How Was Your Experience with Westchester Photo Studios: Sears or Babies R Us ?

Updated on July 28, 2009
A.K. asks from Pelham, NY
5 answers

I am looking to find out if anyone has had a fairly positive experience with photo stuidios such as the sears portrait studio or babies r us photo thing? I am seeking approximate cost and overall what to look out for/plan/make the most of these "cheaper" studios. I have a 7 mo old and 3 year old and wanted to do kid plus maybe family photos.

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answers from New York on

I had a great experience with Babies R Us (on central avenue). The girl doing the photos was terrific. My daughter (one at the time) actually came out smiling in all the pictures... which never happens. Everyone always asks us where we took them because the pictures came out so good. The packages were good and prices competitive.
Good Luck!



answers from New York on

I've been to Babies R Us... kiddie kandids a few times. I moved here from delaware and had multiple sittings at the kiddie kandids in DE. I think they are very similar in the setup, back grounds, photographers seem to be consistent.

I just went recently and I was an hour late for my slotted appointment, there were a few people waiting for portaits to be taken, and they take walk-ins as part of their service so they fit me withing the hour/45 min. I had an appoinment the holiday before last, was early for my appointment, and was taken late. So it totally depends on the volume they are experiencing.

I really enjoy the pictures that they take, close ups, props, etc. My son is very friendly, so he doesn't have a warm up period to the photographer. But they are trained in how to work with kids.

My favorite part of Kiddie Kandids is the you purchase the pictures, they review them with you, and you can purchase and take home same day. You can also send the links on line to family members, and they have online sales.

The sheet prices at kiddie kandids are around 19.99 a sheet. They cost more if you add on borders, multiple shots, etc. Every birthday you can get one free 8 x 10 for each kid, but you have to purchase a sheet. I spent 60.00 on two sheets (both had borders/changes) I got enough wallets to send to grandmas, and added his 3 year 8x10 pic to the photo frame that holds them. I think the packages have a good amount to offer, but never purchased one because of the size of our family, and I give most of the pics away. I only need to hand out wallets!

Good luck. If you want to stop by either place, to get a feel on which one you would prefer better, I'm sure they would talk to you and let you look through their background book etc. is a good website for ideas.



answers from New York on

My family uses JCPenneys. It's a little farther away, but they are professional and we've had great experiences with them. We go to the one in the Palisades mall. We live in West Harrison, so the trip isn't really that bad. Hope that helps!



answers from New York on

Honestly I don't know how Sears charges what they charge when JC Penney offers MUCH better packages!!! Sears gets you on quantity, so if you are just trying to 'memorialize the moments' go for the package, and don't let them sell you on more. I have used JCP many times for my kids. It is cheap to join their program and the discounts are good. A friend of mine has used BRU with success... I haven't been but I also hear Walmart does a nice job with good prices... you might check there.



answers from New York on

Hi A.

I have used both studios in the past and they both have taken really nice pics of my daughter. For Sears I would recommend making an early appointment because sometimes they get backed up and you have to wait. You can make an appointment on their website it is very easy. I have always gone in to these places saying I am only going to buy one or two sheets but I always wind up taking a package and spending over $100, just because I couldn't choose.

If you don't buy the pics at the time of the seating you can always order a sheet or two later on their websites. Sears website can be more expensive but Babies r us has coupons codes and half off deals. BTW they are very good at getting your kids to look at the camera, smile and cooperate, so I usually just let the photographer do his thing and try not to get in his way unless he asks me to help. Good luck!!

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