How to Thank WONDERFUL Neighbors

Updated on September 11, 2010
T.F. asks from Two Rivers, WI
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I am a single mom with two kids, and some WONDERFUL neighbors have been showing a lot of attention and spending a lot of time with my kids, bringing them to the fair, bringing my son to their high school-age boys' football games, etc. This is especially important for my son, who is without a father figure other than Grandpa. They never take any money for expenses, such as the fair admission or food they buy for the kids. I am so thankful/grateful for this wonderful couple and their boys, but I am at a loss as to how to thank them for what they have done and are doing, don't know how to show them just how much they are appreciated and how much what they are doing means to me and my two small children. The mother is a schoolmate of mine, and our mothers know one another, and the father is a great man, known throughout the community, so I have NO fears of "funny stuff." Just looking for some ideas on how I can show this family just how special they are to us!

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Thanks so much to all who responded and for your excellent ideas. Keep any suggestions coming in as I'll take them all! I'll be working on projects suggested by many, if not all of you! Many Blessings, T

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answers from Little Rock on

It they won't accept money, bake them a cake or pie or cookies ever so often. If you have a garden and they don't, send them some fresh veggies.

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answers from Boise on

In my opinion, nothing beats a hand written note and some home baked goods!

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answers from Detroit on

A gift that wouldn't cost anything other than your time and energy is to offer them an evening of babysitting so that they could go out without the kids. If you are thinking of buying something for them, you could also get them a gift card to a restaurant or a movie theater for the night out.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Write them a letter and say just what you said here. Sincere thanks and words written from your heart will mean a lot more than any trinket or material thing. At least it would with me, if I ever got such a letter...You're lucky to have such wonderful people in your life - go ahead and tell them exactly that.

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answers from Tulsa on

Nothing over 5 or 10 dollars max. A notepad with mom's name on it so I have one by the phone the kids can not take. Pan of brownies, child's art work, and just saying thank you.
For us, an offer to be an emergency babysitter if ever needed is really appreciated.
Also, our local tv station has a neighbor of the year contest. I nominated my neighbor and she got a gift basket just for making the the list. Plus, she got a plaque and on tv. She still remembers .

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answers from Los Angeles on

Give her a thank you card with exactly what you have written to us on it--- she will feel blessed that you are so appreciative of their help. If you can afford a gift card for one of your local restaurants include it in the card.
It's great to have nice neighbors... we all need them and we all should be one ;)

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answers from Seattle on

Thankyou notes... inviting them over for dinner or dessert or wine or coffee... good neighbor stuff (waving, saying hi, snagging the garbage on your way out if they forgot, xmas cookies, etc.)

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answers from Honolulu on

For me... I like to write or have my kids write, Poems.
Just on a sheet of paper, in their own handwriting or mine.
No need for 'professional' quality poems... just from your heart and that it rhymes!
To me, that is the most personal heartfelt 'gift.'
AND, then, frame it for them with the date on it and sign it, you and your kids names. And maybe include a cute photo of you all.

It so NICE to hear of nice good friends/neighbors like that... especially nowadays...

all the best,

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answers from Kansas City on

I agree with the others that suggest writing a letter letting them know how blessed you feel having them in your life. Provide examples, ie: "I feel so fortunate that you include my children with your activities. Your generosity with your time makes me feel incredibly blessed to have you in our lives. I hope this small gesture in some way lets you know just how greatful I am that you (took them to the fair this summer)."

You could put this with a favorite meal or dessert. Or how about a few gifts-in-a-jar? There are many recipes online for different ones, including cookies, soups, dips, cakes, cocoa, and breads (just to name a few). You could do a theme of one for each course for a full meal, with instructions on nice cardstock and your kid's drawings or notes on the backs.

I am so happy for you that you have such wonderful people in your life and in the lives of your children. I am a single mom too, so I know it would be a huge blessing if I had a family willing to share so much of their lives with us! :)

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answers from Anchorage on

Have the kids make them a card or paint them a special picture.

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answers from McAllen on

I think there is no better gift than a heartfelt letter.
A gift like a fruit or flower basket would be cool too. Thank God you have positive people around your children. Good Luck

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answers from Green Bay on

Whatever you do, be sure to include your boys - they will get a great lesson in gratitude and in helping others.

How about all of you baking some cookies together and walking them over with some milk and decaf?



answers from Madison on

A nice letter including a "free" babysitting pass to be honored by you at a time convenient for all of you. What parents wouldn't enjoy a few hours to themselves once in a while?



answers from Atlanta on

once you have thanked them, try 'paying it forward' for someone you know who needs something, encouragement, prayers...

I have neighbors next door who my children call Aunt & Uncle, however they are not family... their children have grown up, moved away, and have 1 grandson who never visits anymore.

They have even made up a room for my children and display their photos we give them. They have truely been a god send to all of us..

At Christmas time I always bake them some cookies with the kids, made with LOVE... and the kids go and buy them a Christmas gift. We make them a Easter basket and the kids sneak over there early in the am and leave the basket on their steps... I am sure they know who brought it to them, but they never tell... I know they feel loved and we love them too!



answers from Minneapolis on

have them over for a nice dinner-or send a card an some flowers...

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