How to Write a Letter to a Non Custodial Parent If Im Relocating

Updated on July 31, 2014
H.H. asks from Perris, CA
11 answers

I need help on writting a letter for my sons father ( non- custodial parent ) to let him know that i will be relocating within the next week.. i will b moving within 10 miles away.i had already spoke to him about a month ago personally and also gave him names of schools around the area... my paper work says i had 45 days to notify him before i relocated which is late already. .. so what would b a good letter to write in where i explain that we had already spoke about this relocation in the past..?? Please help ..

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Have your lawyer do it. I would be concerned that you did not give him 45 days notice, so I would make sure to everything else exactly as is written in your decree.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Any letter that references something that occurred previously can include the language "per our previous conversation". That's how I would do it.
"Per our previous conversation on ___ (date), where we discussed this in detail, Janie and I will be relocating 10 miles from our current residence, to ____ (address) on such and such a date.

Mail it to all addresses you have for him (if his current one is different than the one on file with the court and shown on court records as his mailing address, for example). You can also send a copy to the Clerk's office to file in your court file showing you have given notification. If you choose to do so, include at the top of the page in your reference line (business letter style) your case number, and style of the case ( Mysun1, Plaintiff vs. Mysun1Ex, Defendant-- or whatever it happens to be).

When I say send it to all of his addresses, and use a business style letter, I mean that. Include at the bottom all of the addresses to which you are sending the letter.
If you want to send it certified to one address and U.S.Mail to the others, designate the "copies to" section in the appropriate way.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Make sure you check what the courts rules are. If you had to give him 45 days notice the court may not be happy. I would ask your attorney. If you don't have an attorney I would make sure you write the letter, and have it mailed to him certified mail.
I am writing to confirm our earlier conversation about my relocation. When we spoke about this I gave you the schools information. Being that this move is only ten miles away, you will still be able to access your normally scheduled visitation rights. Any questions please contact me.

Good luck!!

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answers from St. Louis on

My decree has a distance stipulation. Then again it also covers that mine is address of record for schools and all of that. Doesn't say I have to give written notice though.

Thing is he knows, school hasn't started yet, you aren't trying to hide from him. If he tried to make this an issue in court the judge would smite him. They hate stupid stuff that did not harm anyone.

Just write, I am writing to memorialize our conversation of DATE where I notified you of my pending move on DATE.

Again here is the list of blah blah blah, ya know, school, new address, phone change.

Sign it and send it certified and signature required. Make sure you send it where he can actually sign for it.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Dear jim

I am writing to confirm the verbal notification I gave you in regards to the relocation of myself and our child Hugh.

As discussed over a month ago we will be moving to a new address no more than 10 miles away from our current address. Our new address will be 17 Dickens Street, Perris.

I am sure sure that Hugh will be keen to tell you all about our new home.

Yours sincerely


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answers from Portland on

Do you expect him to fight the move? If not I'd call him and follow it up with a letter for the record. I'd call even if he'll fight it. By calling you're giving him some time to adjust. Calling is the courteous thing to do.

Isnthisfun's idea of saying per our previous conversation is good as a CYA.

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answers from Dover on

Something along the lines of "I am writing to confirm our prior conversation on DATE OF CONVERSATION that I will be relocating to ADDRESS as of DATE OF RELOCATION. It is less than 10 miles from our current residence. As discussed, there are several educational options for CHILD's NAME including SCHOOLS YOU DISCUSSED."

If you have already decided on the school, you should include that in the letter along with any other logistics.

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answers from Norfolk on

Most likely you had to notify him in writing 45 days.
So there's no back dating the notice.
On the other hand 'relocating' I think (I'm not a lawyer so I could be wrong) is more to do with moving a substantial distance away (to another state, several hours drive away, etc).
I'm not sure the notice of relocating was meant for a local change of address.

You might start with "As per our conversation on <what ever date it was>, I am moving to <your new address> which is 10 miles away from my prior address of <your old address>.".
I'm not sure what the penalty is for non compliance but next time get your letter out to him according to the directions specified in your paperwork.

Another way out might be to extend the rent on the old place 1 month (even if you already live a the new place) and don't have your change of address order put in to the post office until that month is over (you'd have to pick your mail up at the old place for a month).

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answers from Pittsburgh on

"As we discussed on on Friday, June 10th, I will be moving to the following address on Tuesday, August 14: "

(obviously, put in the specific dates of your conversation and your move)

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answers from Las Vegas on

As discussed on May 15, 2014, John and I will be relocating to Somerwhere Else Ave. Our phone number will remain the same.

When I did mine, I did not date it, I kept it really simple and then called him and said I was right around the corner and needed him to sign the letter because I was leaving the state with her. He was more interested in not paying child support and signed it on the spot. I don't even know if he read the letter.

He was wrong by the way, he still owed the support and had no interest in visiting with her.

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answers from San Francisco on

"Please recall that in the past we have discussed the issue of my relocating with the children. It appears that we actually will be relocating on August ___, 2014, to (address). I realize that this is short notice, but we have discussed this issue in the past and I do not believe that this will come as a total surprise to you."

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