How to Word Craft Board

Updated on April 20, 2011
A.M. asks from Rice Lake, WI
4 answers

So I'm making a arts and crafts board for a daycare, it's called Sunshine Daycare. Wondering how I should word it, here's what I've thought of so far, Little Sunshine's works of Art, The Artists of Sunshine Daycare, Little Sunshine's Art Gallery. Which one of these do you like or is there something else you can come up with? Thanks in advance!

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answers from Denver on

Works of Art from our Little Rays of Sunshine, or just The Rays of Sunshine

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answers from Boston on

Sunshine's Little Art Gallery

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Sunshine Daycare Artwork

Art of Sunshine Daycare

Sunshine Daycare Art Gallery



answers from Seattle on

I like "The Artists of Sunshine Daycare".

I don't like the 'little' part... even though the kids ARE little... it just seems, dismissive. Like; "these would be better, but the kids are little". I don't like qualifiers with art. Pet peeve. The kids work hard on projects, and they're proud of what they make, why cutsiefy it?

<grin> Like I said, though, total pet peeve / bias.

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