" in kindergarten for lost teeth. She began losing hers in first grade when she was 6. And.... her first grade teacher didn't record this type of "news" lol! So she was a bit bummed out!

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answers from Washington DC on

No he's not too young. My daughter lost her first tooth a week after her 5th birthday. She was still in preschool at the time. There is a wide range of normal for losing teeth. Some as early as 5 and some as late as 8.

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answers from Seattle on

Any time between age 4 and the end of age 7 is normal. Sounds like he's dead in the black

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answers from Minneapolis on

Nope. My son lost his first tooth in July after turning 5 at the end of March. Now at 6 1/2 he's lost 5 teeth.


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answers from Detroit on

no, this seems about right.... maybe on the earlier side, but not too early.

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answers from Dayton on

Not too young at all...
My DD lost her first about 2 months before her 5th bday.
She just turned 6 two weeks ago and has lost 8 total.
I lost my first sometime when I was 6.
No worries.

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answers from Redding on

Normal age, my son was missing his bottom front teeth for kindergarten pictures. This is perfect timing to be toothless for Halloween ;)

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answers from Kansas City on

My friend's daughter is 4 years old and has lost two teeth already. She took her to the dentist for her check up and the dentist said everything was fine. Her x-rays looked great and she probably will not lose anymore for another 6-9 months. I would not worry about it because it sounds like it was ready to come out.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Mine just lost both lower ones - at 5 years 8 months - within 2 days of each other.

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answers from San Francisco on

Absolutely too young! You need to complain to....
oh wait, this is mother nature, not sure how to complain to her ;)

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answers from Santa Fe on

My son lost his first tooth at age 5. Seems normal to me. :)


answers from Los Angeles on

Perfectly on time! It's usually around 5 to 6 for the first, and I've noticed if they teethed early it's usually closer to 5-ish.


answers from Kansas City on

i thought so too but my neighbor's daughter hasn't even turned 5 yet and she lost one over the summer...freaked me out b/c my son is her age!


answers from Washington DC on

My 4 year old has already lost 2. I was always told it went by how early they got their teeth. My daughter got hers around 10 months and lost them when she was almost 6. Both of my boys started losing them at 4, and they both got them as early as 3 months..



answers from St. Louis on

right on target...some kids are just before age 5. :)



answers from Washington DC on

Not always. My first tooth was lost in kindergarten, so I know I was not 6.


answers from Rochester on

There's a huge range of normal. My 4 year old neighbor just lost his first tooth. My own daughter, who's about five months shy of seven, has yet to lose a tooth. I think I was in K when I lost my first tooth, so I would've been five or six.



answers from New York on

He is right on the mark. That is when they start losing them.


answers from Atlanta on

My daughter lost her first tooth when she was 4. Her dentist said some kids start losing early... Its not common, but its not unheard of either. Other kids don't lose a tooth until age 8. Its all in the genetics.

Strangely, she started getting her teeth in quick (at 4 months) as an infant. Not sure getting them early is a sign of losing them early--But her first tooth in was the first one out. She is now 5 1/2 and has lost 3 teeth (all on the bottom).



answers from Pittsburgh on

Nope! This is about when mine started losing them and I thought the same thing. I even called the dentist to ask and they confirmed that they are right on schedule.



answers from Washington DC on

My son lost his first two teeth at 4 years 9 and 10 months. Got his 6 year molars in right after and just lost another two this fall at 5 years 7 and 8 months.

I had lost ALL of my baby teeth and had all my big ones in other than wisdom teeth before I was 9.

Everybody's different and every body is different :)


answers from Lakeland on

My daughter turned 5 in August and has already lost 5 teeth. My nephew was the same. I talked to her dentist and he said that when kids get them early they lose them early. My daughter started getting her first two teeth at 3 months. The rest came in two or four at a time. She had them all (except the molars) by seven months. So far she has had no problems and the adult teeth are coming in just fine.


answers from Norfolk on

On average they start at 6 yrs, but some are earlier and some are later.
5 yrs 4 months is close enough as makes no difference.
Ask your Mom (and MIL) when you and your husband first lost a tooth and I'll bet it was a similar age to your child.
Now would be a good time to start seeing a dentist (if you haven't already) and they can tell you how those adult teeth are lining up.
A panoramic xray will show them forming and you'll see how the adult teeth dissolve roots of baby teeth so they can fall out shortly before an adult tooth emerges.

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