How was your experience with lithroscopy procedure?

Updated on June 04, 2009
M.M. asks from Bellville, OH
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Hello i have kidney stones an June 11th in going in to a kidney hospital an they are going to do lithroscopy to break the stone up.I scared about being put under i have never ever been put under.The whole time i will b there will b 3 hrs so i will only be under an hour but still im scared i will not wake up. so does anyone know the risks of not waking up?So my question is has anyone ever had this done?an should i be as worried something happen with going under as i am?
Thanks in advance

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So What Happened?

Hello moms thanks so much for all your advice an support.I made it thought the surgery very well im at home now recovering.they put a stent in an that hurts an im still in pain but i was told its normal for the first few day ao hopefully i will start to feel better bye next week.So thak you all again so much.

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answers from South Bend on

my dad has had this done 8 different times and discovered he has another stone. He is 84 and has never had a problem. He comes out feeling pretty good.

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i have had 2 kidney stones. both very painful one had to be removed, the other passed.
my dad has had MANY kidney stones and here is what he said:

"lithotrypsy is the water way and they are using a gel pad to deliver that. I have had maybe 3 or 4 of those.
lithroscopy is the alternative. I had it done the last time. It is a little more of a procedure. Longer process, deeper anethesia, little bit more recovery. But there is no cutting, utilizing existing channels. The most difficult part is once the stone is broken up, all that debris needs to make its way out, and sometimes they need to use a catheter to facilitate that. If the debris backs up, it is like a bad kidney stone attack."

good luck!



answers from Columbus on

I had this done about a year and a half ago. It is crucial that you have the procedure. There's no question about that. Trust your doctor and the anesthesiologist. they know what they're doing. You will come out of it. The anesthetic, although powerful enough to put you under, is mild enough to bring you back out pretty quickly after the procedure is over. You won't believe how much better you're going to feel when you get rid of your stones.

Mine was 9.5 mm (almost twice the size that can be passed naturally). Because we don't have insurance, I wasn't able to go for a second opinion when my (now former) doctor told me there was nothing wrong with me despite intense abdominal agony and bloody urine. I lived with that pain coming in waves for 5 years until one night when I couldn't hide the pain any longer, and I was vomiting and running a fever. My husband took me to the E.R. and I was admitted immediately for surgery the following day. My urologist told me that the stone was blocking the ureter, and that I could have suffered permanent kidney damage or septic shock if they hadn't gotten it out quickly.

You will do fine with the anesthetic. You're just afraid because you've never had it done before. Millions of people are put under every day in this country, and come back to reality within a mater of hours. Try to relax, and good luck with your procedure!



answers from Fort Wayne on

I've never had kidney stones, but I was put under for a d&c last summer. I was only out for about 20 mins. I didn't have any real problems. I woke up really groggy, which is totally normal and a little freaked out, again totally normal. It wore off fairly quickly though. There was a nurse right beside me when they woke me up and she never left my side until I was comfortable again. I think it was just waking up from such a sound "sleep" and not knowing where I was. I bet they will put a tube down your throat during your procedure, so you can expect to have a scratchy and sort of sore throat when you wake up. It will go away. Don't plan on doing anything that day either. The anesthesia can make you really tired for the rest of the day. Make sure you have a sitter for your girls, preferably at someone else's house. Maybe make it an overnight, if you can. Good luck! I'm sure you'll be fine! :)



answers from Cincinnati on

I've only been put under once, and that was for them to cut out my wisdom teeth a few years back, but I had no problems, when I woke up I actually felt like I'd had the best nap of my life. My grandma was put under a few years ago and did have problems waking up, but she was in her late 50's and she's also not in the best of health. So I have experience both ways, but your young, and I'm assuming in good health? I have kidney stones, and Thank God I've never passed any yet, they've been there about 10 years and haven't moved, but I see the pain my grandpa goes through, I definitely would get it over with. They do it everyday, if the risks were that big they wouldnt. Good luck!



answers from Cleveland on

I had my left kidney stone blasted almost 2 years ago. Like you , I was nervous about the anesthesia since it tends to make me sick. However they put an anti-nausea drug in the IV so that when I woke up, I had no nausea. The anesthesias they use these days are so much better than in the past-they're quicker acting and wear off quickly. If you feel comfortable, prayer always helps!! I'm sure you'll do fine!! Please let us know how it goes!


