How to Wean from Only Pumping and What Exactly Happens????!

Updated on April 12, 2008
C.C. asks from Midlothian, VA
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I had twins on Feb 1st and never breastfed-just pumped. Well, I have lots in the freezer and now that they are both finally come from the hospital, it is just getting to be too much. How can I do this weaning thing relaltively quickly yet painlessly? I dont want to pay to rent my pump for May so I need to be done with this by then! I thought I would try to just stretch the number of hours between each session, but then eventually what happens?-will just nothing some out? I mean right now i pump every 4 hours. Lets say i get to 5 hours, then 6 hours, then 8 hours...that means i am only pumping 3 times a day. Will I go to pump one day and no milk will come out? What exactly will happen???

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answers from Austin on

Birth control pills all the way!!! If you are planning on taking the pill or if you are on a half dose pill, call your doctor and get the full strength pill. You will notice your milk supply diminish within the first few days. The more you pump the more your body is going to produce. I'm not saying dont pump at all bc your breasts will be hard and uncomfortable. I would pump/nurse only when my breasts would get that hard. Expressing a small amount with your hands in a hot shower will relieve some of the fullness too. Ive heard also about putting cabbage leaves around your nipples in a bra can help and stay away from oatmeal bc it can produce more milk?!? I would say it took me a good 5-6 weeks before i was completely dry but i wasnt producing enough to be uncomfortable around 3 weeks. If you are not getting back on the pill it can take longer but you wouldnt need a pump if you dont mind a hot shower. (who wouldnt after a baby or two!!!) I nursed for 3.5 months and i couldnt keep up the demand for my hungry little boy. It was a very hard desicion for me to stop but he is happy and healthy and that is all that matters! I give myself a pat on the shoulder for doing it that long and i give you a pat on your shoulder for doing it this long. Congratulations on your twins; enjoy them while they are little bc they grow super fast!



answers from Washington DC on


First - Congratulations on your twins & GREAT for you for pumping for your boys! It is definitely a hassle and time consuming task, but one I think is well worth it! Are you planning to nurse them or go strictly to the bottle? That will make a difference in what happens to your supply & how comfortable/uncomfortable you are. (That supply in the freezer will diminish faster than you think once they hit growth spurts!)

In my opinion, if you want to be rid of the rental pump by the end of the month, I think the easiest & most pain-free thing for you to do would be to just start nursing them instead of pumping. If you want to wean them off of nursing, you can then do it at your own pace without the rental fee looming! Your supply will adjust depending on how often you nurse them and how long they nurse each time.

I have gone from exclusively pumping to exclusively nursing (with an occasional pump for a night out) with 2 of my children. I had my son in last September @ 36 weeks and I just returned my pump last month (6 months of exclusively pumping before he "got it" was able to nurse). I did the same thing 6 years ago with my daughter who was born @ 31.6 weeks - I exclusively pumped for 3 months with her before I was able to transition her to nursing.

Let me know if you want any more information, I will be happy to share the specifics of what worked for me and what didn't.

~ B.



answers from Washington DC on

There are several herbs that will help you dry up: sage, mint, parsely, basil. You can make teas, tabouli, stuffing, mojitos, you name it! Sudafed (the real stuff behind the pharmacy counter-pseudoephedrine) will also dry you up.



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You are so cute and I completely wish that is what would happen! I pumped with both of my boys. With my oldest I quit cold turkey and that was the most painful thing I have ever gone through. With my youngest I really wasn't producing enough which is why I quit. I would get maybe 3 ounces total (1.5 per side) so stopping and drying up that time wasn't nearly as painful. This may sound funny but I have several friends who have done the frozen cabbage leaves in the bra to help ease pain. You'll probably want to stock up on some Motrin and breast pads as well. I leaked for quite some time with my oldest but with my youngest it only took a couple weeks. Good luck to you and congratulations on having your precious babies home!



answers from Washington DC on

I just had a baby girl 3 months ago and went through this as well. What I did was I went back on birth control and I would only pump when my breast started to become sore. By the end of the week I was completely done.They say the more you pump, the more your breasts will make, it's the same thing only in reverse.

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