How to Treat House for Fleas with a Crawling Baby?

Updated on September 12, 2017
S.J. asks from Dublin, OH
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Hi everyone. I checked the past posts and thought that since mine is a bit different I'd post this anyway.

We left for vacation and returned two weeks later to see some fleas on one of our dogs. Not many live ones but quite a few eggs. We bathed both dogs in flea shampoo and then treated them with Frontline a few days later. Right now the dogs are covered for the rest of the month so any new fleas that got on them should die in less than a day.

That just leaves us with having to deal with what is in the house. So far, we've gotten a jump on it evidently. We haven't noticed adult fleas around the house and we haven't been bitten by them. We have however seen flea eggs. I've been vacuuming and washing all bedding and blankets that the dogs come into contact with on a daily basis. Other than that, the question I have is what else can I do to treat the house? Our youngest is 10 months old now and crawling everywhere. Of course like all babies, if his hands aren't on the floor, they are in his mouth or holding food or toys up to his mouth. Most of the treatments I've seen for the house involve chemical powders that you sprinkle onto the carpets and furniture or chemical bombs that you set off in the home (once everyone is safely outside of course). The biggest problem with these is that you have to leave the chemicals on the floors and upholstered furniture for a week. That's not a feasible option with a crawler in the house. Any help anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.


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answers from New York on

You must vacuum regularly to remove any remaining chemicals. Also, for next time, ensure to cover all table tops. Identify most the objects that the child touches such as toys and remote controls, which you should cover before spraying.

For your pets, you can use natural insect control methods such as Diatomaceous Earth or Vinegar, which are also effective and will allow you to hit a balance between child safety and pest control.

Also, you can keep your pet away from the main house for some time so that they pour all the chemical before coming into contact with your baby or house items.

If you can take appropriate safety precautions outlined in the product labels, you can consider checking flea foggers at

Thank you



answers from Columbus on

There are some flea bombs available that you don't have to leave set for a week. We had the same problem last summer when my baby was only a few months old. It's a major pain, but remove all the baby toys and items from the room you're going to bomb. Cover counters and hard surfaces with blankets. After you release the bomb, you do have to leave for a few hours, but once you get home, you can wipe down all your furniture and sweep your floors. Have you tired having your carpets cleaned or renting a steam cleaner and doing it yourself? Have you treated your lawn for them yet? That might help future infestations as well. We love summer, but we hate all the critters that come along with it :)



answers from St. Louis on

My son is barely 2 weeks old,and we have too been as truggaling with fleas n having a new baby in the home we too have also neen trying to find a safe way to illiminate them, so I have been researching it. And I have found on many diffrent sights that baby powder works great for carpets and to use directly on ur pets and or baby if there real bad.just sprinkal the powder on to ur carpets,or bedding dont b stingy with it just not do much u can't breathe.u can also rub it on to urself or baby to keep then off. Doing this at might iv herd is fit the bear results vacumme it up n the morning n take ur bedding gold it up n wash them given the fleas will suffacate from the powded. And repeat as needed also iv read sprinkling the powder at night and taking a bowl of alchole n sitting it n the middle of the room they will jump in tothe bowl trying you escape the prefer n also dtown...its working for us hope this helps good luck



answers from Columbus on

while vacumming i would put a activated flea coller cut up in the vac bag..



answers from Columbus on

My suggestion would be to vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!! For some reason, vacuuming kills fleas. Since you already did the Frontline thing with the dogs, I wouldn't think you'd need to use chemicals. If it were me... I would probably vacuum twice a day - maybe it would be worth having someone come in and clean the carpets. I had a cat with fleas - I just kept him in a bathroom until he could be treated, to prevent them from spreading, and vacuumed regularly - I didn't have any trouble at all.

Good luck!

I just found this link about a study they did on how effective just vacuuming can be:



answers from Mansfield on

no no no on the flea bombs... in one word why? TOXIC--VERY TOXIC---ok, so that was 3 words why.

When our cat infested our apartment with fleas we took 20 Mule Team BORAX and sprinkled it EVERYWHERE, under the couch, chairs, beds left it on over night and swept it up in the morning. Killed fleas dead!

Good Luck,



answers from Toledo on

Hi S., you need to call a professional. Trust me. If you let it get out of control you will regret it. I did!! We had to call Terminex in the middle of winter. That wasn't fun, but they worked with us. good Luck! Fleas suck!



answers from Muncie on

I used to use this carpet powder for fleas, ticks and lice that you can get at Wal-Mart (Im pretty sure they still sell it) and it has a nice cinnamon aroma to it also, it worked really well for me.

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