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Awl! Poor M.! I too, am a kidney stone gal. I know how much they hurt!!! I had to go to the hospital with my last one and they put me under to blast that puppy into smitherines. It is very easy. I think with me they put something into my IV and had me count backwards from 100. I made it to like 94 and was out. To you, it will only feel like a blink later & you're awake and in recovery. It feels that fast. Remember, these anestesiologists do this ALL day EVERY DAY. Make sure you tell them your concerns & any contitions & medications you have and you will be just fine I'm sure. Good luck!



answers from Toledo on

My first lithotripsy was in 1991. My last (which was my third time) was last August. It is a different machine and is soooo much better. The time you are there is 3 hours. For me it was 15 minutes of check in time with paperwork, waiting in the waiting room for awhile, getting to my room and getting changed into a hospital gown, then waiting for each specialist to come in and talk to me. The first was the anesthesiologist who asked about allergies, questions, and concerns. A radiologist took an X-Ray to see exactly where the stone is at the moment. A couple doctors and nurses visited to detail the procedure. A nurse starts an IV for antibiotics and when I was ready for the procedure, the sleepy meds were given through that. The procedure only lasts about 30 minutes so they don't give as much sleepy meds as they would for a long surgery. I was in recovery for a couple hours for waking up, becoming more alert, using the bathroom, and waiting for the doctor to come in and explain how the procedure went and what I need to do at home during recovery and passing of the stone particles. Explain all your concerns with the anesthesiologist ahead of time. Your fears are not at all uncommon. They usually also put something in my IV so I don't get nauseous when I wake up. If they don't have to put a stint in to open up your Ureter (the tube that goes from kidney to bladder) then the recovery time is usually much quicker and less uncomfortable. Last August, for me, they had to put a stint in and it was very uncomfortable for several days until it was removed at my doctor's office. It has a string, like a tampon, so it just gets pulled out without any pain. I feel for you. Kidney stones are awful. Unfortunately I have earned the name Kidney Stone Girl at my current Urologist's office because I have had 28 stones since 1991.(I passed 1 while pregnant). I am now 38 years old. Most are very tiny and I pass them with just a sting and some spotting. Unfortunately when you get one, you are prone to keep having them. They will analyze yours to determine what it is made of. Most are of calcium. You can try dietary and medication changes to help. I am thankful for lithotripsy though because the procedure is outpatient and is a much better alternative than decades ago when they just had regular surgery to remove large stones. I hope this has helped you know what to expect. Feel free to send a personal message if you want some more information.



answers from Toledo on

Hi M.,

I too was just diagnosed with kidney stones in both of my kidneys and go for my appt. on June 29th for consultation. I am 32 tears old. I guess I was oblivious that us youngens need to worry about such a thing, but here we are. I guess I'm not sure if I will but put under or numbed. I worry about being put under too, but the chances of you not waking up from being put under are very very very slim. I have been put under 3 times in my life, wisdom teeth extraction, D&E, and exploritory laperoscopy. Each time I woke up just fine, and did just great put under. As long as you are in good general health I don't think you have got much to worry about. It is small children and elderly I think that are more at risk for side effects if any. Hope this helps.



answers from Elkhart on

I had this procedure done a couple of years ago. I know it's scary but the anesthesiologist should spend some time talking to you before the procedure so you know what to expect, and like another post said - they've come a long way with this stuff, and you should wake up just fine. This is a simple, non-invasive procedure that worked well for me. Except for a slightly bruised feeling, I felt great. Good luck.



answers from Columbus on

I had a kidney stone about a year ago that they couldn't do the blast to, so I got a stint. I was under for about 45 minutes. I wasn't so worried, because almost anything was better than the pain from the stone. I was fine and woke up feeling much better than I expected, I was so relieved that the pain would go away. Kiss your kids before you go, and if it will make you feel better, write them a letter just in case. Then when you get home you can tear it up and realize that you were just being a silly worry wart! Good Luck.

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