How Would You Remove Stains from a Hand Me down Coat?

Updated on April 24, 2018
T.D. asks from New York, NY
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dd was given a nice coat. its a cream color so all the dirt shows. the previous user loves playing outside and the coat shows how much fun playing in the dirt and mud can be.. i want to wash it up and see if i can get the dirty look out of it. a simple wash with detergent didn't do anything. it still looks dingy. (i think the previous owner may of washed and dried in a machine)
its polyester inside, filling and exterior...
hit me with your favorite go to for stain removal, i have not yet begun to try anything... and dd already has a coat for next year so if i ruin it there is not really a loss.
what your stain removal methods?

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So What Happened?

i will try some oxyclean after i run to the store to purchase some.
the coat is probably only a year old. if even that. and it can totally be used as a playtime coat if it does not wash up and look clean again. thanks for the suggestions!

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answers from Washington DC on

Hey Tadpole - I'd try Oxyclean and see if that works.

How old is the jacket? Is it a "brand" jacket - like Columbia, North Face, etc.? If it is - you might want to reach out to them to get information on cleaning it.

I also use SoilLove - it's an AWESOME stain remover!

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answers from New York on

My go to is to soak items in Oxyclean overnight. I've had some really good success getting stains out (or so light or unnoticeable that you would swear they were out).

I just mix it up in my laundry sink and throw the item in before bed and then wash in the machine with no additional soap (since I am trying to get the oxyclean out anyways) and vinegar in the rinse cycle in the morning. I never throw in the dryer until I see the end result after line drying as some stains look gone and return when dry and I don't want to further set the stain with heat.

Good luck! I hope it works out - extra jackets are always handy. Even if you can get it "decent" maybe it would work as just a play jacket to save her other one for nicer occasions?

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answers from Chicago on

I also use Oxyclean. I recently got the hard water stains out of a cloth shower curtain by soaking it for a week. Usually stains pretty much come out of my kids' clothes from over night soak but for tough ones, a couple days to a week. Make sure you mix it up now and then or all the stuff ends at the bottom of the bucket or whatever you use and it can attract mold.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I would make a 50/50 solution of clorox 2 and water and soak it overnight. Wash as usual the next day.

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answers from Portland on

When my kids were little - oxy clean (food stains, poop stains, daycare stains).

I haven't needed it since - I think I use just spray and wash or something now.

There was also a very good gel rub on stick that had a rubbery base - that was excellent. Can't think of brand - but if I can, will add. I would leave that on overnight (if it was light clothing) and it would take stains right out. Sometimes I'd use that and the oxyclean in the wash.

If it's been through the dryer - it's hard to get the stains out sometimes because they set unfortunately.

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answers from Miami on

A lot of these coats are made with a delicate material that can get ruined or affect the look of the fabric with commercial detergents, especially if they have coloring. I'd take it to a dry cleaner, they will be able to treat the spots in the safest way possible, without ruining the coat. It may be a process that takes time though, I have taken jackets to the dry cleaners that needed to be treated slowly over time so as to preserve the fabric, but eventually the stains did come out, with multiple cleanings.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Sounds like a job for OxyClean. It may not get it perfect but would probably brighten it up a bit. I used to use it with good success on mud and grass stains on the kids' white baseball pants (while wondering in my mind what man thought it was a good idea to have white baseball pants ; ) You can also soak the coat in OxyClean pretreat before washing it with OxyClean detergent.

Even if all the stains don't come out, maybe your daughter can use it for a "play coat" as it sounds like the previous child did.

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answers from Raleigh on

I like to use Borax washing soda, or lemon juice to cover the entire coat for white or nearly white colors. Both are safe natural stain removcers'



answers from Oklahoma City on

I wash my coats all the time, not wool that are dry clean only but the ones that are just fabric.

I would probably start the water, add the detergent and some bleach, let it fill, then agitate a few times to mix it up, then add the coat. This way there won't be bleach spots on the fabric. I'd let it wash the entire cycle too, so that the bleach has plenty of time to get to the stains.

When it was done you could choose to wash it again to get all the bleach out but I'd put it in the dryer on low heat with plenty of dryer sheets so that static wouldn't be a problem afterwards.

If the stains don't come out then you have a clean coat that can be worn out to do stuff in the yard in winter or to take the kids to the park where getting it dirty won't matter. I have one old coat that I leave in the back of the van year round, in case I'm out and break down or something. I could use it as cover or as a coat to stay warm if needed.

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