How to Wake up Early.

Updated on August 19, 2008
V.C. asks from Fennville, MI
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I am haveing problems wakeing up on time for work. I have to get up at 5:45 am and be at work and hour later. I try to go to bed early enough but it doesn't work when trying to get everything done for the evening. Please help with any suggestions. How to live on less sleep.

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So What Happened?

Thank you to everyone. I did the most logical thing and that was get myself on a schedule it was great for two weeks while my grandmother was out of town and everything was running smooth now my kids want to argue and go by grandma and i have been going to bed as late as 12 and getting up at 6 i am trying hard to continue and with school starting i beleive it will get easier thank you again and i will let you know next month how everything is going.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

You can't live on less sleep!! One thing that works for me is my weekly list. Every Sunday I sit down and write out my to do's for the week(not including the basics like cooking and dishes etc). I write a column for everyday of the week, and split up everything I have to do. I also leave a space at the bottom for "extra to do's" that I could do anyday of the week if I have time. I check things off as I do them so I don't have to think about it anymore. It's not in my head all day, it's on my list! Once my stuff is checked off for the day that's it - even if the floors need vacuumed, I can say "no that's Wednesdays chore" and I wait till Wednesday. It's kinda my way of not worrying about EVERYTHING that needs to be done all at once. Definetly get the kids helping, dusting, cleaning the table , whatever they can do. Try to find some quick and easy meals to do 3-4 days a week if you need. I like frozen pieroges. YOu can serve them with sauce and they cook in like five min. Another quick meal for me is baked fish, which cooks in 12min. Little Caesars has $5 pizzas! Cut corners when you need to. The most important thing is your and your kids health and happiness - not how clean the house is. I tell myself, what do I want my kids to remember when they are grown - the clean house or being with me? Also, have the older kids buddy up with the younger two on chores, picking out clothes for the day etc. Good Luck, you sound like a great mom!!!!



answers from Benton Harbor on

You are very busy! I can see why you feel like you are sinking! I echo the bedtime advice....bedtime at my house is FIRM, yes, for them, but mostly for ME!!! Also, don't beat yourself up over the chores. Do what you can in, say 30 minutes, and let the rest go. You'll catch up and what doesn't get done will be there for tomorrow's 30 minutes. Also, remember that this won't last forever!




answers from Detroit on

I have a similar schedule. It's gotten easier over the years, but a few things that have really helped are these: try to relax for at least a half hour before your desired bedtime, avoid caffeine and sugar for a few hours before bed, and avoid late evening exercise.

I don't have 4 kids, so I can't even begin to understand what that must be like. Good luck to you! And please try to get your sleep -- in the long run less sleep is really going to compromise your health!



answers from Detroit on

I commend you on all that you do. Somedays I feel like I cant get anything done with 2 let alone 4. What I would suggest doing is. set goals for yourself during the week. Like on Monday I will mop the floors and clean the bathroom (and thats it!!) besides taking care of your children. have one of them empty the trash from the bathroom, one sweep as long as you do the major part everything else will be okay. leave at least 2 days a week where you come home from work and do no chores, your house may look a little messy for a day or so but dont stress out about it, im sure with four kids your house is VERY hard to keep up with so whats 1 or 2 extra days? take some time for you each night (even if its only 30 min) start putting your kids to bed early if they dont go to bed early already. hope some of what i said helps



answers from Grand Rapids on

I have 5 kids so I know what you mean, so many things to do and only so many hours in a day! One thing I do is maintain a strict bedtime for the kids of 7:30 pm. Kids need to be well rested to in order to do well in school, and just their well being in general.

Start bedtime snacks at 6:45PM brush at7:00PM at 7:15PM bedtime story 7:30PM lights out. I tell ya I need that time in the evening to catch my breath and be alone for awhile! The bedtime routine is a ritual around here.

My oldest is 12 now and we still do this. I know it sounds a bit over the top, but you need some down time in order to get a full nights sleep yourself.

If you are getting up at 5:45 then you should be in bed with the lights out by 9:45 at the latest to get a full 8 hours sleep. Just get done what you can while the kids are still up. Prioritize what the most important things are and do what absolutely must get done first, and go from there. Quit at 8:45 and don't stress about the stuff that doesn't get done. IT WILL WAIT FOR YOU! It's more important for your physical and mental well being to take an hour for yourself in the evening. Make your own bedtime ritual. Do you like to read, maybe take a nice relaxing bath, talk to someone on the phone-uninterrupted? You will find that you feel more rested and are able to get more done during the day, then when you are stressed and tired. I hope this was helpful, but remember if it doesn't all get done-most of the time it will be ok. God Bless you!



answers from Grand Rapids on

Hello V.,

Kudos to you! and God Bless You for all that you do.

if you drink coffee through out the day, maybe you need to re-arrange your coffee schedule so you don't drink any coffee after 2pm.

I found some yerba mate capsules (you can also find the tea, but capsules are more convenient for me) it has a bit of caffeine and also some vitamins. it does not make me jittery like coffee can. I drink coffee first thing in the morning and then around 10-12 I take some yerba mate (it really helps me for the rest of the day)

-before bedtime, DO NOT watch the news. check the weather but don't listen to all those gloomy news (you'll sleep better)

-get some lavender oil and put a few drops on a tissue next to your bed at night.

-get some peppermint oil. take body lotion, put some on your hands, add a few drops of peppermint and rub your feet when you go to bed.

-when you get up, don't turn on the news. figure out what time you need to turn on the TV so you can check the weather.

-listen to something uplifting in the morning while you get ready.

-get lemon oil and put a few drops on a tissue and keep it with you in the morning (you'll be more alert)

-see if there is something that can be simplified or can be skipped in the morning.

-do take out dinner one night and concentrate in getting ready for the next 2 days

-cook double the amount of ground beef and freeze it in portions. use one portion for spagetti night.

-have a "dinner" schedule
I would make Wednesday spagetti night (mid week break from complex cooking and w/ the beef already cooked, all you have to do is cook the spagetti.

-cook chiken in small/medium chunks and freeze portions.
use for cooking chicken w/ rice

-do you rice cooker

-do you have a slow cooker?

-what do you dread the most in the morning (besides getting up) see how it can be simplified. do the same with what you dread the most in the evening.

-see what the kids can help with.
--on sunday, pick your clothes for wednesday and thursday (you'll be more tired by then...)

-if you go out to dinner once/week, see which restaurants have the best deal (i.e., IHOP has one night when kids eat free or at a discount, etc)

-take omega 3s
-take enough calcium & magnesium and vitamn D
-next time you have your annual check up have the doctor check your vitamin D levels (if too low it REALLY affects your energy level)

do try get to bed as early as possible



answers from Grand Rapids on

I don't know how old your kids are, but have them help with the nightly chores. My 2 1/2 year old knows that her toys have to be all picked up at the end of the night and if there is time, she can help me vaccuum (which she loves to do!). Once you get into a route with the kids helping with the chores, then you can go to bed earlier. I don't think you need to learn to live on less sleep, just learn how to manage things differently so you can sleep! :) Good luck, it will take some time, but I'm sure you will do great at the changes.

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