How was your experience with Kumon Program?

Updated on May 21, 2009
R.N. asks from Midvale, UT
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Hello Mommies:
I am doing some research into summer programs for my 9 year old. He has struggled with math this year a lot. I hope to keep him up to grade level over the summer. I worry that he will forget what he has learned and no matter how much i prepare and say that I will tutor him...we all know things come up and before I realize it the summer is over and we don't get half as far as I had hoped. My question is specifically about the Kumon program has any one heard good or bad ot tried the program. Is there a program you've tried that you love. Any suggestions are appreciated. My main goal is for my son to get the help he needs so that he can BE and FEEl successful. Thanks in advance to all you Mommy's who share your insight.
P.s. I also have a 5 year old going into kindergarten next year that I might put in the Jr Kumon Program any opinions on that program..

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Every child react differently with Kumon, some moms like it, while some think it's a waste of time. Read the article for more reviews, and try it out yourself and see if the program suits your child.

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You can also supplement it, without having to tutor. Apply math to real-world situations. For example, when you're going to something that charges, tell him "it costs $__ for each person and there are __ of us. How much money will we need?" (multiplication). There are opportunities to practice adding, subtracting, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, patterns, basically every elementary school math concept, all around us. We use math every single day. Just include him in your calculating.

I'm not saying to replace tutoring. It might be a good idea. But adding to that with real-world usage (don't even tell him he's doing math!) will also help.



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It sounds like he's struggling a bit. Check out It doesn't hide the problem by extra tutoring, it fixes the problem so learning is easier and more permanent. I'm not sure if there is a provider near you, but if you're ever in Denver, I know several who do it for families out of town. I hope you get some good math help!



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my nephew did Kumon and it was great. We did a different program which no longer exists unfortunately, but I've heard wonderful things about Kumon.



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My friend had her 2nd grade daughter in Kumon. She was pretty satisfied with her growth but ended up pulling her out. There was one day that did it. For one whole session the instructor sat there and told her that she needed to find the mistake she had made. She couldn't figure it out. She was super frustrated because she was looking over it again and again and had no clue what was wrong. At the end of the session the instructor pointed out that her "h" was written without the loop on the end(Denelian style of writing). So the whole time she was looking for an incorrect answer and it was just how she wrote a letter. They became really picky, which was nothing that the school was concerned about. A lot of time was wasted on things like that, rather than accomplishing things that were mandatory in her schooling. Overall she was happy with her experience up until that moment and then she felt like it was a waste of time. She then put her daughter in a different program where she did much better. So basically, I would just keep an eye out for those types of things, no matter where you go. Good luck and have a great summer!



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I don't know exactly where you live, but there is a place in Southeast Aurora (CO)called Simply Mathematics. They focus solely on Math and have a progam called Math Masters. The Math Masters program is designed for either enrichment or remediation for PreK until Algebra 2. There have been a lot of kids that transfer to us from Kumon frustrated that Kumon moves extremely slow through the skills. At Simply Math, they will test your child/children and start where they see gaps in their Math education. They will then attend up to two 45 minute drop in sessions a week (one on Wed. between 3:00 and 7:00 and one on Sat. from 9:00 to 1:00). The cost is $100 per month for up to 8 sessions, so at $12.50 a session it is really reasonable. During the other days of the week they will have homework to practice the concept of the week.
The contact information is:
6920 South Liverpool Street Unit E Aurora,CO 80016
###-###-####. Best of luck, R.

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