How to Store Items for the Summer

Updated on April 29, 2009
L.A. asks from Kyle, TX
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I am a member of a moms group, whose children attend college out of state. Some colleges have space on campus for the kids to store their belongings in their dorm basements and some of them will have to take their items to be stored off campus. My requests from all of you is how to store certain items, or should they be donated or trashed?

Medications - Asprin Maalox, Neosporin etc? Store or Trash?
Cleansers - Tilex, dish soap....
Personal hygiene - Large bottles Shampoo and conditioner, body lotions, hair spray

My daughter also has rain boots and a down coat. What are the best ways to store these?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated..

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So What Happened?

My daughter is too far away to go and help or to have her bring it home. This is the beginning of finals and she will be home next week! This is one of those times, I am going to trust, she will take care of all of this just fine, Yikes! I am sure it will all be fine.

I have emailed my daughter and given her all of your suggestions. I purchased those "Space Bags" so she can store all of her linens, her big ole coat and other items. She says she will purchase a Tub to place everything in and will label everything.. She is going to check with her college and see if they do donations to Charities or groups that can use these items. If not she is going to ask her Dorm Floor, Housekeeper, who lives in that town, if she would like any of the items or knows of a group who could use them.
Thhank you all for your help and brainstorming.

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answers from San Antonio on

If the storage room is a climate controlled, ventilated room, I would be likely to keep as much til fall. Or maybe the meds can be given to a friend who might be staying for summer school. I'd hate to see those go a dump somewhere.

Any meds still sealed could be given to a homeless or women's shelter.

Have a dry cleaner clean the coat and recommend a way to store it.

I would like to know more about this mom's group. My oldest is a Junior (for another month) and desires to attend a top tier school: MIT, Cal Tech, Virginia Tech....
That makes me sad. I would like him closer to home. My husband says, "Let the boy go away to school and become a MAN!"

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answers from Beaumont on

I'd bring everything home. Have the coat cleaned. Use up the consumables and replace with new in August.

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answers from Corpus Christi on

For the coat, those vacuum seal bags, or space savers. Work great. The cleaning supplies, meds,and bath supplies toss. They can be replaced with no problem. The boots see if they will fit in the bag with the coat. This bag can be stored almost anywhere it will be very compact.

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answers from Victoria on

Most all medications have an experiation date. Check them if they go bad before the next time they will need them use them yourself or toss them. Personal items I would put in a plastic box and store under a bed or in a closet. Same with the cleaners either use them or store them in a box.

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answers from Sherman on

I think this is a great idea... i have six children and in five years will have my oldest four all in college.. i would love to have information about your group when its my time for those college days... [email protected]

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answers from Killeen on

In my opinion all except the coat and boots should be trashed and replaced next year...

You do not want to risk any problems occurring to storage of thes items...

The coat should be dry cleaned and stored in a suitcase or sealed box...

the rainboots should be cleaned up and thoroughly dried then they can be tossed in a box and put into the storage place...

Good Luck... ;-)

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answers from Houston on

L., How far away is the college? My son is 5 hours from home and I intend for him to go through all of his first aid kit and trash anything that will expire before the end of the year and make a list so that I can replace it. Everything else is to be packed in trashbags or boxes and brought home so that it can be properly washed, donated (if outgrown) or trashed. This way I know what we need to find over the summer. There isn't that much storage in his room, so he doesn't have too much to bring home. If you do need to find storage, maybe she can share an air-conditioned unit with a friend or two to cut down on the cost and reduce the chance of deterioration of personal items by the heat? Check online for facilities and coupons & have her check the bulletin boards. Good luck!


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answers from Beaumont on

For the Down Coat and Rain boots...any dampness would be bad. Mold and mildew....I suggest putting them in one of those air tight space bags and sucking the air out of them. That way they are tight and nice and dry. I would throw out all the cleaners. You can always buy new ones. The neosporin and stuff will be fine just put in a rubbermaid container and keep. I would throw out anything that is aresol because just with heat they can sometimes bust. Good luck. I suggest anything that she can rebuy that doesn't cost to much she just get rid of then buy again....

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